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Jack Herer from PEV Seeds is the feminized version of the mythical Jack Herer marijuana variety, one of the most powerful hybrids on the market. Now you can get the cannabis seeds that pay tribute to one of the greatest activists, at the best price, and with all guarantees.

Jack Herer PEV Bank Seeds

What genetics does Jack Herer have?

The DNA of this plant includes the whole cannabis genetic spectrum, mixing perfectly the 3 best marijuana hybrids that existed in the mid 90's, Haze, Skunk#1 and Northern Lights.

It was created by Nevil Shoenmakers when he was working for Sensi Seeds, and it is believed that he crossed his Northern Lights #5 X Haze with a Haze X Skunk#1 hybrid. Since its very release was a success, and quickly became the favorite of many smokers and growers, Do you want to know why? You'll soon find out...

How's the feminized Jack Herer?

The first thing you have to know is that there are several phenotypes of Jack Herer, this is not bad, in fact it is quite normal and happens with many varieties of cannabis

The phenotype "indica" has a fairly compact size, almost as much as the Northern Lights, with wide and dark leaf. In flowering it stretches in a moderate way, and it is probably the easiest phenotype to cultivate.

The most sativa part of this great hybrid represents a phenotype that comes out less than the others, but for lovers of psychoactivity is the best. This one grows and branches with an impressive vigor, but its distance between knots is wider than in the other phenotypes. 

And finally and ultimately for us the best, the phenotype that best blends the genes of all their ancestors. Its morphology would be a mixture of the 2 previous phenotypes, with very sawn leaves, of medium size and not so dark green and bright.

How is Jack Herer grown indoors?

Usually the hybrid phenotype is shown in more than 50% of individuals, and the differences between all of them are not very noticeable, they can be grown together without problems. It can be a difference in height, but from the highest plant to the lowest is not usually exceeded 25%. 

Its cultivation is quite simple, the great hybrid vigour provided by its genetic pool allows it to withstand some types of stress very well. It admits high doses of fertilizers, without going too far, but something more than many varieties and it adapts very well to the production optimization technique known as "Screen Of Green".

And outdoors, can Jack Herer be planted?

Of course, even if it contains a Haze soul, it's perfect for outdoor growing. We think that one of Nevil's objectives when creating this variety among others was this, to be able to grow sativas outdoors with the advantages of indicas.

It is not necessary to plant Jack Herer feminized seeds very early, its impressive rate of growth allows it to accelerate the development over other plants. In the northern hemisphere you can germinate in mid or late April, usually in summer it will be larger than other strains sown in March.

If autumn tends to be rainy in your growing area, it's better to grow it in a greenhouse, as Jack Herer creates very hard and bulky buds, which don't like getting wet when they're shaped, and we don't want to ruin the crop, do we?

What is Jack Herer's flowering time?

Indoors you may need 55 to 70 days of flowering, depending on the phenotype. It may not be the fastest strain to grow indoors, but the quality of this plant is certainly worth the wait.

In outdoor cultivation it is harvested in mid-October in the northern hemisphere, in the average of most commercial varieties on the market. In the southern hemisphere it is cut in mid-April.

Jack Herer PEV Bank Seeds

How much does feminized Jack Herer produce?

The production of Jack Herer is high in all senses, both flowers, resin, terpenes, and especially cannabinoids. The buds are hard and compact in the indica phenotype, and long and very hairy in the others. Both of them perform very well indoors and outdoors.

In indoor cultivation you can get the desired gram / watt or even more, it is a very grateful variety when you know how to squeeze well. 

Outdoors you can overcome the Kilo per plant if you give it enough substrate, many hours of sun, and water and fertilizers in their right measure.

Jack Herer PEV Bank Seeds

What does Jack Herer from PEV Seeds taste like?

Incense clearly predominates in its taste, with clear acid hints similar to lemon, with a lot of body, as happens with other Haze hybrids. The aftertaste it leaves in the mouth has spicy touches reminiscent of spices, and it stays on the tongue for quite some time after consuming it.

It is a taste that when you try it the first time surprises you a lot, a very dense smoke that collapses the lungs if you go too far, and masks the smoke of any other variety smoked in the same room, did that happen to you with any other genetics?

What are the effects of Jack Herer?

It was once the most potent cannabis on the planet without a doubt, and it is still in the ranking of the strongest. Its effect on both body and mind is not suitable for inexperienced users.

It starts going up instantly to the brain, causing an unusual activity, high speed of thinking, a Psychoactivity so high that for a beginner user can end up in panic. 

At first you do not notice so much the physical part, or mental collapse does not allow you to see it, but after a while you will notice a huge body heaviness, at the level of the most powerful indicas, without leaving aside psychoactivity. 

