Top 10 Cannabis Documentaries: A Comprehensive View

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Image of a table with gadgets used for directing movies, camera, tapes, and in the background beautiful marijuana leaves
Image of a table with gadgets used for directing movies, camera, tapes, and in the background beautiful marijuana leaves


Welcome to the Pevgrow blog! Today we dive into the world of cannabis through the lens of documentary cinema. In this list, we’ll explore the top 10 cannabis documentaries, covering everything from its medicinal properties and social effects to its history and surrounding policies. These documentaries not only inform but also inspire and challenge our perceptions about this highly debated plant. If you prefer watching movies over documentaries, check out our article Movies to Watch While High, and get ready for an enlightening journey that will take you to the heart of cannabis culture and science.



The Best Marijuana-Related Documentaries


1. “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” (2007) Directed by Brett Harvey, this Canadian documentary provides a thorough and detailed exploration of the cannabis world. “The Union” addresses everything from the history of the plant to its economical, political, and social impact. Through interviews with experts, the documentary highlights how cannabis has been stigmatized and debated, and presents compelling arguments for the economic benefits of its legalization. It’s a comprehensive analysis that challenges many preconceived notions about cannabis.


Documentary poster "The Union: The Business Behind Getting High"
Documentary poster “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High”


2. “Super High Me” (2007) Inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me”, comedian Doug Benson undertakes a personal experiment to explore the effects of cannabis. For 30 days, he consumes cannabis consistently to assess its impact on health, cognitive function, and daily performance. The documentary combines humor with a serious approach, highlighting both the positive and negative effects of prolonged cannabis use.


Documentary poster "Super High Me"
Documentary poster “Super High Me”


3. “Weed the People” (2018) This documentary is a touching look at the medicinal use of cannabis in children with cancer. “Weed the People” follows several families who, in desperation, turn to cannabis as a therapeutic option for their children. The documentary challenges conventional rhetoric about cannabis, highlighting its potential as a medical treatment and the need for more research and access.


Documentary poster "Weed the People"
Documentary poster “Weed the People”


4. “A NORML Life” (2011) Focusing on the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), this documentary examines the fight for cannabis legalization in the United States. Through interviews with activists, patients, and experts, “A NORML Life” paints a picture of the challenges and victories on the path to legalization, highlighting the medical benefits and the impact of current laws on users.


Documentary poster "A NORML Life"
Documentary poster “A NORML Life”


5. “The Culture High” (2014) As a sequel to “The Union,” “The Culture High” delves deeper into the debate over cannabis legalization. The documentary features a variety of perspectives, including those of politicians, health experts, former DEA agents, and celebrities. It explores the complexity of the war on drugs, its failures, and the social consequences of cannabis prohibition.


Documentary poster "The Culture High"
Documentary poster “The Culture High”


6. “Grass” (1999) Narrated by Woody Harrelson, “Grass” is a fascinating journey through the history of cannabis prohibition in the United States. Using archival footage, interviews, and a captivating narrative, the documentary reveals how cannabis has been demonized and politicized throughout history, offering a critical perspective on the motivations and consequences of these policies.


Documentary poster "Grass"
Documentary poster “Grass”


7. “Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis” (2011) This documentary focuses on the scientific aspects of cannabis, providing a detailed analysis of its chemical properties and therapeutic effects. Through testimonials from patients and interviews with medical researchers, “Clearing the Smoke” demystifies many misconceptions about cannabis and highlights its potential in treating various diseases.


Documentary poster "Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis"
Documentary poster “Clearing the Smoke: The Science of Cannabis”


8. “American Drug War: The Last White Hope” (2007) While addressing the war on drugs in a broader sense, this documentary offers a critical view of how these policies have affected the use and perception of cannabis. With expert interviews and personal stories, “American Drug War” explores the roots and impacts of one of the most controversial and costly campaigns in American history.


Documentary poster "American Drug War: The Last White Hope"
Documentary poster “American Drug War: The Last White Hope”


9. “Breaking the Taboo” (2011) Narrated by Morgan Freeman, “Breaking the Taboo” examines the global war on drugs, with a special focus on cannabis. The documentary features interviews with former presidents and experts, offering a scathing critique of international drug policies and their failures, proposing a more humane and evidence-based approach.

Documentary poster "Breaking the Taboo"
Documentary poster “Breaking the Taboo”


10. “Magic Medicine” (2018) Although it focuses on psychedelics rather than cannabis, “Magic Medicine” is relevant to the conversation about controlled substances and their therapeutic use. The documentary follows a study at Imperial College London on the effects of psilocybin on patients with depression. It offers a valuable perspective on how science is reevaluating certain substances for medical applications, a topic very pertinent in the discussion on medicinal cannabis.


Documentary poster "Magic Medicine"
Documentary poster “Magic Medicine”




These documentaries offer a deep and multifaceted view of cannabis, ranging from its history and politics to its science and medical use, and are essential for understanding the complex relationship between this plant and society. By addressing issues such as legalization, medicinal use, and social impact, these films invite us to reflect and question preconceived ideas. From Pevgrow, we hope this list has provided you with a new perspective and a greater understanding of the world of cannabis, but don’t go just yet, you can’t miss our article on the best series to watch while high if you want to know everything that has been filmed around cannabis. Remember, information is key to fully understanding and appreciating all aspects of this extraordinary plant.”

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