Have you ever been paid to grow? If you want to get € 10 for the face, stay with us and keep reading.
The seed bank Pev Seeds has bet heavily on the Grow diaries platform and wants everyone to know its incredible genetics (If you have already cultivated it you will know what I am talking about), so we think that the best way would be with an action in The one that we both win,you get € 10 and an incredible harvest that I believe you will enjoy, and Pev Seeds makes their genetics have more visibility. As you already know, for us Pev Grow is a great family, and in a family they help each other, it is a bit of the philosophy we wanted to follow.

Now you ask yourself, how do I participate? Here I explain it to you:

1. First you have to start your diary with Pev Seeds in Grow Diaries (If you do not know Grow diaries we will explain what it is and how it works here)

2. When you have created the diary, fill in the form "Diary started", once we receive it, we will send you a code of € 3 to spend whenever you want with us. Now you ask yourself, what about the remaining 7 euros that you promised me? Don't worry, keep reading.

3. Once you have harvested the journal, you must fill in the second form "Harvested Journal", and at this time we will send you the code with the remaining € 7. And it would already be!

*Diaries created before 01/10 are not valid*

Diary started

Harvested diary

Look at the crops the community has grown!