For smokers with tolerance is very pleasant because it satiates for hours, this is one of the reasons why it is always among the best-selling.

Do you want to buy Jack Herer seeds?

If after reading all this you have not been convinced, ask a friend who has tried Herer, who can tell you about his/her experience with this marijuana and you will surely be convinced. But if you agree with us, that it is a variety that has to be grown at least once in a lifetime, don't wait too long and choose your preferred format, we have a discount on all of them, but the more Jack Herer seeds you buy, the more you will save.

Video: Jack Herer

Video:  Jack Herer
Type: Type Feminized
Banks: Banks PEV Seeds
Genetics: Genetics Skunk x Haze x Northern Lights
Phenotype: Phenotype Mainly sativa
Harvest outdoor H.N: Harvest outdoor H.N Mid-October
Harvest outdoor H.S: Harvest outdoor H.S Mid-March
Indoor production: Indoor production Up to 650g/m2
Outdoor production: Outdoor production 1000 gr/plant
Indoor height: Indoor height 90-140 cm
Outdoor height: Outdoor height 180-300 cm
Indoor flowering period: Indoor flowering period 9-10 weeks
THC: THC 21-24%
CBD: CBD 0.4-0.6%
Symptoms: Symptoms Pains

Customer questions Jack Herer

star star star star star_border

would you be so kind and let me know about term of delivery? thnx.pavel

Hi Pavel, We ship to the Czech Republic, 5-8 working days you will receive your seeds discretely.Thank you for trusting in Piensa en Verde.

star star star star star

Comments|Questions Jack Herer: 43 - Average Rating: 5/5

Customer reviews Jack Herer

star star star star star
Stéphane M

Bonne germination de 3/3. Deux phenos différents, deux avec un gros développement et un plus petit. Le plus puissant est un des deux plus grands et ça claque sévère. Il sera mon second pied mère, très satisfait de cette variété.
À essayer sans hésiter.

star star star star star
Neil B

Yes would recommend

star star star star star
Tony V
Jack herer

How well does it grow in a house? Also is it a very gassy smellin strain or kinda of not notice as much?

Hello, if it smells and especially inside a house, greetings.
star star star star star
Holger P

Hier sind 4 von 5 gekeimt, nachdem die Seeds schnell und diskret geliefert wurden. Sehr schön wie einem per E-Mail Hilfe angeboten wird und Tipps gegeben werden!

star star star star star
Gerald C
Amherst Sour Diesel

So far, while i've had the seed, 3 of them actually germinated and sprouted and are in the pots growing very well. The seeds came undamaged and work perfectly fine.

star star star star star
Franck P
John Herer not Jack

Belle fleure avec une odeur unique qui peut au première abord ressemblé au boss de la création (Jack Herer) mais en faite elle a sont goût particulière mais seul vous pouvez vous faire votre propre opinion car les goût et les couleurs sont du goût de chacun vous en faite pas rien de grave juste ont sent a différence avec la jack pour ma part que je trouve meilleur et la nouvelle génération car pour moi cest la Herer 2.0 nouvelle version avec ses atouts en plus résultat final etc...qui croyez moi vaut le coup alors n'hésitez plus foncez!!!

star star star star star
Brian M. B

Easy to grow , maintain and very nice affect.

star star star star star
Aaron M

100% germination rate on all the seeds. They have sprouted and are looking healthy and happy. We are looking forward to big harvests this fall!

star star star star star
Benjamin W

They have germinate with no problems and growing well.

star star star star star
Laura A

Great service

star star star star star
Bridget C

No issues so far. Just now germinating. Will know more in a week.

star star star star star_border
Marquise C

Quality looks good. ***

star star star star star
bernardo o

Very good production per plant... It shows abundant trichomes, a thick aroma that can even be tasted, not delicate in its growth but gluttonous when it blooms ,the buds are impressive big hard and shiny ,it degrades its color in the drying and its flounce is strong, fast and long-lasting ,to summarize a wonderful and recommendable plant for anyone.

star star star star star
Enrique C

excellent taste and flavor, good high and good note

star star star star star_border
salvador c

In outdoor cultivation, I plant 3 seeds in a pot of 11l... as well as I am happy with the result in terms of potency, not so much in production. In defense I will say that they were auto, and the 1@ time you harvested it.The effect is fast and lasting, and my wife did well with her fibromyalgia problem. I particularly continue to cultivate (for pain and anxiety problems) the Cream Caramel...of the best in respect. Quality and quantity are given the hand arriving to produce me260gr.x plant in SAC of 170l. And with all the products of canna-bio.

