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Sativa Marijuana Seeds 

Looking for energy? ... Welcome to the fruity Sativa world!

In PEV Grow we are going to propose the best Sativas strains, unvealing the most useful tips for you to enjoy excellent and energizing sativa genetics both for indoor and outdoor crops.

As you know, Sativa genetics are characterized by leaving in your palate a characteristic fruity, sweet and spicy taste, which is due to a special terpene profile, useful to classify almost accurately all groups of sativa genetics or mostly Sativa hybrids, all strains included as the top sellers at the United States dispensaries.

Sativa cultivars are genetics that have been adapted to tropical climates along the centuries, being characteristic of these climates their long photoperiods, giving rise to plants with long periods of flowering and relatively low yield, although with a high psychoactive quality, providing cerebral effects which allow you to perform creative work with high control and clear mind.

But now, it is no longer that way!

Now you can enjoy sativa psychoactivity and aroma, but with short flowering cycles and unmatched production!

Current breeders have achieved excellent quality sativa phenotypes, backcrossing selected plants in indoor crops, thereby adapting sativa genetics to a more European climate.

However, sometimes, these plants have been developed with some indica feature to increase production, which seems to be a very meticulous work, achieved the most famous seeds banks, giving rise to the so-called sativa predominant hybrids (Sativa XXL).

In other cases, hybridization work has been carried out with Rudelaris genetic in order to achieve flowering times around 60 days (Sativas Fast version).

And not only that!

In addition those works have allowed us to obtain genetics with THC contents above 30%!!

As a result of that, we can find pure sativa or slightly hybridized sativa strains like Kali Mist, Amnesia, Jack Herer, Sour Diesel, Haze and Somango.

PEV Grow team has reproduced all these varieties for you, so that you can continue enjoying your sweet delicacies at the best price.

Which are the purest sativa?

Here we are going to briefly describe the best sativa we have available in the PEV Bank catalog, a good job done by our breeders team we expect you to know and enjoy it:

  • Kali Mist: It is the perfect daytime sativa, provides a clear and moderate cerebral high, not exaggerated, allowing you to perform concentration tasks without affecting your motor function.

    Developed by Serious seeds Dutch seedsbank, its lineage is unknown, although our analysis of terpene and cannabinoid profiles reveals a very marked Skunk phenotype (perhaps 90% sativa of skunk phenotype), being also its THC range between one 15-18%, making it ideal for patients initiating cannabis treatments or for beginner recreational consumers.

    It is the best option to treat muscle pains, neuropathies and migraines.

  • Amnesia: This is a very awarded sativa. With a very marked lemon flavor and spicy taste, we can say that it is a “multi-sativa” polyhybrid, due to its Skunk, Jack Herer and Cinderella 99 parental phenotypes.

    This polyhybrid character sometimes makes us to identify different phenotypes in the same crop, distinguishing them by variations in certain aromatic nuances.

    It is a powerful sativa with cerebral and euphoric effects, providing a content in THC that oscillates between 18 and 24%.

    It is the most used for migraine relief.

  • Haze: It is the queen of Sativa, with cerebral effects and THC levels above 20% in all cases. It is another poly-hybrid multi-sativa strain providing from tropical parents such as Thai, colombian, Mexican and South India.

    The new species have been adapted to Indoor crops giving rise to THC values around 27%, resulting in new Haze hybrids such as Amnesia Haze or Super Silver Haze.

    What a big fuss the brothers Haze caused in the 60’s developing this genetics!

    Haze provides an euphoric and cerebral effects, but taking it to the point of exaggeration, giving rise to anxiety and paranoia if the dose is exceeded, being a strain not suitable for beginners.

    It is a good choice for medical users who suffer from chronic fatigue due to its marked euphoric effect.

  • Sour Diesel: Inconfundible sativa with citric aroma and strong diesel fuel smell. It is a sativa predominance hybrid from Chemdog, Northern Lights and Skunk genetics.

    It provides a purely cerebral effect, nothing exaggerated, energizing like a cup of the best coffee. Although due to its descendants possesses Indica phenotypic traits, these traits are not noticeable except for its reduced flowering time.

    Regarding its medicinal applications, this genetics is being used to treat stress, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Enjoy all these pure sativas and polyhybrids sativa .... many more sativas await you at PEV Bank ....

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