Bong, another way to consume cannabis

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Image of a man using a bong
Image of a man using a bong



The bong for smoking marijuana is displacing the typical joint as a way of smoking marijuana, among other things because it has several advantages such as smoke quality, cleanliness, speed of consumption, and use of cannabis. In this article we are going to see what it is, different types of bongs, how to use them, and other information you need to know to get the most out of it, I hope you enjoy reading.



⭐ What is a bong



It is a device similar to a laboratory flask that is used to smoke marijuana normally, although it can also be used to consume tobacco, salvia and other herbs. There are many different bong models, of all sizes, made with different materials, and even with different special systems for smoking hash or extractions as well as buds. There are also specific bong models for consuming cannabis concentrates or extractions such as BHO.

The classic model is a kind of laboratory flask that has a wide base and a narrower neck at the top that ends in an opening. On 2 sides of the upper part of the base it usually has 2 small openings, one that is used to introduce the tube or stem of the bowl where the cannabis is placed at an angle, and the other is kept open until the smoke begins to come out because acts as a carburetor. Not all bong models have a carburetor, there are also those that have other cooling systems. The upper end of the neck is the part where the filtered smoke comes out, it is of a considerable size compared to the mouthpiece of a cigarette or joint. Some bong models are made in one block and have no separable parts, but most commercial bongs are based on the same design.



⛳ How do you use a bong?


The base of the bong is filled with water until approximately a little more than half, or at least until the stem of the bowl is submerged, since it is about the smoke caused by the combustion of the yerba that is placed in the bowl go through the water and cool down, this way when it comes out of the water and goes up the neck it can be tasted better. Cannabis is placed inside the bowl, lit with a lighter or torch, and the mouth is placed against the opening of the neck to inhale the smoke. As you can see, the operation of the bong is very simple, but there are certain details that you have to know to enjoy the smoke to the fullest.

The water in the base of the bong acts as a cooler and filter, so it must be changed from time to time so that it does not spoil the flavor of the marijuana. It is not necessary to renew it after each puff, but it is advisable to do it when you see that it becomes cloudy. It is also advisable to clean the bowl after each use, because there are usually residues that can be toxic. In this case, it is recommended to remove all the remains that remain before smoking again, because in addition to spoiling the taste, they can be harmful to our health.

How do you smoke the bong? When smoking, you have to put your lips inside the upper opening of the neck, and you don’t have to inhale very hard, it is better to inhale little by little until you have a good puff. In the case of having a carburetor, it must be kept closed while we light the marijuana, and once we start inhaling the smoke, it is uncovered so that fresh air can enter. As a general rule, most bongs on the market have this operation, but we are going to see all the types of bong that exist and the differences in design and operation that they have.



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✨ Types of bongs


Straight tube bong

It is the simplest type of bong, since it is a straight tube similar to a laboratory cylinder, with a closed base but an open top, and they are usually made of glass, borosilicate, acrylic plastic or silicone. In the lower part of the tube it has a small hole through which the bowl tube is inserted, and they do not usually have a carburetor, but the operation is the same as we have seen before.

Bong de tubo recto sencillo

Buy Bong straight tube


Bong Zig-Zag (Zong)

Although it may seem that the difference between this bong and the normal ones may be strictly aesthetic, it actually has several advantages over the normal ones. The difference is that the neck is Z-shaped or zig-zag, and that can be interesting to improve grip and especially because it cools the smoke better than those with a straight tube. The biggest problem they present is their fragility due to the design itself, since in the curves of the neck it narrows quite a bit, and they are usually made of glass.

*Image of a zig-zag bong also called a zong*
*Photograph of a zig-zag bong also called a zong*.


Bong Percolator

The only difference between bongs percolator and normal ones is that they contain a piece of glass made up of small diffuser tubes that force the smoke to pass through them. This has several advantages over the normal bong, because the smoke is finer, creates small bubbles and when it goes through a longer circuit it also cools down more, so it reaches our lungs in a smoother way.


Bong percolador rasta

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Bong Recycler

This is a more complex type of bong, since it is made up of several chambers through which the smoke passes before reaching the outlet neck. In some models, each of the chambers is filled with water, in others they simply have a circuit so that the smoke is filtered several times, leaving it cleaner and colder, so the smoking experience improves considerably. Some recycler bongs are true works of art due to their design

*Photo of a beautifully designed recycler bong*
*Photo of a beautifully designed recycler bong*.


Bong Bubbler

It is a kind of hybrid between bong and pipe, since they are usually of an intermediate size between both and with a design that looks like a mixture of both. They are normally made in a single piece, which is usually made of blown glass, and most are very striking, so much so that there are collectors who buy them more to decorate their homes than to use them for smoking. There are single-chamber and multi-chamber bubblers, some so small that they can be worn around the neck, and others that have a base to be supported. The bubbler bong is designed to consume quality concentrates through dabs.

