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Cold areas, low humidity, and opaque or light-free, is the best option to preserve marijuana seeds and plant them when we want, without losing one iota of its properties, including even having spent 3 or 4 years.

Either because the weather conditions do not have accompanied, because you have finally decided not to plant all those who wanted or simply because they were on offer or you liked and wanted to use the same seeds in other crops, there are times when self-grower marijuana sees the need to save their seeds and to this end, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects, so that they do not lose their properties.


Aspects that can be summarized in conserving them in a cold place, with some moisture and isolated from natural or artificial light. And, is it to what it should be? Simply the seeds of marijuana, like other plants, are living organisms which, if not kept in optimum conditions, germinate much later (it is normal to do so within 24 to 48 hours) or even not they would, obtaining a null result thereof.

Therefore, we would like to focus this post on the topic that all self-growers sometime arise: how to preserve the seeds of cannabis.

Suitable conditions for conservation


As mentioned earlier in this text, in order to preserve the seeds of cannabis are essential certain conditions relating mainly to temperature and light that they will receive during storage and, in particular, they should respond to following:

Cold: marijuana seeds need to be at a temperature of between 4 and 8 degrees, during storage. Therefore, in establishments that sell these productscold rooms are used, so that they can reach the customer in optimal conditions.

Humidity: keep them in completely dry places is not at all recommended, since they need some moisture to stay alive. However, excessive moisture, is also not good. In this sense, the ideal for the preservation of marijuana seeds percentage, as experts say, between 10 and 20%.

Darkness: that is, they need neither natural nor artificial to be optimally maintained light, so we opt for an airtight container or opaque, but that which is stored not in the light.

Where to store the seeds of marijuana

Clearly, a good place, could be the refrigerator we have at home, as long as we put our seeds in a container that does not give light, ie, opaque or in a refrigerator space that is closed.

With this is mind, it is best to use secretive and opaque boats, which will put it in the freezer, if possible, in the vegetable drawer, as the area of the appliance where there is less cold and therefore it has the optimum conditions for conservation.


Besides the aforementioned opaque hermetic pot, it is also recommended to put several balls of silica gel, which does not allow the more moisture that is optimal for the seeds are kept in good conservacion condition.

Experts say that marijuana seeds can germinate up to five years after being produced, as long as the conditions are ideal and up to 3 years if they are not. So, all we have explained so far, will only be valid if we want to plant our seeds the next year or after a few months.

However, we do not recommend doing this work, if we want to delay the crop several days or a week. In that case, simply keep in a cool place, in which no light and in its original packaging, allowing us to keep the seeds during that time.

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Products for preservation

If still now we talked about the conditions and ideal sites for conservation of our marijuana seeds, then we would like to tell you about some products that you can find in Piensa en Verde and that you will help to save your cannabis seeds for longer and in the best conditions.

Eppendorf tube: available in various sizes, it is watertight and, although it is not opaque, it can store your seeds for the next days or weeks, we have discussed the conditions for this case or, otherwise, to plant within a long time, however, in a place that no light, because it is not opaque.


Bags Preservation: one of the main advantages thereof is that, in addition to being opaque, are watertight. And when you open it, you are able to reuse and seal again with just pass over the plate. Economic, ecological and easy way to keep your marijuana seeds. Available in different sizes.


Tight Vac canister vacuum : the safest way to store and preserve your seeds or other products that have place in them. Completely sealed and made ​​of durable plastic, there is transparent and the opaque version, so you can not only keep your seeds, but also the result of the same. There is also the possibility of different sizes. Its operation is very simple.


Tight Vac 22 cm pot 10L : performance and character istics are similar to the aforementioned product. There is opaque or transparent version, but the volume of content is unique. Ideal for storing all types of products, and marijuana seeds. The boat isolate them from moisture.


Tight Vac 7cm pot: another version of the previous two products, but this time much smaller, for smaller amounts of seeds and, if desired, you can also use cannabis to carry when you go out to the street. Color choices include black, transparent or black colors. Without doubt, a comfortable and disguised to preserve the product you want in these boats form whose price also is great.


Vacuum packaging machine Hi Power: the “crème de la crème” and, of course, not everyone can afford its high cost, although everything depends on the use we can give. And it is that if we have a food business, for example, we can use it in the same and profitability will be immediate. It is undoubtedly the best way to preserve vacuum products, protecting them from all dangers that we previously mentioned: heat, light or moisture. With this machine, you can keep your cannabis seeds and all the food you want in good condition.


The tricks of the experts

As “each has his methods“, to us, whenever we can, we like to give the expert opinion people away from using conventional techniques, performed experiments that eventually discover whether or not they work. If successful, these “experiments” become tricks that make our life easier and it’s always good to share.

As the conservation of cannabis seeds is concerned, the biggest matches are given in the following home tricks:

Rice: instead of using silicon gel balls, this would be the home version. The rice absorbs excess moisture in and prevents it from entering the seed, retaining its status.

No frost: if your refrigerator has this feature, all the better, but today, most or all have it.

Keep the cold cycle: o prevent the cold chain break as little as possible. Admittedly, one of the drawbacks is that the refrigerator open and close constantly, but if we do it quickly, the cold chain is not broken. In addition, the vegetable drawer does not open many times throughout the day, so it is a good place precisely for this reason. kI8mishUaz

Not all in the same place: those who are more experienced in this field recommend saving some seeds in the vegetable drawer, for example, and others in the fruit crate, or if the temperature is the same, in the drawer opaque that is beside the eggcup refrigerator.

Photographic film: you may already not have at home or, but if you have them, keep them like gold because they will be your home conservation trick. They are opaque and airtight.
By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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