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Drawing of a lady flirting with a wolf representing drugs
Drawing of a lady flirting with a wolf representing drugs


It is interesting to see how many ancient representations from different cultures symbolize the relationship between drugs and sex. Archaeological sites with hundreds or thousands of years where objects related to parties or rituals were discovered where the participants consumed psychotropic substances to improve their sexual relations, since that was the way to celebrate some events. Even in Greek mythology they even have a god that represented fun, Dionysus, or Bacchus for Romans.

The fact is that these are two of life’s greatest pleasures, and for this reason they have always accompanied humans instinctively. There are substances that increase sexual desire, others that disinhibit, some that enhance relationships and others that are used to take sex to another dimension. Now you surely want to know which ones are the best, right? Well you are lucky, because in this post we will see the 10 best drugs to enjoy better relationships…👩‍❤️‍👨






If it is called Ecstasy it is for some reason, and that is that this drug combines psychoactive, stimulant, empathetic and entactogenic effects. MDMA invites you to socialize with other people, even with strangers, with whom you can reach a degree of empathy that in a regular state would be impossible.

This helps to break a first barrier, but this substance also opens us in another way, and that is that its stimulating effects enhance sexual desire as only the best aphrodisiacs do. But the best part comes later, since the entactogenic power of this drug multiplies pleasure, and combined with the euphoria and well-being it produces, it becomes that, pure ecstasy.

Alexander Shulgin is the father of Research Chemicals and together with Ann Shulgin, his wife, they have experienced the effects of many drugs on couple relationships, always ranking MDMA as number 1.



2- Cannabis


Cannabis causes different effects, as it happens with the MDMA, although with smaller intensity. In many cases it helps to socialize, although also it is common that it invites introspection, that depends on each person or even the moment.

Cannabinoids interfere with the sensitivity of the amygdala to stimuli, and within these are sexual relations. Also it improves the mood, something that directly influences the sexual appetite, therefore smoking weed can be a good way to start a passionate night.

It is necessary to differentiate between sativa and indica varieties, the first ones have more stimulating power and can be useful to disinhibit, increase pleasure, or lengthen relationships. But indica varieties are more sedative and narcotic, which can lead to a loss of sexual appetite or make sexual intercourse more boring.



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3- Alcohol


Alcohol is the most accepted drug in Western culture, so much so that it is difficult to find events or celebrations where alcohol is not offered. In general it is quite bad, its toxicity kills thousands of people every year, causes a terrible hangover, and what is worse, under its effects all kinds of accidents and acts occur that in a state of sobriety would not.

But alcohol also has its good parts, not only because it helps disinfect or heal wounds, it can also help us in bed, especially in pre-sexual relationships. No other substance has caused more unwanted pregnancies, and that’s because with 2 extra drinks you are ready to do almost anything they suggest.

Alcohol disinhibits a lot, really a lot, and besides losing the sense of ridicule it can make you believe that the person who is looking at you is the most beautiful person in the world, it never fails, and if it fails it is because you have not ingested enough. But you have to carefully calculate the amount, in its right measure it can make sex much more playful, but if you overdo it, it can become a real disaster.



4- Cocaine


Who hasn’t heard of white parties? Yes, those in which cocaine and sex are the main characters. And the fact is that coke, among its most acclaimed effects, is also an aphrodisiac, or rather a disinhibitor, which is one of the ways to establish or deepen relationships.

Cocaine is a double-edged sword when used for sex, since in a way its stimulating power can help at a given moment, but it also often happens that men get erectile dysfunction, so it is not effective for everyone.

Some men rub coke on their penis to keep an erection longer, but this is not very healthy either, and it can also reduce pleasure, since this substance is also anaesthetic.



5- Viagra


Without a doubt it is the most famous sex drug in history, since it was created specifically as a chemistry to improve relationships. It is estimated that up to 50% of men over 50 suffer from erectile dysfunction, something that these blue pills can easily solve.

