Organic anti-pest fertilizer MealFrass

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You can already find in Piensa en Verde, the organic anti-pest fertilizer for the vegetative phase MealFrass.

This fertilizer comes from the depositions from the breeding and fattening of the Tenebrio molitor or better known as flour worm.

In nature the insects feed on the vegetation and transform it into nutrients suitable for plants, that same MealFrass achieves.

MealFrass also contains natural chitin, a compound that gets rid of pests by a phenomenon known as acquired systemic resistance.

This, and the presence of microorganisms that prevent the appearance of mold, make of MealFrass the only anti-pest and 100% organic and natural anti-pathogen fertilizer.

MealFrass is a dry, granular and odorless fertilizer, which is ideal for storing anywhere.

This fertilizer will help you to avoid the attack of different pathogens like Botrytis or Alternaria.

Its level of NPK 4-4-3 is balanced and perfect for the vegetative phase. The high organic matter content of MealFrass promotes soil properties and nutrient uptake, while at the same time aiding the appearance of nitrogen fixing bacteria and plant growth promoters.

To make matters worse, it increases the growth of mycorrhizal fungi and other beneficial fungi like Trichoderma, it has everything to feed your marijuana plants in the best of growth.

As star compound we have "chitin" present in all insects, marijuana to detect it in its food believes so is being invaded by a pest and generates its defense.

This means that if we are unlucky enough to have a pest, our plants will be prepared in a natural way to combat it.

How we apply MealFrass:

In a pot, we will mix 2% of the total volume (200 ml in a 10-liter pot) and add about 15 ml every four weeks in order to renew the nutrients.

This complementary contribution is indicative and will depend on the plant as well as the volume of the pot.

In soil, mix 100 ml per m2, mixing the fertilizer homogeneously, and add 150 ml per m2 every four weeks in order to renew the nutrients.

750 ml single sealed container for durable storage.

Important: Handle the fertlizer with care in case of allergy to mites or asthma.

MealFrass Nutrients: 

Organic matter 77.97%
Nitrogen 4.59%
Phosphorus 4.45%
Potassium 2.85%
Carbon/Nitrogen ratio 9.86
Other compounds:
Magnesium 1.24%
Calcium 0.22%
Sulfur 0.14%
Sodium 0.06%
Iron 0.02%
Manganese 133 ppm
Copper 10.6 ppm
Zinc 100.9 ppm
Boro 34.8 ppm
Ph 6.12
Humidity 12.34%

Data sheet and characteristics

Type of composition Type of composition
  • Organic
Cultivation phase Cultivation phase
  • Growth
Properties Properties
  • Regulators pH
Type of plague Type of plague
  • Worms
Composition Composition
  • Organic

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