Magic Mushrooms: Guide for beginners

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Image Magic mushrooms
Image Magic mushrooms


Magic mushrooms can provide you with an unforgettable experience, for better or for worse. That’s why it’s so important to be as informed as possible, to prepare the environment, the company, and ways to get out of a possible bad trip. For these reasons we decided to write this post, as a guide for users who want to enter the hidden world of magic mushrooms.



✅ Things to consider before consuming Magic Mushrooms



First of all, it must be said that these are entheogenic drugs, and there are people who should not take any of them. These substances can be the trigger that leads to a psychiatric illness, if you are a healthy person you will not have problems, but if you have the slightest doubt of being pre-psychotic do not take magic mushrooms under any circumstances. 

The first thing to consider is our own body, since the same amount of substance can cause different effects under different circumstances. Psilocybin, like other entheogens, multiplies your mood, so if you are well they will take you to a better state, but if you have a problem they will surely intensify it with the intake of mushrooms.

Another important issue is the variety of magic mushrooms, there are many different strains and each one causes a different effect. The Hawaiian is much more powerful than the Mexican, so taking the same amount the effects can be much more intense. It is also important to know that mushrooms are not the same as magic truffles, so it is very important to be well informed about each of them.

Proper preparation of the environment is crucial to enjoying the trip to the fullest, an environment that is familiar to you makes the experience more comfortable, because when you are under the influence of Psilocybin you can rediscover reality. It can be at home or outdoors, but try to keep under control any possible stimulation that might affect the quality of the trip.

Another key factor is who is with you, we recommend that it should be trustworthy, people you are safe with and can be yourself. It is interesting that someone does not use mushrooms or other substances and can act as a “keeper” if necessary.


Infographic that represents the requirements to enjoy a magic mushroom trip being a beginner*
Infographic that represents the requirements to enjoy a magic mushroom trip being a beginner*



🚀 Which is the best variety of Magic Mushrooms for beginners?



Without a doubt, the ideal variety to start with Psilocybin is Mexicana, a classic among the entheogenic mushrooms. Mexicana magic truffles provoke a very pleasant, motivating feeling of intoxication, with a certain euphoria and well-being. The visual effects are distortions of the brightest and most striking shapes and colors, hardly anything else, no strong hallucinations, so they do not usually give problems of bad trip. 

Psilocybe Pajaritos are quite similar to the Mexicana ones, although a little more powerful on a visual level. They produce a very creative effect, which invites socializing and laughing non-stop when consumed with the right company. On the other hand, when they are taken alone, their effect is more philosophical and introspective, but with few hallucinations if they are not taken in large doses.

Another good variety of magic mushrooms for beginners is Tampanensis, known as “Philosopher’s Stone“. The effect of this strain is very introspective, deep thinking, revealing and inspiring. Its visual power is in the average, stronger than the Mexicana ones, but without being overwhelming.



Magic Truffles Mexicana


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It produces a pleasant feeling of euphoria and well-being, invites laughter and really brings happiness. It is a very spiritual and mystical trip, full of creativity and thousands of thoughts, no wonder it is related to the famous Philosopher’s Stone…

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⛳ How to take Magic Mushrooms as a beginner?



The ideal way is to eat them on an empty stomach, or at least leave a time of 6 hours from the last ingestion to the intake of truffles or magic mushrooms. When you eat them, you can mix them with chocolate, yogurt or other products, since they do not have a very pleasant taste. It is important not to overdose, when you are inexperienced it is better to not get there than to exceed.

Don’t mix mushrooms with other substances, cannabis connects very well with psilocybin, but if you are a beginner it is better not to mix them, so you can discover the real effect of the magic mushrooms.



👌 How many Magic Mushrooms are suitable for beginners?



This is the most delicate part, since each body is unique and the same dose of the same variety can result in different experiences taken by different people. You must take into account the person’s body weight, tolerance to entheogens, medical history and metabolism, so it is quite complicated to predict the effects only with the dose.

The threshold dose for magic mushrooms is between 0.009 and 0.035 oz. (0.25-1 gr.), depending on the variety. The minimum amount of substance that must be ingested to feel its effects is called threshold dose. Obviously it is not the same for fresh or dried mushrooms or truffles, we always talk about dry weight. 

A way to estimate the dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms is by multiplying your body weight X 0.03. For example, for a person weighing 80 kilos it would be 80 X 0.03 = 2.4 grams for a medium power trip, which for beginners may be too high.

As a guideline, it can be said that for Mexicana variety a dose for beginners would be 1.5 grams. With that amount the trip is usually happy and very bearable, the best way to know that new dimension.

With Pajaritos variety the dose for beginners can also be 1.5 grams, but in this case the trip will have an added visual component, also bearable but more intense.

If you are going to start with Tampanensis I recommend you to take a lower dose, 1 gram or 1.2 grams at the most if you are a beginner. The effect of these mushrooms is not super powerful, but if you don’t know them you can get pissed off, and it’s not ideal on a first trip.
Magic mushroom dose calculator


✨ How long does Magic Mushroom’s trip usually last?



The duration of the trip can be up to 6 hours in some cases, but as a rule it takes about half an hour to go up, then the effect is maintained for about 2 hours, and then it starts to decrease, with a descent that can take another hour, so it usually takes no more than 4 hours, and in some cases less.



➕ How to act in case of a bad trip of Magic Mushrooms?



The role of the keeper or the person that we advise not to consume in each session takes on special importance here. This person has to check if any psychonauts are having a bad time during the trip and guide or reassure them so they don’t go any further. If it does not improve, ideally he/she should eat something sweet or take one of the commercial products that help to stop the trip.



⭐ Conclusion



Magic mushrooms can change your life, but you have to know how to make good use of them. The ideal option is to choose the right time, place and company, and from there let yourself go with the flow as if it were a film, without trying to control the trip. And the most important thing is that you always come back, don’t think that the effect can bring you problems because thinking that is what usually brings them, just enjoy the trip.


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Fran Quesada Moya

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  1. Twice I have consumed 7 grams of dried mushrooms, both times the only effects were a sense of being drunk more or less. No visuals or anything remotely “trippy” Why, do you think? My source seems to like them very much.
    The first time was the lemon juice method the second, tea. Followed directions exactly

    • Hello!
      It depends on many things, the variety of the mushroom, the situation, the tolerance.
      Try another type of mushroom or a slightly higher dose

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