It is recommended to take viagra 1 hour before sex, although its effects start to be noticed earlier, it is not until approximately 60 minutes that the highest concentration of blood is reached, which facilitates prolonged erection until 5 or 6 hours later.

The active ingredient in viagra is Sildenafil, and it has made life joyful for millions of couples around the world since it came on the market more than 20 years ago. During the last years many young people have started taking it thinking that it enhances sexual relations, something that only men with erectile dysfunction notice.



6- LSD


It may seem surprising, but sexodelia is another way to enjoy the psychotropic effects of LSD. Some couples of expert psychonauts as the Shulgin marriage, or the couple formed by the artists Alex and Allison Grey have experienced in many occasions sex under the influence of entheogens of this type, reporting later that the interconnection that is obtained multiplies the pleasure, getting to obtain tantric experiences.

The synesthesia that produces lysergic acid causes that although it is not an entactogen like MDMA, it does refine the sense of touch, getting an extra pleasure that in a regular state we are not able to achieve. The moment of the climax can be apotheosis being on a trippy, an orgasm raised to its maximum expression.



7- Blue Lotus


It can be considered as the first natural substance used by humans to improve sexual relations (more information about Blue Lotus). This plant from North Africa increased the birth rate in this region thanks to its aphrodisiac power, and for this reason it spread throughout the world and its consumption continues to this day.

Blue Lotus produces euphoric and narcotic effects, depending on the dose used, but the stimulating effect is also very common, which usually opens up the sexual appetite, increases desire, or improves relationships in terms of intensity and duration. For these reasons this plant was so valued among some ancient cultures.



8- Popper


The Popper is a liquid mixture composed of amyl nitrite, isobutyl nitrite and butyl nitrite that is consumed through inhalations to improve sexual relations. This substance acts in different ways, dilating the muscles of the vagina or anus, and increasing the heart rate and raising somewhat the body temperature. It is also a vasodilator, so it helps get better erections, which is why this substance became so popular among gay community.

But not everything is a party with this drug, the duration of its effects is usually not more than 3 minutes, so users often re-dosed, and although it seems that in low doses it is not a very toxic substance, when misused problems appear. A popper intoxication can result in dizziness, convulsions, loss of vision and even damage to the nervous system, so you know, all in moderation.



9- Amphetamines


Amphetamines are very stimulating, they make you want to do everything under their effect, and of course sex too. This substance increases the levels of dopamine and noradrenaline in our brain, which brings us happiness, well-being and positivity, something that helps quite a lot to break the ice with strangers, or to go deeper into relationships. We can also feel an extra energy and stamina, taking sex to another level of intensity, although that also has its risks.

By eliminating the feeling of tiredness it is easy to overexert ourselves, and this can lead to problems, especially the next day. The excess of activity or its prolonged time can also cause wounds, bleeding, grazes or tears in the sexual organs, and is that when you are under the influence of amphetamines you don’t feel much pain. But the worst thing with these substances comes in the long term, since besides causing a lack of motivation, it can affect your pleasure receptors, and even more, in men it can end up in erectile dysfunction, ruining their sexual life.



10- Mephedrone


This drug is quite new, and unknown to many people, although in closed circles it was widely used until it was banned in 2010. It comes from catinones, chemically very similar to amphetamines, although with different effects, between stimulants and empathogens, so in this case mephedrone is more like MDMA.

The feeling of euphoria, loquacity and good vibes, added to the aphrodisiac power that many users claim to achieve, and the high resistance it provides, make this substance one of the favorites for sex for many people. The problem is that being “newer”, we do not know the consequences that its use can have in the long term, so we recommend to be well informed before its use.



🎯 Infographics


Infographics of these 10 drugs used for sexual purposes and their effects
Infographics of these 10 drugs used for sexual purposes and their effects



⭐ Conclusion


Today we have seen that there are many different drugs that can take sex to another level of intensity, pleasure, sensation or duration, but we have also learned that if we do not make good use of these substances they can ruin relationships, and even other issues in our lives, so we should always take everything in moderation.🧐

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