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What is the secret of Bio Canna's success among cannabis growers around the world?

Bio Canna is a division within the very famous brand of products for cannabis cultivation Canna, and is characterized by offering a range of products with totally vegetable formulas, organic and natural, with a very extensive catalog of products that are characterized, like Canna products, by its simplicity of use, and by its ability to prevent overfertilization, thanks to its careful formulation, created by scientists own Canna team.

All the products that make up the Bio Canna catalogue are legally guaranteed as 100% organic products, and are suitable for all cultivation media, as Canna is committed to making its top-quality products available to all the world's cannabis growers.


The products of Bio Canna

Bio Canna's product catalogue is made up of different products, designed for each of the cultivation stages, and each of them has specific functions:


- Bio Vega:

Specially designed for the growth phase of your cannabis plant, as the bioactive components that compose it, stimulate root development and the formation of large shoots. These properties also stimulate faster growth and provides the nutrients needed to face the flowering period with many guarantees. Bio Vega is rich in betaine nitrogen, which is released according to the needs of the plant.


- Bio Flowers

Organic fertilizer of Canna, belonging to its bio line and of specific use in phase of flowering, applicable to any type of substrate. Its composition with Hops extract provides the necessary nutrients for the flowering phase to be a success, also providing substances such as Lupulin, Luparol, Lupulon and Humulon, which provide extra growth strength.


- Bio Rhizotonic

Organic fertilizer specially designed for the early stages of cultivation, as it helps and improves the development of the root system and root tips, and increases resistance in one of the most delicate stages of cannabis cultivation. You can use it with both seeds and cuttings.


- Bio Boost

Specially designed for the flowering process, is composed of a patented blend of organic fermented tropical plants, which can be used in soil, coconut and hydroponic crops, and provides minerals and a powerful stimulant effect to address the flowering process with total guarantee, in addition to improving the immune system of your cannabis plant.


- Bio Canna Kit

This fertilizer kit includes, at an exceptional price, all the products mentioned above, which make up the Biocanna fertilizer catalogue, as well as a cultivation table showing the periods in which each substance is used.


Buy Bio Canna fertilisers at PevGrow

With Bio Canna organic fertilizers, you will provide your crop with everything it needs to obtain a high quality final product, with naturally improved organoleptic properties, which you will be able to use both in outdoor and indoor crops. In our online Growshop you can find Bio Canna fertilizers at the best market price.

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