Lack or excess calcium in the marijuana plant

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All or nearly all plants need a source of calcium to grow and develop from the beginning to the end, as expected of it. However, give the plant the exact measure of this product not everyone knows how to do from the beginning.calcio5

As men and women need calcium throughout our lives, since we are born until we die, especially to strengthen our bones and strengthen the state of our teeth, among other things, in the case of marijuana, the plant we love you also need calcium from the time when plants grow first step for our plant, until the end of its cultivation germinate.

The calcium problem usually occurs when growers believe that we must give more doses of calcium to the plant, what she really needs. And it is that while it is true that it is a product that can never miss in your home if you devote to the cultivation for personal use of marijuana, the fact remains that the dose we give to our plant must be measured to have no further with the same problems: neither give too much or give less than what is owed ​​to it for fear, just to spend. Not at all: just as fair.

And what is that “just right”? Precisely that, but also about what is calcium, its importance and how and how much to apply it along the growth of our plant based on different aspects which also mention is what we want to focus in this new article, which we hope will be of much use. We begin!

What is calcium?

It certainly is not the most important of all a plant needs for its development nutrient, but of course, would be committing a mistake if we do not include in soil on which will grow our plant. But what is calcium?

Calcium oxalate crystal in a marijuana leaf

Calcium oxalate crystal in a marijuana leaf

It is a chemical second grade element that avoids the land in our growing marijuana plant or any other plant, present deficiencies. Calcium also has much to do with the proper development of plant cells, since makes the membrane permeable them. We do not forget, in the same way, the role it plays in enhancing the action of enzymes.

In brief somehow, calcium manages to avoid, on the one hand, premature aging of the marijuana plant, and facilitate optimal ripen, through the actions we have mentioned above and others mentioned below. From all this we can conclude that, thanks to calcium plants are much stronger and can fight any diseases or pests and retains much better in appearance, taste and quality, in general, the plant is concerned.b12-1

All that said, we would like to mention other specific functions of calcium, as we promised a few lines above. Through the proper use of calcium it is achieved better assimilate the plant nutrient uptake, hence they get boost the immune system of the plant. Similarly, it participates in the creation of certain vitamins, as can be the case of vitamin B12.

On the other hand, it notes that calcium helps protect the plant from stress that may occur due to high temperature, providing heat shock proteins. Similarly, and as we have come before, improving fruit quality of our plant. So, it is clear that its use is essential if we are to grow a marijuana plant.

When you apply, remember to add the right amount, since failure to do so, you can find a case of lack or excess calcium.

Lack of calcium in the marijuana plant

While it’s unlikely to happen as the land on which the marijuana plant is grown easily retains calcium, just as it costs little to absorb it plant, but it is often the case when we have a soil with a high level of acid in your Ph. In this regard, it should be added that this kind of deficiencycalcio3 is also easier to occur in hydroponics or aeroponics, as the substrate employed is inert.

This lack of calcium can be explained, mainly, when the first mistake we make is to buy fertilizers containing calcium and trust that the amount of calcium that is sufficient, when it is not.

How to know if our plant has calcium deficiency? The clearest symptoms are: the top of the plant takes longer to develop because the nutrients have to get to that point, fail; the root system is reduced; buds production is seriously affected, reducing its number and, finally, also notice that your plant is suffering from calcium deficiency, because the younger leaves begin to yellow, and if we do not take the “bull by the horns” on time they wither.

How do I fix it? Very simple, but you must watch your plant more than usual, in the next few days to carry out this process: adapting the nutrient solution with two parts calcium to one of magnesium.


Excess calcium in marijuana

Unlike calcium deficiency, the case of excess is easier to find among marijuana growers, especially among newcomers, who do not know in calcio2detail how to do this step that is part of the entire cultivation process his precious plant.

Excess mainly due to blockage of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron. If this is your case you will notice that the tips of the leaves of our plant have small black or burned spots. The plant, to have too much calcium and therefore prevent the plant will reach the nutrients it needs, it also has a hard time breathing and the efforts to achieve it, is precisely the one just mentioned.

How do I fix it? Not very simple and safe you know like others, but we will propose to change the tank, so that we can re-adapt to the needs of our plant. A “detoxification operation.”

In addition, it is also important we wash the roots of our plant, so that they are no longer blocked and all the minerals and nutrients can spread throughout our marijuana plant and this, as a result, grow as expected and not so discriminated against, as I was doing it because of excess calcium.


Other details to consider

The small touches that we have mentioned so far are general, but you should bear in mind that not all marijuana seeds need the same amount of calcium and have the same characteristics, so whenever you can, if you do not know ask your salesperson who you resolve that doubt on your plant as largely depend on the success of your crop.

If we are not mistaken for calcium, we will make our plant is much stronger, give us more fruits and the taste and aroma of these fruits is really a great quality. So, if you have the solution in your hand so that your plant the best possible fruit, why wait to apply what we have said in your plant? And remember that if you have calcium, you can always get it at our online store, where we will be happy to answer any questions you are.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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