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If you've come this far, you're probably looking for a smooth and pleasant smoking experience. At Pevgrow, we understand your needs and that's why we offer the famous Jano Filters. These premium smoking filters are the perfect choice to boost your experience and ensure a clean and smooth smoke. In this product sheet, we will tell you everything you need to know about Jano Filters, their characteristics, advantages and differences with other filters available in the market.

Jano Filters Characteristics: Innovation and Quality

Jano Filters are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. These filters are manufactured with high quality materials and feature an innovative structure that provides optimal filtration. The unique design of Jano Filters allows for a smooth and constant airflow, resulting in a much more pleasant smoking experience.

Also, in addition to their innovative design, Jano Filters also stand out for their durability. They are made of resistant materials that guarantee a long service life. You won't have to worry about replacing filters frequently, as Jano Filters are designed to last, as they are made entirely of a polymer called PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid). Lactic acid is a natural compound that is produced when glucose is oxidized, it is even produced in our body when we do a lot of physical effort.

Advantages of Jano Filters tips: Your smoking experience improved

By choosing Jano Filters, you will benefit from a number of advantages that will improve your smoking experience. These are some of the most outstanding advantages:

  • Effective filtration: Jano Filters have an exceptional filtration capacity. They remove impurities and unwanted particles from the smoke, providing a smoother and cleaner smoke.
  • Reduced tar and harmful substances: Jano Filters help reduce the amount of tar and other harmful substances present in the smoke. This allows you to enjoy your weed in a healthier way.
  • Improved flavor: By filtering the smoke, Jano Filters help bring out the natural flavors and aromas of your weed. You'll enjoy a purer, more authentic flavor with every puff.
  • Prevents clogging: Jano Filters are designed to prevent clogging and the passage of unwanted particles. This guarantees a smooth and constant airflow, without restrictions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Jano Filters mouthpieces are compatible with a wide variety of smoking devices, such as pipes, bongs and vaporizers. No matter how you prefer to enjoy your weed, Jano Filters will adapt to your needs.

Differences between Jano Filters and other filters or tips

It is important to note the differences between Jano Filters and other filters or tips available on the market. While some filters offer basic filtration, Jano Filters go above and beyond by providing effective and advanced filtration. Their innovative design and superior quality make them a top choice for marijuana enthusiasts.

Another important difference is the durability of Jano Filters. Many low-quality filters clog quickly and require frequent replacement. In contrast, Jano Filters are designed to withstand prolonged use without losing their effectiveness.

Types of filters or tips Jano Filters: Find the one that's right for you

Jano Filters are available in different varieties to suit your specific needs and preferences. Some of the most popular types of Jano Filters are:

  • Jano Filters Classic: The original and reliable choice, Jano Filters Classic offer effective filtration and smooth airflow. They are perfect for those looking for a balanced and satisfying smoking experience.
  • Jano Filters XL: Designed for those who prefer longer draws, Jano Filters XL provide increased airflow and improved filtration capacity. They are ideal for longer smoking sessions.
  • Jano Filters Revolver: This is an attractive kit in the shape of a revolver magazine containing 25 Jano Filters in a variety of colors so that you have a wide range of tips to choose from at all times.
  • Jano Filters Premium: For those who love details and exceptional quality, Jano Filters Premium are the perfect choice. These filters are made of premium materials and offer first-class filtration.

  • Jano Filters Classic: La opción original y confiable, los Jano Filters Classic ofrecen una filtración efectiva y un flujo de aire suave. Son perfectos para aquellos que buscan una experiencia de fumar equilibrada y satisfactoria.


Discover the two sizes available from Jano Filters and choose the one that's right for you.

Jano Filters Regular

At 2 cm in length and 0.7 cm in diameter, these tips are perfect for regular cigars and joints. They are similar to Actitube's Slim activated carbon filters, so no more messing around when rolling your joint!

Jano Filters Fat

Measuring 2.6 cm in length and 1.1 cm in diameter, the Jano Filters Fat are ideal for larger joints. Forget about putting together tips, these filters are perfect for cones, Blunts  or King Size papers of all life.

Regular size:

  • Jano Filters Regular Unit
  • Jano Filters Regular 10 Units
  • Jano Filters Regular 25 Units
  • Jano Filters Regular 100 Units
  • Jano Filters Regular Mix ( variety of designs in 12, 25 and 100 units)

Fat size (large):

  • Jano Filters Fat Unit
  • Jano Filters Fat 4 Units
  • Jano Filters Fat Mix 12 Units

Buy Jano Filters and improve your smoking experience with these tips.

In short, Jano Filters are the ultimate choice for those looking for an exceptional smoking experience. With their innovative design, effective filtration and durability, these filters stand out from the competition. Enjoy a clean, smooth and flavorful smoke with Jano Filters mouthpieces. Don't settle for less, choose quality and improve your smoking experience with Jano Filters.

At Pevgrow, we are proud to offer Jano Filters and a wide selection of quality products for cannabis lovers. Explore our store and discover everything you need to boost your smoking experience - don't wait any longer and order today!

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