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Terranabis is a fertilizer brand specialized in the nutrition of marijuana plants that has been on the market since 2016, although its career in the study and development of cannabis nutrition is much longer.

Terranabis has different business units, from special tools for cultivation to the processing, analysis and commercialization of the product , although its specialty is research on what plants need for a perfect development at all times.

A new way to feed cannabis

The vast majority of brands of fertilizers for marijuana base their products on the distribution of NPK and microelements, but Terranabis, in addition to taking this into account, has specialized in nutrition based on carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen , so that the plants receive the maximum food at all times.

Thanks to the inclusion of organic acids such as humic, fulvic, and carboxylic acids in the formulation of Terranabis products, its fertilizers and additives are rich in sugars, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, peptides, enzymes, and lipids.

Organic and organomineral fertilizers from Terranabis

Within the organic range of Terranabis, the biostimulators Bionabis, Aminabis, and Floranabis stand out , which serve to give a boost to the development of plants in different stages of cultivation. You also have Terpesyn , a magical product that increases the levels of resin and terpenes, Deltanabis that acts as an organic flowering stimulator, and Enzynabis that is a complex rich in enzymes to avoid the accumulation of salts in the substrate.

Among the organomineral products you have available 3 NPK mono-nutrients called Terraful , Terrateina , and Terravigor , one based on Nitrogen, another on phosphorus, and another on potassium. Within this same category is Autonabis , a complete fertilizer that acts as a base fertilizer for autoflowering varieties, and can also be used for normal high-yield varieties. Terramita is a mineral mono-nutrient based on calcium, and Terralita contains 4.5% magnesium that is rapidly assimilated, which is why they are used to prepare the base water before each irrigation.

Buy Terranabis fertilizers at the best price online

Terranabis comes to the cannabis sector to demonstrate that excellent results can be achieved in growing indoor and outdoor marijuana without the need to invest large amounts of money in fertilizers and additives, your plants will appreciate it.

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