Pests? Home remedies can help

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Possible pests in our culture of marijuana

A few simple tricks can help control pests that could spoil our culture.

Pests, especially insects, can ruin our cannabis cultivation. But having a good hand to make easy remedies, we can rest easy because our plants keep away from these undesirable tenants.

One of the pests that can affect marijuana is the cochineal, insect harmless to humans but can ruin our plantation. It is small and we know commonly as ‘ball bug’. If the plant does not have too many bugs of this type, you can be used alcohol 96º we can apply it directly on the leaves with a brush, swab or similar. Of course, we have to remove mealybugs with hand.


the cochineal

If the problem is the aphid (other insect), we can tackle it with a very common product in the kitchens of our homes: garlic. The recipe to eliminate the cankerworm would be: let two cloves of peeled garlic in a pint of water for 24 hours. After the liquid boil for twenty minutes over low heat, let cool and apply it to the leaves by a spray. This remedy also applies to kill whiteflies. To remove precisely whiteflies and aphids, you can make an infusion made ​​of nettles; We put in a bowl 500 grams of nettles and five liters of water, cover and let stirring occasionally. When we strain the mixture is decomposed and let rest 24 hours later and is ready to sprinkle on insects.


the aphid

Fungi, such as mold (for example) if not spent many days on the plant, can be removed with a mixture of baking making this component with a little water. Then sprinkle with the ground and the solution almost certainly, mold will disappear.



There are also plants that repel insects: can be planted near the marijuana, mint, basil or rough that work as coat for these little buggers.

If the problem we have, are snails, you can take  a little salt (not too much)around the crop; also the ashes (a barbecue or chimney fire) may scare them but if the soil or the plant is wet by rain, would have to repeat the operation.

One of the most common pests in crops of cannabis is the trip, a type of tiny winged size insect. The home remedy that can be used to remove, it is a mixture of 50 grams of snuff and cigar. These two ingredients macerate in a liter of water, let the mixture stand for a day and then filter it to spray it on the plants of our culture. There is another recipe that needs further elaboration but is very effective against this pest. We need ten cigarettes, two garlic and two dry chillies; the three ingredients are crushed, then cast the result of mixture in a quart of hot water, let stand half a day and you are ready to spray it in our plant.


the trip

Natural pesticides


limonene and linalool

Orange peel contains natural pesticides (limonene and linalool). These components can be used against insects such as mealy bugs or ants.

The recipe is as follows: boil half a liter of water with an orange peel, let stand for 24 hours and then we strain and mix with a teaspoon castile soap (the soap made from water, soda and oil olive).

Another natural pesticide is this that can be made ​​with tomato leaves and serves to repel beetles, kill worms, larvae and other insects. To elaborate a few tomato leaves are crushed and mixed with a liter of water, leaving them rest for about 10 hours. After we strain the mixture and add a teaspoon castile soap and a liter more water. This preparation can take both the leaves and branches of our culture and in the soil.

Finally, you can find on the market a range of organic fertilizers that will help you have a healthy and pest-free culture.

plant in hand

Choose organic fertilizer

By Noelia Jimenez Team Piensa En Verde

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