star star star star star
Pablo José F

My favorite has been the Jack Herer with her resin and her eyelash a thousand miles away. It took me a long time to learn how to use coconut and get into hydroponics, the best harvest to date. And I don't die with the desire to see those jhon herer..... A greeting

star star star star star
Fernando B

very positive, what I expected, good taste, good smell, the incense that I like so much and subtle power of the sativas, in short one of my favorites within the great variety of sativas that is currently on the market, full satisfaction

star star star star star_border
Christian S

I grew my crop outdoors in 11 litre pots and planted 4 automatic herer jack seeds using three types of organic rooting fertilizer, organic mineral growth, and organic mineral flowering. It was all good but at the time of harvesting they didn't give much so I rated them with 7 but I was still happy because they were good jejej igual is the first time I did a crop that greetings?

star star star star star
xavier c

grown outdoors at risk of 70 litres a phenotype 80 sativa with 20 % indica. a herb incensiada with a strong but wearable Malawian high although not suitable for beginners in smoking

star star star star star
David M

INCREDIBLE, in January 2014, I germinated it in wet cotton, after 3 days I transplanted it to a Jeffi, a week to a pot of 3l and a greenhouse, a month I transplanted it to a pot of 11l and the following one to a pot of 25l.
Below the 4th pair I did the pruning fim and removed the first pair so I stay 4 main branches.
Already in April the transplant to its final place, in the garden of the house, without greenhouse but inside a mesh to help the rigidity of the branches and was only watering, pruning of loose branches and occasionally throwing faeces of sheep, wano and fertilizer bio vega growth. Around August I started to flower and delta 9 was incredible what grew in that time and delta 9 gives it an extra thc. Finish by pruning loose buds and watering with plenty of water. And already in October I harvested a barbarity of buds with a great smell of jack herer,

star star star star star_border
Miguel Ángel M

Outside a smell of pure incense, I had problems with oidium and votritis in 2 of the 8 I had, it takes experience to grow.

star star star star star
diego m

The culture was indoors , it took 5 months from germination. use the SOG method, use two different methods.
Use a well organic substrate with organic and mineral fertilizers and fatten with grotec bloom.
I had a total production of approximately 250 grams

star star star star star_border
Alexandros K

The truth is that it was the first time that I planted and I got it right, it took a while to get out but they told me that it was normal although 1 of the 4 I planted died. I put them in a pot outdoors and took out more production than I thought 80 or 90 grams I think are tough because I am a noob and survived 3?

star star star star star_border
Elisabet M

Very good, actually, a lot of production.

star star star star star_border
Javier A

I planted it on the terrace of my house and the truth is that the result was highly satisfactory. Very good yield, very resinous buds, spectacular taste and formidable high. It is also worth noting that he is strong against pests, he didn't catch any of them and I didn't even use neem soap to prevent them. In short, a plant that I will definitely grow again

star star star star star_border
Alejandro L

My experience with this seed was very good. An indoor scrog crop, 1m x 1m cabinet with 3 plants, with a 400w mixed hps bulb. About 17 to 18 weeks for the entire process. The fantastic results, about 200g dry of an excellent herb, to take very much into account with this plant, is the size, in flowering is spiked a lot, if you make scrog, take this into account for the pruning of the bottom, because in a short time covers the mesh completely. I don't remember very well but I think between 10 and 11 weeks of flowering. Great experience.

star star star star star_border
Camilo R

My crop was outdoors, I started in November approximately four transplants so that the root had more strength and could expand more easily use organic fertilizer to enhance as much as its size and flavor. Harvest approximately 800 grams in green. This type of experience was very constructive as I learned many things about the crop.

star star star star star_border
Maria F

hello outdoor cultivation, germinate at the end of October and harvest the first days of April. It is my second year growing, germinate and plant it outdoors in pot, not in soil directly. I gave him fertilizers, tri pack top crop both in vegetative stage and flowering, also top candy in flowering period, once a week 3 ml per liter of water. At the time of its flowering a stretch was stuck, average more than 1 meter and 1/2. In the place that was about 6 to 8 hours of daylight (full summer). When harvesting the first days of April, pull out several arms. Dry in wooden boxes, and left about 50 / 55 grams dry. Today they are curing in glass jars.

star star star star star
Alejandro O

I planted it a year ago indoors with 2 compact saving bulbs of 65W with a photo period of 18h of light, I used substrate prepared with peat, humus, rabbit, soil and some mycorrhiza. The growth from the beginning was very good, I did only apical pruning. I managed to open it in more than 12 branches that weighed about 400g.

