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Ministry of Cannabis, ministers of the haze strains


Hello, dear member of the PevGrow family! We want to announce that you already have available in our catalog, the autoflowering varieties of a seed bank that for more than 20 years, works with the best genetics, its name a classic, the Ministry of Cannabis!

Its headquarters is in Holland, the cradle of marijuana, its varieties are present in most coffeshops, so it is no gift that Ministry of Cannabis is among the most important seed banks and whose creations are among the most awarded in cannabis competitions.

For many years they have focused on the conservation of the best Haze strains in the world, their autoflowering strains being the best proof of this.  

The Ministry of Cannabis autoflowering seeds complete their entire cultivation cycle from germination in about 10 weeks. As you well know the autoflowering varieties, it gets its automatic capacity in the genetic combination with the cannabis plant Ruderalis, which grows naturally in the cold climate of southern Siberia and northern Kazakhstan, so they are subject to a few hours of light, and very severe weather conditions, so they can be grown in winter outdoors, without any problem, although obviously their productivity will be lower than in summer.

The most outstanding autoflowering of 2019

Auto Blue Amnesia

Auto Blue Amnesia, mixes the powerful and devastating effects of amnesia, with impressive organoleptic properties, characterized by a fruity and sweet taste from Blueberry. From the union of these two strains could only come a real beast, which adapts great both inside and outside. Inside you can collect up to 450 gr per m2, placing them under a LEC focus of 315 w and using pots of 11 liters, with which you can place 9 specimens per m2. Outdoors, is a brown beast, adapts great to all climates, resistant to pests and with which you can easily harvest up to 150 grams per plant.

Auto Northern Lights

Auto Northern Lights, needs no presentation anywhere on the globe, as it is a living legend of cannabis, which is one of the most versioned strains worldwide. In this case, the properties of the Original Northern Lights have been kept intact, but it will be ready in a record time of only 75 days since germination. Its effect is very beastly and even the most experienced smoker may suffer its consequences. Indoors, with a 400W HPS lamp and 7 litre pots, you can collect up to 350 gr per m2. Outdoors, with a final pot of 18 liters, you can get up to 200 grams of buds of the best quality.

Cheese NL

The main character now arrives, Cheese NL, with a kinship in which the one who appears Cheese, Northern Lights and Ruderalis, the only thing that can happen is that a new queen of cannabis has just emerged. It mixes the powerful effects of Northern Lights, with the speed and endurance of Ruderalis and the incredible taste and aroma of cured cheese, which carries so many thousands of followers around the world, the question is... Do you dare with it? In interior with 9 flowerpots of 11 liters, it will develop 450 gr per m2, and in exterior it will support all the perrerías that occur to you, from cold, humidity, plagues, etc. and if you use a good substrate of quality like the guano of bat, the productivity will be increased, as well as a notable improvement of the organoleptic properties, A true Spartan!


Surely you have been impressed with the qualities offered by these strains, but I recommend that you continue browsing the catalog of autoflowering varieties of Ministry of Cannabis, because this is just an aperitif of what they are capable of doing. Weeds like Autopilot XXL and Auto CBD Star are waiting for you, as well as many others and you know where you can find them. Right! In your trusted online Growshop, PevGrow! Where else?

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