Is medical and recreational marijuana legal in the state of Maine?

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Mapa de Maine con un fondo de plantas de marihuana
Map of Maine with marijuana plants in the background
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24-09-2021 09:00:13 - Updated: 24 September, 2021


Yes, right now both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are legal in this northeastern US state. However, there are limits on purchase, possession, cultivation, and consumption, so you are interested in reading this article carefully, where we will reveal everything that can be done with cannabis in Maine.



⭐ Legalization of marijuana in Maine When did it happen?



Medical cannabis has been legal since November 1999, although the law has undergone some changes since then. In 2009, Maine’s medical marijuana program was officially established, regulating a system of growers and dispensaries.

Subsequently, on November 8, 2016, the possession, cultivation, and consumption of marijuana for personal use was legalized for people over 21 years of age. At first there were some problems when granting licenses to open dispensaries, but since September 2020 they have begun to be granted.



⛳ Where to buy legal marijuana in Maine?


The only way to legally buy cannabis in this state is through one of the many authorized dispensaries, which luckily there are more and more, both specifically for patients and for recreational marijuana.

In this link you can see where most of these dispensaries are located, and incidentally you can see their website, check schedules, compare prices, and above all check which ones are closer to your location.



✨ How much marijuana can you legally buy in this state?


For recreational users, the purchase limits are the same as the possession limits, up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana (71 grams) per person, and up to 5 grams of concentrate. Cannabis patients or their caregivers can purchase the same amount at one time, up to 2.5 ounces, but the possession limits are much higher, up to 8 pounds per patient (3.6 kilos).



👌 Marijuana delivery in Maine


This state allows home delivery of cannabis,and this service is offered by many clinics authorized to accept the like collected on the sidewalk. This convenient way to buy marijuana is becoming more and more popular in the United States, and specific companies are emerging with weed delivery, just as large platforms like Uber are entering the business.



👾 Recreational Dispensaries in Maine


Since the beginning of recreational marijuana dispensaries in this state, the quality / price ratio of the product has improved considerably, thanks to the increasing supply and the competition. The website has published a ranking with the 10 best recreational dispensaries in Maine, which you can see below:


Top 10 best recreational marijuana dispensaries in the state of Maine


  1. Full Bloom Cannabis – Fort Kent
  2. New World Organics – Belfast
  3. Wellness Connection of Maine – Portland
  4. Canuvo – Biddeford
  5. Greener Medical – Waterville
  6. Procure LTD – Saco
  7. Maine Organic Therapy – Ellsworth
  8. Green Tip Cannabis – Cornish
  9. Richardson Remedies – Caribou
  10. New England Reserve – Old Town



📲 Is it legal to smoke marijuana in Maine?


Yes, but obviously not anywhere, since consuming marijuana in a public place can carry a fine of $ 100 or more. If you want to smoke weed quietly in this state it has to be in a private home, and always out of reach of the public eye.

It is expected that by the year 2,023 the licensing of the beginning of smoking lounges or other places where people can bring their own marijuana to consume it legally in this state will.



🚀 Maine Medical Marijuana Card How to get it?


This state has a very special medical cannabis law, since it can deliver patient cards, but it is not necessary, and it is enough for patients to present a certification from a licensed doctor to be able to buy medical marijuana in a totally legal way.

Another curiosity is that there is no list of diseases that qualify to be treated with cannabis in Maine, and a doctor, osteopathic doctor, or specialized nurse can authorize a patient to consume cannabis if he considers it appropriate. Patients can designate one or two caregivers to facilitate medical cannabis in case the patient is not self-sufficient.



✅ Laws recreational marijuana cultivation in Maine


People over 21 years living in the state of Maine can grow up3 mature marijuana plants at a time and up to 12 immature for recreational use. For some people this can be a problem, since with the harvest of only 3 plants they do not have enough to cover their consumption until the next harvest.

On the other hand, patients with a cannabis card or recommendation from a doctor can grow up to 6 mature and 12 immature plants, thus having a wider margin than recreational users. Seedlings are limitless for both medicinal and recreational cultivation, which is why seeds are so successful in Maine.

Home growing is allowed as long as it is in a hidden place within the grower’s own home, and the plants have to be properly labeled. The cultivation can be done from cuttings, but many growers prefer to weed seeds from well-known banks, and at Pev Grow we send everything necessary to be able to harvest the best buds in record time, and with the best prices on the market. However, if you prefer to make your purchases in a physical store, in this link you can see those that are closest to your location.


Cannabis laws in Maine, penalties and permitted uses
Cannabis laws in Maine, penalties and permitted uses



🔥 420 Friendly, marijuana-friendly hotels in Maine


If you plan to visit Maine and you like to smoke weed, the ideal is to find accommodation in one of the cannabis-friendly hotels in this state. Below you can see a list of the most interesting ones we have found:


    • Barncastle Hotel & Restaurant – Blue Hill: Great setting, with hiking trails, water activities such as sailing or canoeing, and beautiful scenery. In this hotel it is allowed to vaporize cannabis, and it is expected that in the future smoking will be allowed as well.
    • Maine Greenyards – Auburn: Smoking marijuana is allowed here, and it also offers a large indoor pool, jacuzzi, and walks through its incredible cannabis garden, with gifts included.
    • Atlantic Birches Inn – Old Orchard Beach: If you prefer beach and marijuana tourism, this hotel is for you. It is quite close to Portland, so it can be a good accommodation if you plan to visit this city.
    • Seaside Cottage – Blue Hill: Another great alternative to combine sea and cannabis in a perfect way, this time especially designed for groups, because these are cabins with sea views that can accommodate up to 12 people.
    • Maine Stay Inn & Cottages – Kennebunkport: This hotel does not allow smoking inside, but you can take a walk through its gardens perfectly to be able to taste your marijuana.



🎯 Conclusion


Maine can be considered a fairly permissive state with cannabis in general. It could be improved by allowing the self-cultivation of more than 3 plants for personal use, and by opening places to smoke quietly, but both things are being studied, so we think that in a short time this state will be an almost perfect place for consumers of this plant.

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