CBD Extract

Concentrates rich in CBD are a different way to consume this cannabinoid, there are hash, jelly and crystals of cannabidiol available.Read more

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What is Solid CBD

Solid CBD is a derivative obtained from the original plant. An important element that distinguishes this product from others is that its properties are relaxing, in no case psychoactive because they are THC-free. Therefore, its use for therapeutic purposes is common and very beneficial.

The supercritical CO2 extraction method is the safest for several reasons. A pure, high quality product with very powerful effects is obtained. There are several types of CBD concentrates that you can purchase from our store.

What type of CBD Extract to buy

When you decide to buy CBD resin or other solid extractions, we recommend that you take into account some factors such as taste, texture and product to gram ratio. You should be aware that the concentrations of CBD you can find vary depending on the quality of the raw material and the method of extraction, among other factors. Depending on their format, they can be found in different concentrations, from 3% to 99%, depending on the product you choose.


The so-called CBD crystals, which look like coarse salt, have the advantage of a product concentration of 99% CBD. In addition to recreational consumption, they are used for therapeutic purposes and can be included in food and for example your e liquids.


This extraction is characterized by 6% CBD, thanks to the processing of hemp by industrial plants. The advantage is that it lacks the side effects that exist when you smoke cannabis.


In some cases, CBD concentrates are combined with other flavors. This is how the so-called solid extractions of pollen derived from cannabis are obtained, ideal for those who seek different flavours and aromas from the usual ones.


The solid Jelly variety has as its main element a high amount of CBD, of 22%, which is combined with aromatic touches. It has analgesic and soothing properties that make it an interesting alternative if you are looking for peace and quiet or better rest.


Wax is the best alternative if you want to buy ultra concentrated CBD resin. There are varieties with 12% or 66% CBD to help you choose the one that best suits your preferences. In addition, this concentrate, similar to wax or oil, can be consumed alone or combined with other options and can be used for recreational or therapeutic purposes.

At PevGrow we encourage you to try the various extractions of CBD and other liquid products that can be consumed alone or in combination. We offer all types of products to customize your online purchase in our store, guaranteeing the natural origin and the absence of pesticides in the preparation. Your solid CBD now available in your trusted growshop.


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