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Pevgrow Seedfinder is a tool used to find the most appropriate marijuana seeds for each grower based on their personal tastes and specific needs. If you are new to the world of growing cannabis plants for self-consumption, or have doubts about the seeds you are going to grow, you have come to the right place, because thanks to Pevgrow's marijuana seed search engine you will discover which are the best varieties for you. It is a very intuitive and easy to use tool, you only have to choose between the different options that we give you in each step, so it does not take more than 2 minutes to find the cannabis seeds that best suit your needs.

What is your experience as a grower?

Depending on your cultivation experience, some seeds may be better than others, because there are varieties that, due to their size, flowering period, nutritional needs or other issues, may need more care. If you allow me some advice, I will tell you that if you have never grown marijuana plants or have only been doing it for a short time, the best varieties for you may be the autoflowering or the indica ones, and you have to know that growing outdoors is usually easier than growing them. indoor cultivation.

On the other hand, if you have already cultivated several times indoors and outdoors, it can be said that you already have an intermediate level of cultivation, therefore you can mark this option in our seed search engine so that it offers special genetics for you. However, if you are going to grow indoors and your experience is not very extensive, I recommend choosing autoflowering, indica or hybrid plants before sativas. In the case of having an advanced cultivation level, you can choose any option, since it is assumed that your previous experience will allow you to obtain good results in any case.

Where are you going to grow these cannabis seeds?

There are varieties that are more suitable for outdoor or greenhouse cultivation because they grow too much or are too late for indoor cultivation, just as there are strains that are very prone to attacks by fungi and insect pests, so they are more appropriate for cultivation inside. It is for this reason that in the second point of our marijuana seed search engine we ask you where you are going to grow, and depending on your answer, it will offer you some varieties or others.

How is the climate in your region?

Cannabis plants have such a power of adaptation that over the centuries they have spread throughout the world, adapting to warm, temperate, cold climates, etc. But if you are going to grow outdoors it is important to know that not all plants perform well in all environments, so it is key to know the type of climate where you are going to grow so that our seed search tool can offer you the varieties that they behave best in the particular climate of your area.

In the case of growing in an outdoor greenhouse, you also have to take into account the climate, because although the plants are protected from rain or wind, if the ambient humidity is very high in the region where you live, it can end up causing fungal problems. . Another issue to take into account outdoors is the growing season, since it is not the same to grow autoflowering plants between May and August, than it is to grow sativas from June to December, because the climate also changes depending on the season.

What seed format do you need?

At this point our seed search tool will give you a choice between autoflowering or photoperiodic, that is, between automatic flowering varieties or the classic ones of a lifetime. Autoflowering plants have several advantages such as speed and resistance, but photoperiod or photodependent generally produce more and are more flavorful and powerful. This does not mean that there are no fast and resistant photoperiod marijuana plants, or tasty and powerful autoflowering ones, luckily and thanks to the breeding work done in recent years, we currently have cannabis seeds for all tastes.

In this case, you also have to take into account the climate and the season of the year if you are going to grow it outdoors, because autoflowering plants can be grown in warm and temperate climates throughout the year except in winter, but the genetics of normal flowering they only have one growing season outdoors each year, from spring to autumn normally. In indoor cultivation, all seed formats can be grown as long as the correct parameters are maintained.

What kind of varieties do you prefer?

Do you prefer indica strains or sativas? Are you more into hybrids that display both indica and sativa traits? Don't worry, thanks to Pevgrow's Seedfinder you will get the marijuana seeds you are looking for, but first we have to know your personal preferences. In this part you have to take into account several issues, your level of grower, the place where you are going to grow them, the weather, the season and even the format of the seeds.

Indicas tend to grow less than sativas, and also have a shorter flowering period, but sativas can be more resistant and produce a larger yield. Hybrids depend on the proportion of indica and sativa they contain, if they are mainly indica they will be more similar to this cannabis subspecies, and if they are mostly sativa they will be more similar to this other. These plants generally show higher hybrid vigor and are now favored by the vast majority of growers because they contain the best qualities of both worlds and there are so many more varieties to choose from.

Do you have preferences regarding the size of the plants?

The size of the plants is a feature that must be taken into account in order not to have problems, in indoor cultivation due to the dimensions of the space, and outdoors so that they can go unnoticed, especially on terraces or in guerrilla settings. In indoor cultivation, the final size of the plants can be controlled because flowering can be forced at the time we want, but it is important to know the genetics of the seeds in order to calculate the moment of change of photoperiod from growth to flowering.