G-Lock 17

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Bong Gravity

The famous gravity bong is becoming more and more popular, especially in summer because it can be used in swimming pools. Although there are several types, the most widespread and famous is a bottle cut at the base, and aluminum foil or a bowl is placed in the opening where the cap is screwed on, the herb is placed there and it is lit by placing the bottle in the surface of the water, once it is filled with smoke, the bowl or the paper is removed, the mouth is placed there, and it is submerged in the water so that it pushes the smoke towards the upper part where we inhale it. There are commercial gravity bongs like the one in the image below, but many people make them at home because it’s so simple.

*Picture of a commercial gravity bong made of glass*
*Picture of a commercial gravity bong made of glass*


Rotating Bong

The rotating bong is based on a similar operation to the gravitational one, but in this case gravity is forced through the rotation of the device itself instead of pushing with the water. The design has nothing to do with the rest of the commercial bongs on the market, since it is made up of 2 cylindrical-shaped chambers, one of which is filled with water and the other receives the smoke after heating the cannabis. The smoke stays in the upper part until you turn the rotating part over, at which point the water begins to cascade down to the smoke chamber to cool it and push it to the mouthpiece through which it is aspirated.

*Picture of a Spinning Bong*
*Picture of a Rotating Bong**


Bong gas mask

It is possibly the most spectacular or striking bong at first glance, because it is a gas mask that has an opening in the front where the neck of a bong is attached. The operation is the same as that of a normal bong, but just put the mask on your head and inhale the smoke, you will not miss a thing. This type of bong is for consumers with a higher tolerance for cannabis, the best gift you can give to your most stoner friend.


Máscara de gas bong

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Homemade Bong

Knowing how to make your own bong with things that anyone has at home can be a great advantage for those times when we run out of rolling paper and have no other way to smoke cannabis. A can of soda, fruit, pieces of hardware, or even a light bulb can be used to make a homemade bong, but we are going to see the easiest, fastest and healthiest way to do it.

Apple Bong

It is the most famous type of homemade bong, and to make it you only need an apple, a pen and a knife. It is about making several holes that connect inside the apple, and take advantage of the hole where the stem is to place the yerba there. First you have to remove the tail or stem, and with the help of the pen make a hole diagonally from that hole to the middle of the apple, until you get the end of the pen. Then the pen is removed and another hole is made, but this time from the bottom of the apple to the hole where the stem was, this hole will be the carburetor.

Subsequently, a third hole must be made approximately 2.5 or 3 cm away from the main hole in the hollow of the stem, which will be where we inhale the smoke. Finally, with the help of the knife we ​​widen the main hole to place the cannabis there. Then all that remains is to insert the marijuana, place the lips in the upper lateral hole, and with one of the fingers of the hand with which we hold the apple we cover the carburetor and with the other we light the weed, once we start inhaling we release the carb hole and enjoy the smoke.

Image indicating how to make an Apple Bong
Image indicating how to make an Apple Bong.



🚀 Bong price


If you want to buy a bong but you don’t know if it will be enough for your budget, I have good news for you, because there are so many bong models that you can find from less than €10 to more than €500, depending on the brand, the material, the type, its design, etc. There are bongs that can honestly be considered an authentic work of art, especially those that have been blown by hand and contain many details, these can exceed €1,000 perfectly. In our store we have a section full of different bongs so you can choose the one that best suits your budget and needs, take a look and choose the one you like the most, and if you need help I leave you this guide to choose the best bongs in quality/price ratio.



🎯 Conclusion


A good bong can enhance the experience of consuming marijuana because they are designed to filter and cool the smoke caused by combustion much better than joints or hand pipes. In this article we have seen what a bong is, how it is used, and the most famous types that exist among other things. If you still smoke rolling weed and have never tried a bong, you may be missing out on a way to take advantage of and enjoy your harvest much better, I assure you



👾 Frequent questions


How much water do you put in a bong?

That depends on the model and your personal tastes, but keep in mind that the base of the stem of the bowl has to be submerged in order to filter the smoke. Some bong models have a very small water chamber, and a little is enough, but there are others that may need up to half a liter of water or even more. Some consumers put just enough water to exceed the level of the stem of the bowl, because this way it seems to improve the draft, but others fill the entire chamber because they say that this way the smoke is cleaner.


Who invented the bong?

Although there is no unanimity on the matter, it seems that the bong was invented in Africa, more specifically in an area located between Ethiopia and Lake Chad, since archaeological remains have been found that prove it. Although aesthetically they do not look much like today’s bongs, the operation of the archaic bongs found is the same as that of the modern ones, and even back then they used water to cool and filter the smoke. They have found bongs made from gourds, coconuts, bamboo, animal horns or wood among other materials, but it is possible that they were used to smoke tobacco and other plants before marijuana.

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