Mills Nutrients

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Mills Nutrients is a brand of liquid fertilizers for marijuana born in Holland more than a decade ago, and in this time they have specialized in bio-mineral nutrition , the easiest way to achieve high yields at harvest, but without losing intensity in the organoleptic properties of each genetics.

Mills fertilizers have been developed from scratch, maintaining the Dutch practice of separating base fertilizers into 2 components, but using both organic and synthetic sources as raw materials to achieve the best results in both quality and quantity.

This brand does not have as extensive a catalog as that of other fertilizer manufacturers, because one of Mills' objectives is to make feeding cannabis plants as easy and cheaper as possible.

Mills products for growing marijuana indoors and outdoors

  • Basis A and B : It is the base fertilizer for the entire growing cycle, that is, it is the same product for growth and flowering. It is separated into 2 bottles (A and B) so that the nutrients remain in perfect condition until the moment of use.
  • Start : It is the Mills root stimulator, and is used throughout the vegetative growth period and the first week of flowering to achieve the strongest and healthiest development of the root system in the shortest possible time.
  • Vitalize : This silicon-based product strengthens plants and prevents stressful situations that can occur for various reasons. It is used from the first week of cultivation until the roots are washed.
  • C4 : It is the stimulator for the first flowering phase of plants, it is used from the third week of this cycle up to 2 weeks before washing the roots prior to harvest, and it contains carbohydrates and minerals.
  • Ultimate PK Booster : It is used as a booster for the last phase of flowering, that is, it is applied during the 3 weeks before the final root wash to increase the weight and volume of the buds.
  • Sugar Rush : This stimulator for the second part of flowering is responsible for improving the aroma and flavor of your herb, and greatly increasing the formation of trichomes.
  • Starter Pack : The best way to try all the products in the Mills Nutrients range. With this fertilizer kit you have everything you need to grow marijuana at a reduced price.

Advantages of growing with Mills nutrients

  • Get the performance of mineral fertilizer but with the quality of organic
  • Very easy to use due to its dosage and the few products that are used
  • Fast assimilation nutrients but very safe against overfertilization
  • Formulated from scratch to cover all nutritional needs
  • Suitable for any cultivation system, soil, coconut, hydroponics, etc.

Buy Mills Nutrients with the best quality / price ratio

Why choose between quality and quantity if you can have both at the same time? Now it is possible to get everything, and also at a good price, because if you ask us for Mills fertilizers, we assure you the best quality / price ratio in the entire sector.

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