In outdoor cultivation, the size of the plants can also be controlled through pruning, tying, and other techniques that are applied to give the shape we want. Now, if you don't have much cultivation experience and have never applied size and morphology control techniques or methods, with our seed finder you can select the height you want your plants to have, bearing in mind that if you choose large plants they can end up with a height greater than 2 meters, if you choose small plants they will be less than 1 meter tall, and if you choose medium plants they will end up with a size between 1 and 2 meters. If you don't care about the size because you have room to spare, you can choose the "doesn't matter" option.

Price of marijuana seeds

Thanks to the large number of marijuana seeds currently in existence, you have to know that there are prices for all pockets. The price of the seeds is determined by several factors, such as the brand or bank that offers them, the genetics they contain, the work or breeding time that their development has taken, the format of the seeds, or if they present any novelty such as cannabinoids minorities or some surprising flavor for example.

At this point our tool to find cannabis seeds will give you a choice between those with the lowest price, those with the highest economic value, those with a medium price, or a fourth option if you don't care about the cost. It is important that you know that the most expensive seeds are not always the best, and you can find champion plants without spending a fortune.

Plant flowering or maturation time

Most autoflowering seeds have a complete life cycle that ranges between 9 and 12 weeks of flowering, but within the photoperiod varieties you have all kinds of flowering periods available, from 7 weeks to more than 4 months, which are account separately from the time of vegetative growth. Some growers do not care about the flowering time of the plants, but if this is not your case and you need seeds with a specific period, Pevgrow Seedfinder will give you a choice between genetics with less than 8 weeks of flowering, others that move between 8 and 10 weeks, and finally those that need more than 10 weeks of flowering to fully mature, as long as you are going to grow indoors.

In the case of growing outdoors or outdoor greenhouses, our marijuana seed search tool will give you 3 options, harvest in summer, autumn or winter. The vast majority of modern varieties are harvested in autumn, but there are many sativas that can mature in winter and there are more and more indicas and hybrids that are cut in summer, especially those known as “Fast” or “Early”. Think about the ones that can suit you best and our Seedfinder will give you different options.

What are your favorite aromas and flavors?

We all want our harvest to have an intense aroma and flavor, but among the different organoleptic properties that cannabis offers, you can find very different options. Here you can indicate your preferred flavor between sweet, earthy, floral, fruity, spicy, herbal, or pine, and the buds from your harvest will have that taste and smell if all goes well.

It must be clear that the final aroma and flavor of the yerba also depends on other issues other than the genetics of the seeds, since the type of crop, the fertilizers, or not washing the roots before harvesting, can condition the amount of terpenes produced by the plants and the cleaning of the smoke. Another important factor is the curing of the buds, and it is recommended that it be at least 1 month to improve the final quality.

What is the effect you like the most?

Do you prefer the relaxing or stimulating effect? Do you like it better when it combines both types? Do you need medical cannabis that does not cause psychoactivity? Don't worry, thanks to our seed search engine you will find the cannabis genetics with the most appropriate effect for your personal tastes. Currently, most varieties have a noticeable effect on a mental and physical level at the same time, but those with a higher load of indica offer a more relaxing, narcotic, analgesic and sedative effect, and those with a higher proportion of sativa have a more euphoric, uplifting, happy and cerebral effect.

Another type of modern cannabis that is gaining more followers every day is the one that produces such a low level of THC that it does not cause psychoactive effects, but because it contains other medicinal cannabinoids it can offer a very interesting therapeutic effect. At this point you will be able to choose the type of effect that can best suit you and our tool will give you several seeds with those characteristics.

**How ​​many seeds do you need?**

Depending on the cultivation space you have and the amount of harvest you can need, you will have to buy one or another amount of seeds. In one meter of indoor cultivation you can grow from one seed to more than 15, because it depends on the final size of the plants. Now that electricity is so expensive, it is more interesting to grow 16 small plants in a square meter than 4 large ones, because to occupy the space with 4 plants it will be necessary to give a long vegetative period with 18 hours of light each day, however with 16 plants less than half the growth time would suffice.

The account is simple, if each month of vegetative growth supposes an electrical cost of 120 euros, with 4 plants or less you will have to spend around 240 euros so that the plants reach a sufficient size, but with 16 plants it will not reach 120 € because they will not need even a month to occupy the entire illuminated area well. The flowering period will be the same in one case or the other, but in this phase the plants only need 12 hours of light, so the consumption is lower. In outdoor cultivation this does not change, but if you are going to grow indoors you have to take this into account as well.