Athena Fertilizers

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The best fertilizers for your crop are here! At Pevgrow, we present you the nutrients of the recognized brand Athena, leader in the United States. If you are looking to maximize the quality and results of your harvest, Athena fertilizers are the perfect choice. Discover their range of products and benefits for cannabis cultivation.

Athena fertilizers for sale for cannabis cultivation

Athena fertilizers are divided into three main groups: Pro Line, Blended Line and IPM Line. Each of them is designed to meet the specific needs of your plants throughout the growing cycle.

  • Pro Line: Powder Fertilizers

Athena's Pro Line range includes powder fertilizers that dissolve easily in water. These base fertilizers, such as Core, Grow and Bloom, are highly concentrated and allow you to save money on product transportation. They are also ideal for precise nutrient control in your crop.

  • Blended Line: Liquid fertilizers and boosters

In Athena's Blended Line, you will find a wide variety of liquid fertilizers and stimulators. From Grow A+B and Bloom A+B, which cover the needs during the growth and flowering phases, to PK, CaMg, Stack, Balance and Cleanse. These liquid products are easy to use and will give you consistent and quality results.

Pro Line fertilizers in powder form from the Athena fertilizer brand.

Within the Pro Line range, you will find water-soluble powder fertilizers that are highly concentrated and easy to dissolve. These powder fertilizers are a convenient and economical option, as they save on product transportation due to their compact format.

Athena's Pro Line range includes the following products:

  • Pro Core: This is a powdered base fertilizer that provides essential nutrients for healthy plant growth. It is an ideal choice for the initial growth and development phase of plants.
  • Pro Grow: Athena's Grow powder fertilizer is designed to promote vigorous plant growth during the vegetative stage. It provides the nutrients needed to strengthen the root system and stimulate the development of green stems and leaves.
  • Pro Bloom: Bloom powder fertilizer is perfect for the flowering phase of plants. It contains essential nutrients that stimulate the formation of flowers and fruits, improving the size, density and quality of the harvest.

Athena's Pro Line range stands out for its ease of use and effectiveness. These powder fertilizers are highly concentrated, which means that a smaller amount of product is required for optimal results. Also, being water-soluble, they can be easily applied through irrigation, ensuring an even distribution of nutrients in the middle of the grow

Athena's Pro Line range

Athena Blended Line Nutrients Highlights

  • Cleanse: Cleanse is a key product, especially for growers who use automatic cultivation or irrigation systems. It not only keeps the roots clean and healthy, but also cleans the pipes of the growing system, removing accumulated particles that could cause problems in the future. With Cleanse, your system will be in perfect condition for the next grow.
  • Balance: Athena's Balance is an additive that helps maintain the nutritional balance of plants throughout the growing cycle. It contains a combination of essential minerals and trace elements that ensure optimal nutrient absorption and prevent nutritional deficiencies. The use of Balance guarantees healthy growth and consistent, quality production.
  • Fade: Fade is another additive of Athena's Pro Line range. It is specifically formulated for the final phase of flowering, helping to improve flower maturation and promoting resin accumulation. Fade helps to intensify the natural aromas and flavors of the plants, improving the quality and value of the final harvest.
Athena's Blended Line range

Athena fertilizer table: How are they used?

If you have any doubts about the recommended doses for each Athena product, you can consult the fertilizer tables provided by the brand. If you still have questions or need additional advice, our team will be happy to help you.

Why choose Athena fertilizers to grow marijuana?

At Pevgrow, we are excited to introduce you to Athena fertilizers, a leading brand in the U.S. market that has proven its effectiveness and quality in cannabis cultivation. If you are looking to maximize the results of your harvest, Athena products are the perfect choice. Why should you buy Athena fertilizers?

  • Quality: Athena products have gained popularity among the most demanding growers, such as the Jungle Boys. These expert growers trust Athena because of the outstanding results they have obtained in their gardens. Don't settle for empty promises, choose a brand backed by professionals.
  • Ease: Athena has simplified the process of nourishing your plants. With a complete, easy-to-use fertilizer line, you won't have to worry about mixing a multitude of complicated products. With only 6 products, you can feed your plants efficiently and get consistent results.
  • Savings: Besides offering high quality products, Athena also stands out for its competitive price. The cost per liter of nutrient solution of Athena fertilizers is very affordable, especially if you opt for the Pro Line range in powder fertilizer format. Get professional results without emptying your pocket.
  • pH stability: With Athena fertilizers, you can maintain a stable pH in your nutrient solution. This is crucial for the healthy growth of your plants, as inconsistent pH can negatively affect nutrient uptake. Rely on Athena's formula to maintain an optimal balance.

Buy Athena fertilizers to grow cannabis like a professional and at the best price at Pevgrow

In short, Athena fertilizers are the perfect choice for growers looking for quality results and a simplified growing experience. You'll get premium nutrients, ease of use, cost savings and pH stability, resulting in a yield and quality harvest like you've never seen before. What are you waiting for? Buy Athena fertilizers now and take your crop to the next level!

Frequently asked questions related to Athena fertilizers

Are Athena fertilizers suitable for any growing medium?

Yes, Athena fertilizers are suitable for all types of growing media, whether soil, coco or hydroponics. You can use them with confidence regardless of the growing method you choose.

How long do Athena products last?

The shelf life of Athena products varies according to the size and dosages used. However, the containers usually have an extended shelf life, allowing you to use them over multiple harvests.

Do I need to use all Athena products in my grow?

It is not mandatory to use all Athena products in your crop. You can select the nutrients and stimulators that fit your specific needs. However, combining different products from the Blended Line will help you obtain optimal results.

Are Athena products safe for human consumption?

Athena products are specifically designed for plant cultivation and are not intended for direct human consumption. Always follow directions for use and keep products out of reach of children and pets.

Can I use Athena products on organic cultivation?

Athena offers products that adapt to different growing styles, including organic crops. If you are looking for an organic option, you can opt for Athena Stack root and bloom stimulator, which is formulated with seaweed and is 100% organic.

What is the recommended dosage of Athena products?

The recommended doses vary according to the product and the stage of cultivation. For best results, consult the fertilizer tables provided by Athena and follow the specific indications for each product.

Are Athena products suitable for beginners?

Of course! Athena fertilizers have been designed with ease of use in mind. With their simplified line of products, even novice growers can achieve professional results in their grow. Follow the recommended directions and dosages for a successful growing experience.

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