Charas: a psychoactive delicatessen

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Originally from the Himalayas, charas
Originally from the Himalayas, charas

Originally from the Himalayas, charas, pure resin is made ​​from the huge sativa growing in this area of the world and a very different hasch, for example, which is brought from Morocco mode.

Within the world of marijuana and how could it be otherwise, there are products that are of varying degrees of quality, provided they are natural, as in the case of products you’ll find in Piensa En Verde.

In addition to the different tastes and good marijuana seeds for sale , there are specific products that are made ​​with them and are part of what are known as “delicatessen” of marijuana. And today we want to talk about one of them: the charas.

Origin and characteristics


Hashish removed by hand” that is the translation of Charas and which is made ​​in the Himalayas, particularly in the hills and ridges of this part of the world, passing by the Hindustan Peninsula. It is in this part of the world where a type of sativa large and that the resin which then charas be drawn is removed, but in a very particular and different way from the better known form, which is which it is made, for example in Morocco: hitting marijuana against a screen, while this is still alive and standing.

Its development is not at all simple and only the most experienced hands are able to make high quality charas and give this compact molded shape, amber and brown.

In order to extract the essence said, and as told in Cannabis Magazine, collectors “sheathed in leather suits and venture into the vast plantations watered by rivers flowing from the glaciers, while relentlessly rub against plants and push buds with ancient skill to extract its essence.

Thus what we get is that the product is really pure, being the motto of this work “the charas does not mix with anything.” It is for this reason we do not use any vegetable matter.

The work does not end until the sun goes down. It is at this point that all the resin extracted from its hides and costumes and become known as “tola” that are shaped stick or ball, not more than 10 grams.

That’s how you get one of the best hashish in the world or as they say in the vernacular, “chocolate” and is also known as the “black gold of the Himalaya” by the color of charas, but also as a product delicatessen within the vast world of marijuana.

Charas, also known as the "black gold of the Himalaya"
Charas, also known as the “black gold of the Himalaya”

Effects of charas

And if the charas is known for being one of the world’s best, if not the best, it is also much talk about its real psychoactive effects that get euforize to the person taking it, and produce it reaching effects that may come to have even an amplification effect hodgepodge of sense and the environment.

It is precisely the latter effect (the product has to be of the highest quality for it), which makes part of the “travel luggage” yogis (men who engage in the practice of yoga exclusively, though, today, some women also practice it under another name) or Hindu ascetics (people who practice philosophical and religious doctrine that seeks to purify the spirit by denying material pleasures  or abstinence), allowing them to travel to other worlds. It is also one of the best products for daily meditation.

Hindu ascetics
Hindu ascetics

Facts about charas


It is not easy to find if you go to the Himalayas, despite the fame it has.

However, there are people who dare to try to grow it at home, but for that, not only must have a copy of the type of sativa that grows in the Himalayas, but also weather conditions that occur in this place.

If you can, you get a great quality hashish.

One of the curiosities of this type of product is that it is linked to a legend: the god Shiva himself smoked when he retired to the mountains to meditate.

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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