star star star star star_border
juan t

The culture was carried indoors with a 600 w LED light for a growing period of 2 months approximately 16 hours of light 8 hours of darkness and then forced the flowering that took approximately 2 and a half months 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness to use the LST method which caused me some complications due to the reduced space where I worked.love the smell of the buds and uff the amount of my mother resin!... I had no problems as far as applause of any kind ,currently they have 8 months of cure and their taste is phenomenal, I planted 3 seeds due to the space I have in my indoor (if I had space I would have planted a whole hectare hee¡¡¡) but I still have no complaints as to the production which was 40 grams dry which was not bad at all to be my first crop.

star star star star star
Martin M

outdoor cultivation, excellent production and the method was scrog

star star star star star
Cesar L

Hello very good I grew it indoors with 600 watt bulb I planted 10 Jack Herer seeds and I have to say that they are some of the best varieties that I have planted the cane and the climb that hits you is not normal some of the best I have ever tasted and a very good production sensi seed very impressive some of the best seed banks that there are many thanks.

star star star star star_border
Fernando B

It was my first exterior plant potter of about 30L more or less, I get a good growth and very fruity smell also very compact and rich buds is a strain that does not require such exaggerated care but if the necessary to grow a good plant. I also remember that I had a very good high after a few minutes hahaha.
Strain highly recommended!

star star star star star_border
Juan Francisco G

the jack herer is a plant that if you have knowledge about the cultivation of cannabis will give you everything you want, pure taste of earth, is curious but behaves better outdoors than indoors I do not know why, in hydro is how best it works, controlling well the electro conductivity will be put like a monster.It's a genetics that gives you a lot in exchange for little the taste is the best it has, the production is abysmal and the buzz is very long-lasting, if you are a beginner or if you still do not control well the cannabis issue or even bother to plant it because it will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

star star star star star
Alvaro L

My first floor was an outside floor. Use the SCROG method. I used two pots, one for the one who grew the plant a little and the other for transplanting. I've never planted it indoors for now. The first one I planted was the autoflowering blueberry gave me a little bit.

star star star star star
Patricia M

My experience in cultivation was beautiful since I do it with all my heart in daily cultivation. It's the medicine of my daughter Angi, only 5 years old, who takes cannabis oil and thanks to the plant she no longer has convulsive seizures for a year and a half without seizures. Cultivation is a right to life. Thank you very much for all your advice and I am learning a lot.

star star star star star_border

I planted five plants on the terrace (outside) using plenty of water and natural light, used five large pots with compost substrate mixed with worm humus, seaweed and root accelerator. They were harvested in mid-October last year. The production in drying was approximately one kilogram. As a beginner my experience has been good.

star star star star star
cristian m

I have cultivated this genetics many times and I believe that it is one of my little plants because of its great power and taste ,I use it for my work because it leaves me active and concentrated, I have cultivated it with a 120*120*200 cm tent and with the scrog method that was when more than 600g was given to me with an electronic ballast of 600 w and ampules of corrected spectrum, I was surprised to see its rapid growth and the size of the buds that I had to put tutors for its weight,I liked very much to see its fat calyxes and the aroma like pineapple fruit or something like that I would say in flora ,it took a little while to mature but it was worth it, the flavor is something earthy but rich like haze and the amount of resin is generous so much that the resin grinder is filled which of course I also took advantage of much spreading the dust in the pipes or directly in the bong....I recommend it anyway and I'll keep growing it.

star star star star star
Santiago N

is a plant with excellence, very wide production and fast growth.
the resins that it creates, are seen from the first day and the buds fatten considerably with maturity. The contribution in fertilizers and demaces is of great help for the quality and with the apical pruning it is raised very leafy.

star star star star star_border
alexis b

Hello I'll tell you about my experience growing 3 jack herer plants outdoors directly on land making wells of approximately 80 liters with grow mix substrate, grew enormous pest free, use as a preventative neem oil, as fertilizer for purine growth of nettles and horse feces and for flowering ashes, bone meal and tea of bananas with sugar and honey. I got some special buds to share with friends and make several meals, they were huge and full of resin and with a spectacular taste. I got a production of more than 70 bottles per plant

star star star star star_border


star star star star star_border
Brigita P

The effect is really hard for me. I was sick along the day that I smoked

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    Yes, the shipment is 100% discreet, no one will know what you have bought, also the sender is SITE OF SHOPS ONLINE.

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    Yes, we ship to almost every country in the world although you need to know the current legislation in your country to make sure that you do not break any regulations with the germination of the seeds.

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    In 24/48 hours we will ship your order.

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    If you live in a country where the cultivation of cannabis is legal and you decide to plant the seeds, it is good that you know that all the seeds that we commercialize have germination guarantee.

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    If you receive a broken product due to transport, you have to notify us within 24 hours for insurance coverage, always contact us as soon as possible and we will fix the problem!

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