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Sputnik Seeds: Discover their impressive auto varieties

Welcome to the most fashionable online Growshop! On this occasion you can discover the impressive autoflowering varieties of Sputnik Seeds. All of them are characterized by first-rate quality standards, corroborated by the numerous cannabic prizes they treasure in their showcases. Their experience of more than 10 years, is noticed in every detail, with flavor and aromas very taken care of, to provide you an experience that you will take a lot of time in forgetting.

Personally, the autoflowering seeds of Sputnik Seeds are some of my favorites, when I need automatic, the truth is that I always resort to their catalog, so I have taken the liberty of making a selection of which in my opinion are the most prominent, Let's go!

The best autoflowering seeds from Sputnik Seeds:  

Northern Light Sky Auto

It comes from the union between Northern Lights, Skunk and Ruderalis, and becomes a plant much more productive, strong and powerful than its predecessors. Indoors, it is a perfect choice, because its small size is ideal for those who have little space in your closet, so I recommend you use pots of 11 liters, undoubtedly the best choice given its size, and you can collect between about 600 gr per m2. In outdoor crops, you can harvest up to 110 grams per plant, and the good thing is that even growers who live in the city, can place it on small balconies, as long as it receives a good dose of sunlight.


Critical Bang Auto

One of the most potent autoflowering seeds of Sputnik Seeds, with a 20% THC with which you can enjoy a powerful experience, with a fast climb and a very pleasant body relaxation, perfect for lovers of cannabis travel. In interior cultures, in 10 weeks from the germination you will be able to collect 600 gr by m2, and in addition without any extra care, simply giving him a good fertilizer, and to place it under a system of illumination HPS of 600W, so that it obtains to reach his maximum splendor. In outdoor crops, if you have the option of using mother earth as a substrate, it will be perfect because it will naturally obtain all the nutrients it needs. In a definitive pot of 18 liters, with which Critical Bang Auto will have plenty of space for its roots, and therefore, productivity will be squeezed to the maximum, being able to collect up to 100 gr per plant.


Star Widow Auto

It will be your choice if you are looking for a variety for therapeutic use, due to its high content of CBD. More specifically, its pleasant and calming effect is recommended for the treatment of states of anxiety, insomnia, states of nervous alteration, and so on. If the plants under the sun in a substrate enriched with nutrients, you will favour stronger roots and consequently a greater production, up to 80 grams of flowers of top quality more concretely.


Ak Mir Auto

The variety auto more psychoactive, if you are not accustomed to marijuana is better not to notice this strain. Its THC percentage is higher than 22%, so the initial climb is a real trip to space, where you won't need a spacesuit or even a ship, since you don't need to move from the sofa. In outdoor crops, uses a final pot of 18 liters and a good stimulant to fatten buds in the final stage of flowering as Brutal Buds, which is undoubtedly the number one, and provides that extra dose of phosphorus and potassium that require buds to feed and grow very strong.


This is just a small selection of Sputnik Seeds Auto's great know-how, don't hesitate and discover the rest of the auto-flowering varieties from a Spanish seed bank, which is growing by leaps and bounds. It is now available at the best price in your trusted Growshop!

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