How to use the potassium soap correctly

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Potassium soap is a great anti pests

Potassium soap is a great anti pests

Potassium Soap is composed of potassium hydroxide (KOH), oil “sunflower, olive, etc.” and water.

Potassium Soap Plant Clean THC

Potassium Soap Plant Clean THC

While we can buy, the Potassium Soap Plant Clean THC that can be found among the products of our website is a good choice and we spare us the task of preparing or we can do it ourselves mixing 250 ml of water per 100 g of KOH 85 % purity. Will warm water bath oil in another bowl.

To the mixture of water with KOH “that already have been previously dissolved” we add the oil and we will remove constantly and continuously, it is then saponification “transformation of a fatty body soap” begins.

We will again complete mixing water bath and continue stirring slowly. In about an hour we get our potassium soap.

With this process we ready soap, but we must use water mixed with 20 grams of soap per liter of water, we shake well to make it more homogeneous a mixture as possible and have it ready for use.

It is an organic product that does not adversely affect either our plants or various organisms that are not harmful to them as are some mite or bees. In no case is toxic to humans.

Potassium soap is a great anti pests because its cleaning agents attack the skeletons of breaking them mites, also clean the cobwebs out of the red spider.

On the other hand it is a great cleaning agent that can be used diluted in water for cleaning your plants, whether dirt, dust, etc …

Also the potassium soap predominates be a good companion, that is, thanks to being an element that facilitates the absorption of moisture, when used with other fertilizers, insecticides or fungicides facilitates the solution is better fixed, so that product we have it used be better absorbed and retained by the plant.

Pressure sprayer Previa 2 Liters

Pressure sprayer Previa 2 Liters

As mentioned potassium soap facilitates the absorption of moisture and when pulverize plants, we see droplets on the leaves are formed drain them, with some potassium soap favor the absorption of moisture , and prevent them from forming and wring the liquid spray.

For the correct and effective application of potassium soap, we use utensils spraying and fumigation, having the fine nozzle to facilitate the impregnation of the product. We must thoroughly sprayed on the plant, completely soaking it, and putting a lot of emphasis on the underside of leaves, because that’s where most often attacks the plant produced.

You can make one or two weekly sprays to 20 g of soap per liter of water, either for cleaning added to apply another product.

With the potassium soap we can get rid of various pests such as whitefly, red spider or other insect, yes, using it in combination with insecticide or appropriate fungicide, soap makes these products adhere more effectively to plants that our plants do not repel water and the combination of these, leaves absorb it more easily.

To achieve more effective against various insects or mites is highly recommended to use in combination of neem oil.

neem oil

neem oil

Another use of potassium soap is to promote absorption of nutrients in the soil when it is something caked. If we add a little soap to our land nutrient solution soak more than if we use water alone.

We can use the potassium soap at any time during the growth phase of our plants, even if bloom is not very advanced “except the last day not to use it.” In the flowering period will not be as effective despite having no side effects is recommended further cleaned with water alone.

By Noelia Jimenez, Team Piensa En Verde

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