Dab Pen for marijuana, what it is, how to use it, and the best models on the market

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Image of a Dab Pen with an extraction piece
Image of a Dab Pen with an extraction piece


The dab pen has been unseating other forms of marijuana consumption in recent years, as it has many advantages over rolling a joint, smoking a bong, or consuming cannabis edibles. In this article we are going to see what a dab pen is, how to use it to get the most out of it, which are the best, and much other information you need to know about this way of taking advantage of the active compounds of our favorite plant.



⚠️ What is a dab pen?



It is a small vaporizer that has been created specifically to consume cannabis concentrates. They are usually of the vape pen style, that is, similar to portable vaporizers that are shaped like a pen or pencil, portable and very light for easy use and transport. A dab pen is an electronic device that has more precise temperature settings than normal vaporizers, in this way it allows you to apply just the right heat to be able to taste and enjoy marijuana extracts in the best way.

As a general rule, dab pen come in a kit along with the battery charger, maintenance tools, and in some cases they come with spare nozzles or even special dabbers for wax, BHO oil, Rosin, etc. The dab pen contains a small chamber to introduce small loads of your favorite concentrate, but thanks to its configuration they are used and enjoyed much better than when consumed with other vaporizers or with combustion of course.


*Image where you can see a dab pen to consume cannabis concentrates*
*Image where you can see a dab pen to consume cannabis concentrates*



📱 How do you use a dab pen?


Its use is very simple and intuitive, but we are going to see it carefully so that anyone can get the best results. Some dab pen models come with enough battery power to use straight away, but many others come with a low amount of power and need to be charged before use. How to consume the dab pen? This is the best part, once the battery is charged, the device can be activated and the chamber filled with oil or rosin, then the desired temperature is marked, and once it is reached, all that remains is to insert the tip of the nozzle into our mouth and aspire.

Normally dabs are consumed by taking a small portion of cannabis concentrate with the tip of a dabber, and placing it on the rig or the hot bowl of a bong or pipe, but in this case it is introduced into the internal chamber of the dab pen to be able to vaporize its most volatile compounds at low temperature and thus make much better use of them. The dab pen is very practical to be able to savor marijuana extractions more, and thanks to its quick and discreet use it allows the possibility of doing it anywhere.

dab pen are designed to consume small loads of concentrate, just like when consuming them in a bong, but with the advantage of being able to adjust the temperature in a much more precise way. This allows better use of both cannabinoids and terpenes and the rest of the aromatic molecules, especially when little heat is applied. Rosin, BHO, and QWISO are best enjoyed at low temperatures, but hash may need a bit more heat.

Infographic on how to use a Dab Pen
Infographic on how to use a Dab Pen



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👾 How to clean a dab pen easily?


Once you have finished vaporizing you have 2 options, if you are going to continue vaping, you only have to clean the chamber where the extract is placed, and in some cases also the mouthpiece, but if you are going to store it until the next use, the ideal is to make a deeper cleaning. To clean the camera you have to take it out and remove the extraction remains that have not vaporized, in this case you can use the dabber to scratch the hardest parts and a cotton swab soaked in alcohol to rub and remove the remaining residue. Before using it again, you can check the condition of the inside of the mouthpiece, since residues that spoil the flavor can also accumulate there, but they can be easily cleaned with cotton or paper soaked in alcohol.

If you have finished your vaping session and you are not going to use the dab pen until another day, it is recommended to clean your dab pen more thoroughly, but I assure you that you can do it in less than 2 minutes. In this case you have to remove the atomizer and the battery in addition to the charging chamber and the mouthpiece of course. As we have seen before, the mouthpiece and the chamber can be cleaned by scraping with the dabber and then rubbing with alcohol, but if they are not going to be used the same day they can be left submerged in alcohol directly. On the other hand, the atomizer and the battery cannot be submerged, but with the help of paper towels or cotton swabs dipped in alcohol they are easily cleaned. If you want more information about it, check out this article on our blog in which we talk about how to clean a vaporizer for weed and extractions.



🎯 Advantages of the dab pen compared to smoking cannabis


  • Healthier because only the most volatile compounds are inhaled
  • Cannabis is used much better
  • Much more discreet than smoking
  • Quick and very easy to use
  • Possibility of temperature control
  • Better flavor and cleaner effect



✅ Today’s best dab pen


Dynavap M

Made from medical-grade stainless steel in the USA, with a revolutionary design unlike other brands’ vaporizers. It only weighs 20 grams, and thanks to its small dimensions it can be easily carried in your pocket. It allows you to load concentrates up to 0.1 grams and only needs 10 seconds to heat up, so you won’t have to wait to enjoy the best vapor.

Vaporisateur DynaVap M
Buy Vaporizer DynaVap M

Utillian 5 V3

With a 1500 mAh battery and a higher charging capacity than other models, the Utillian 5 V3 dab pen is special for savoring cannabis concentrates from the first to the last puff. It has 4 types of memorized temperature to satisfy all types of consumers, and it can be easily cleaned because all the parts can be disassembled in a short time.



For many people it is still the best overall cannabis vaporizer, but from our point of view it is better for use as a dab pen than for vaping marijuana buds. It has an autonomy of up to 2 hours without stopping, but I don’t think anyone can last that long without collapsing, and the best thing is that it only needs 90 minutes to fully charge.

