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Absolute Cannabis Seeds is a Spanish seed bank, based in Galicia and dating back to 2013. The main premise of Absolute Cannabis Seeds is quality, its slogan is "It's better quality than quantity" perfectly sums up the purpose of this seed bank.

The quality of the seeds is the characteristic feature that makes it different from other banks, creating special strains that will conquer you through the most difficult but fullest path, making your senses fall in love.

The Absolute Cannabis Seeds catalogue consists of both regular, autoflowering and feminised seeds and is one of the few banks offering this genetic diversity.

The presentation of your seeds is of an authentic premium level, through a pharmaceutical quality vial, in which your seeds maintain the highest quality standards from the moment they leave the laboratory until they reach your hands. Its hermetic seal guarantees this process in which you can check that it has not been tampered with at all until you receive it.

Meet at PevGrow the catalogue of Absolute Cannabis Seeds and discover some seeds of unique genetics, excellent quality, whose delivery in pharmaceutical quality vials gives it a halo of exclusivity and guarantee that you will not find in other banks.

Absolute Cannabis Seeds Auto, "It's better quality than quantity." You'll hallucinate!


As good advocates of the national product, we always give our support to the seed banks of our land, and that's why Absolute Cannabis Seeds, had to be there. One of the banks with the most projection in the market and whose business model based on quality versus quantity is something we share 100%. On this occasion I have the pleasure of presenting to you their catalogue of autoflowering varieties . Do you want to know them? Let's go!

Absolute Cannabis Seeds Catalogue is made up of only two varieties, or rather, two authentic masterpieces:


Amazing Auto

The flavor and aroma of Amazing Auto is a pass, appeals to the most basic of your instincts, with a fruity and fresh flavor that will make your salivary glands secrete without ceasing, just think about it.

Its effects, very powerful and psychoactive, marked by its high level of THC which stands at an extraordinary 16%. It is perfect for having a good laugh with friends, and without fear of being ironed on the sofa.


Radical Auto

One of the largest and most productive plants in the Absolute Cannabis Seeds catalogue, since in just 70-75 days after germination, you will be able to harvest up to 500 gr per m2 in indoor crops, for which I always use 9 11-litre pots, and place it in a 20/4 photoperiod under a 600w HPS spotlight.

In outdoor crops, you can collect up to 200 gr per plant, for which you must use final pots of 18 liters, with a good substrate with bat guano, and helped by a great fertilizer such as Yummi Yield Snoop Dogg Nutrients.


Do you know what's good about all this? Whichever one you choose, the bet is a winner, and that's how it feels! Discover the catalogue of Absolute Seeds autoflowering seeds in your trusted online Growshop.

Absolute Cannabis Seeds Regular, quality doesn't have to be unaffordable.


Welcome Grower! It has just landed in our Cannabis helipad, the new Absolute Cannabis Seeds, its regular seed catalogue, and believe me when I tell you, if you're looking for a good mother plant or smoking and enjoying to the point of satiety, you're in the right place.

Absolute Seeds, is a Spanish seed bank, created in 2013, and that, despite youth, has already opened an important gap in the national cannabis market, and even part of the globe. You won't find a catalogue full of insipid varieties that are to fill, in this case their motto "Quality vs quantity" is taken to heart, as all their creations involve a very thorough genetic selection, with the aim of achieving the best varieties on the market, appealing to the heart of smokers, conquering them slowly so they do not want to stop buying their impressive varieties.


Chocolute F2

Perfect for lovers of Sativas, with a very fast flowering and excellent bud production and has also been awarded 2nd prize in the category "Extractions with solvents" of the Cannabis Cup Northwest 2016.

In interior, its behavior and productivity are exceptional, being able to collect up to 600 gr per m2, of wonderful buds whose flowers are covered with a thick layer of resin of first quality, reason why it is a magnificent option to carry out extractions of BHO.

Outdoors, with a soil well worked with mother earth as substrate, I have come to collect between 700 and 900 grams per plant, it is also resistant to pests, although you must harvest before the rains arrive to avoid problems with fungi, a preventive fungus will not come badly.


And is that a job well done, takes time and effort, and I'm sure that this weed will meet your expectations remarkably. Enjoy it at the best price here at PEV Grow!

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