Pesticides against snails and slugs

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You already have available at your Growshop of confidence, the best pesticides against one of the most common pests in cannabis cultivation, snails and slugs.

The plagues of Snails and slugs, are the most feared by cannabis growers at the beginning of the outdoor growing season, as they can cause great havoc on your plants if not treated in time, because these mollusks are dedicated to eat each and every one of your plants. Also, although due to their size they can be seen easily, if you don't realize it, you could lose your entire harvest.

Snails and slugs are nocturnal enemies, it is at night when they go out to eat pursuing a clear objective, which is your harvest. They tend to appear in the growing period and if caught on time, i.e. at the beginning of appearing, they are more vulnerable and easier to eliminate.

Our team of professional breeders has selected the best range of pesticides against snails and slugs with mineral and organic origins 100%, with immediate quality and effectiveness, corroborated by the thousands and thousands of opinions of our customers, who have already had the opportunity to win the battle against this feared plague.


Clean Light Hobby Unit:

Clean Light Hobby Unit, is a wonderful kit, which will allow you to fully protect your crop, in a 100% biological way. It has a lamp that emits violet rays, in charge of eliminating any type of plague that is in the leaves of your plants and some glasses and gloves for your safety. As if that wasn't enough, you only have to be applying ultraviolet light for 5 seconds. No doubt it is not a waste.



Alliumprot is an insecticide, natural, biodegradable and ecological, composed of high quality additives such as Alanine, protein and vitamins among others. This insecticide has vitamin and antibiotic properties that will completely kill any plague that threatens your crop, without leaving any trace.


Neemazal Trabe:

Neemazal Trabe, is an insecticide with 100% ecological origins, coming from none other than the most famous plant in India, Neem. Thanks to its magnificent inheritance, it completely eliminates any threat and also acts as a prevention for any other pest that may stalk your crop.


Don't hesitate any longer and fight this undesirable pest with these spectacular snail and slug pesticides, now available at PevGrow.

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