Pesticides against the mosquito

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Now you can find a selection of the best mosquito pesticides in PevGrow. Don't let these unwanted visitors ruin the quality of your crop, take action!

This type of pest is also known as the substrate mosquito pest. This insect is normally found in the bases of plants, where the humidity of the substrate is more powerful, since it is the food they need.

These pests are usually more abundant in outdoor crops or greenhouses where the humidity is much more powerful than in outdoor crops. Although this type of pest is not the most dangerous, as it does not kill your crop, if not caught and treated in time affects the quality of your buds considerably deteriorating its aroma and taste and opening a large gate to diseases and fungi such as, for example, Fusarium or Pythium.

In PevGrow, you can find a wide range of pesticides designed to combat the mosquito of the substrate, with 100% mineral and organic origins, which have spent a select period of selection of our professional breeders, and backed by the personal experiences of our thousands of customers, who long ago forgot the problems caused by mosquito pests.


Insecticide Aphidend 2000:

The insecticide Aphidend 2000 is a pesticide of 100% biological origin, composed of a swede mosquito, which will kill the aphids quickly. There is no better solution to pests than to look for your number 1 enemy within nature. We love biological pesticides, can't you tell?

- Neemazal Trabe:

Natural insecticide of the manufacturer Trabe, whose origin derives directly from the mythical plant India Neem. Neemazal is a powerful biological insecticide, which is used in plants in a preventive way and above all does not pose any risk to humans. But don't think it will only protect you from mosquito pests, it will immunize your plant from virtually any external attack.

- Greenmix:

Greenmix is made up of Zinc-rich fertilizer, tropical plant extracts, marine oils, all combined to create one of the most spectacular insecticides against substrate mosquitoes and other agents.

At PevGrow, you can find these and many other pesticides against substrate mosquitoes. Don't leave the safety of your crop in the hands of anyone, your plant and you'll be thankful. Buy your substrate mosquito pesticides from PevGrow, your trusted online Growshop.

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