Pesticide against caterpillars and worms

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Pevgrow presents a wide selection of the best pesticides against caterpillars and worms. This is no longer considered a battle, as caterpillars and worms have nothing to do.

One of the biggest threats you often encounter as a grower is fighting the pests of worms that attack your plants. These worms go unnoticed, as they do not present themselves as such. They are born thanks to that moth, which flutters through your garden at night and you think it's just passing through.

Well, what it is doing is nesting in your plants and filling them with eggs, which go unnoticed, but soon hatch and all your plants are plagued by worms that gradually eat the cell walls to leave them without any color, even eliminate completely each and every one of their leaves.

As if that wasn't enough, these insects don't just feed on the cell walls of your plant, they also feed on your buds, making large holes in the surface, damaging the quality of your crops and leaving them unusable.

To address this problem, we have brought to our online store a selection of the most prominent pesticides against worms and caterpillars around the world, mostly 100% organic. This selection has been made by our expert growers, who after years and years in which they have suffered attacks of all kinds, such as an outdoor culture of Blueberry that went to the garete because of a plague of worms. Within the catalog of Pesticides against worms and caterpillars you can find among others:

Dislike Aptus:

Dislike Aptus is a powerful insecticide with 100% ecological origins, composed of a range of six high quality oils, which will help your crop to eliminate any plague completely without leaving any trace and will also help create a defensive barrier against all kinds of threats to which your crop may be exposed.


Naturscrop Allium:

Naturscrop Allium is the best medicine for defeated plants, after losing the battle against this hard plague, because thanks to its 100% natural sulfur compounds, helps your plant to recover vegetatively from all damage suffered, getting it back to be suitable for your use and enjoyment, without its aroma or flavor are affected.


Get the best pesticides to fight worms and caterpillars, and do not let them defeat you in battle. Now available in your trusted Growshop.

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