Vaporisateur portable Pax 3
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Xmax V3

In terms of quality/price, it is difficult to beat the performance of this dab pen, which has been specifically designed to consume cannabis at low temperatures, between 100º C and 200º C. It also allows 2 modes of consumption, “on demand” or “session”, the The former is better for enjoying concentrates because it heats for 30 seconds, and the latter may be more interesting for flowers because it heats for 4 to 6 minutes.

Vaporisateur XMax V3 Pro
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Dynavap Vong

A dab pen for life thanks to its design and the materials with which it is made, unbreakable and easy to clean. The grip is rotatable and allows you to regulate the flow of steam, in this way you can take bigger puffs without having to suck harder. It is an analog dab pen, it is heated with a lighter until a click sounds that warns that it has reached the ideal temperature.

Vaporisateur DynaVap Vong Titanium
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Special for people who want to have the quality of PAX but cannot invest the amount that the PAX 3 model costs, since since the last model appeared the price of PAX 2 was lowered, but it is still one of the best dab pen around. all the times. It weighs only 98 grams, and has 4 temperature memories that range between 180º C and 215º C.

Vaporisateur portable Pax 2
Buy Vaporizer Pax 2

FireFly 2

The perfect dab pen for the most sybaritic users of cannabis extractions, because it has a temperature range that goes from 93º C to 260º C, so it can be adjusted to suit each person. It only needs 3 seconds to reach the desired temperature, the fastest in its category, and the best thing is that it has spare parts for several of its parts.

Vaporisateur portable Firefly 2
Buy Vaporizer Firefly 2

DaVinci IQ 2

The first DaVinci vaporizer model quickly became one of the best on the market, but the DaVinci IQ 2 is better as a dab pen because it allows you to consume concentrates as well as weed. Up to 5 different types of temperature can be adjusted, it can be connected to an App that facilitates its use, and the capacity of its chamber is greater than that of other vapers.

Vaporisateur DaVinci IQ2
Buy Vaporizer DaVinci IQ2

Xmax V2 Pro

A great option for dab pen lovers who don’t have a big budget but want to get a top quality vaporizer. It has a very small size to be able to carry it with you or store it anywhere, since it does not take up more space than an electronic cigarette. It has 5 different temperature settings marked and has an automatic shutdown in case you fall asleep or forget to turn it off.

Puffco Plus

Small, very light, and with features that have nothing to envy to other models of greater value. It is a pure dab pen, since it cannot be used to consume weed, only concentrates that are introduced into the ceramic chamber and subsequently heated to volatilize all the active compounds. It has 3 different temperature memories, it only takes 10 seconds to heat up and stays for 12 seconds more.



🚀 Dab pen price


How much does a dab pen cost? That depends on the brand and the specific model, but I can tell you that there is something for all pockets. As a general rule, the best dab pen of today can be obtained for a price that ranges between approximately 60 and 250 euros. There are other models that can be had for a lower price, but they may no longer have the quality that we have seen before.

There is also the possibility of purchasing a larger concentrate vaporizer for a cheaper price, but they are no longer the dab pen style. Some are also portable and still have dimensions that allow them to be transported, and may have certain advantages such as greater autonomy, but obviously they are no longer as light as the best dab pen.



✨ The best dab pen for sale at Pevgrow


If you were looking for where to buy a quality dab pen with an unbeatable quality/price ratio, in our grow shop you will find the best selection in this regard. Take into account everything we have seen in this article before choosing your device, because sometimes cheap dab pen can be as reliable as the best known ones, but as you well know, sometimes cheap is expensive in the long run, and if you are going to use it a lot, it may be more interesting to invest a little more.





In this post we have seen what a dab pen is, how to use and clean it, the best models, and some issues to consider before choosing the one that best suits the needs of each consumer. If you have never tried this way of vaping cannabis, you should know that it is one of the most interesting for its speed and discretion, but above all because it can be much healthier than inhaling the burning smoke of joints.



⭐ Frequent questions


Are dab pen bad for you?

That depends on many factors, such as the frequency of use, the type of dab pen, the purity of the concentrate consumed, or the amount of THC it contains among other things. Keep in mind that dabs usually contain a much higher concentration of THC than normal marijuana, so the side effects associated with this cannabinoid can be increased. When we consume homemade cannabis extractions we can be sure of the process that has been carried out, but if we buy them we cannot be sure of their purity and cleanliness unless the sample is analyzed.

Does the dab pen make your eyes red?

Yeah, that’s one of the possible side effects of THC I was alluding to earlier, and vaping dabs is more likely to make your eyes red for longer than smoking a weed joint or bong. Think that with a single puff of steam from a dab pen you will be taking the same amount of cannabinoids as if you were to smoke half a joint or more of marijuana in flower, so all the effects are multiplied.

How long could a dab pen stay in your system?

The psychoactive effects will gradually dissipate an hour after consumption, although this also depends on the consumer’s tolerance and the amount taken. But in blood tests it could appear up to 36 hours later or more, in urine tests it can appear up to a month after the last shot, and if the analysis is of hair, this time can be extended to 3 months or more.

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