What is BHO Shatter and how to make it?

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What is BHO Shatter and how to make it?
What is BHO Shatter and how to make it?


Shatter has become one of the most consumed cannabis products during the last years. Since its use began to spread, the techniques for its elaboration and cleaning have not stopped evolving and nowadays we have different ways of making it and purging it. In this post we will see how to make Shatter from a fresh BHO extraction.


🧐 What is Cannabis Shatter?

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A way of finishing BHO cannabis concentrate is called Shatter. This is a cannabis extraction with solvents, since gas is needed to dissolve resin and drag it out. Gas can be butane, dimethyl ether, propane or CO2, although its result is not the same with each of them.

The definition of the term adapted to cannabis would be something like BHO that breaks, that is, rigid, crystallized and hard. This is one of the first types of BHO finishes, since until then most users consumed it as a viscous and unhardened oil.

Image of a well-purged BHO Shatter sample*
Image of a well-purged BHO Shatter sample*


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🎬 BHO Shatter technique


The best way to make BHO Shatter is with a closed circuit machine and a vacuum oven connected to a pump, for safety, speed and for its ability to restore the gas.

We put the weed in the corresponding chamber, close it, turn on the gas, wait a little bit and then recover the gas. We take out BHO and put it in the vacuum oven on a pyrex tray or similar, turn up the temperature to 98.6º F. (37º C.) and switch on the pump. This way we get the Shatter texture without doing anything else, in some cases it takes a day and in others it may take up to a week.


How to make BHO Shatter with vacuum

But not everyone can afford to invest thousands of dollars in equipment for cannabis extraction, so we’re going to explain how to make Shatter in different ways. The technique to get the texture of BHO shatter has more to do with the purging than the way of extraction. In this post you can learn how to make BHO in an easy way, once extracted the ideal is to eliminate the gas with a temperature that does not reach 113º F. (45º C.) and a vacuum pump of at least 1 bar of pressure, but the more powerful the better. At the beginning the extraction is swollen with the vacuum pressure, but as time goes by it will make less and less bubbles, until at some point, where there was air and bubbles, holes are formed, and the concentrate acquires a hard texture that is no longer sticky.


How to make BHO Shatter without vacuum

With the help of a hot plate, time and patience you can also achieve the Shatter finish. BHO is extracted on a pyrex plate to which we have to put baking paper or a silicone tablecloth, trying to make a homogeneous layer. Then it is placed on a heating plate at a temperature between 104 and 111º F. (40-44º C.) and we start purging.

Large gas bubbles will come out at first, which if we pop them we help it get out sooner. Then the bubbles will be smaller and smaller and we will notice that when we blow them they are harder and less sticky. Until a moment comes when they are very small and when they explode they break up into small rigid lumps, at which point the extraction is almost clean.

We leave it at a constant temperature for a few more hours and it may be considered done. You will see that a thin BHO layer remains with a hard and not very sticky texture unless we apply heat to it.


How to make clear BHO Shatter or transparent?

When you extract dried resin from cannabis with a solvent it drags waxes, lipids, chlorophyll and other plant components. In this case it could be called Shatter Wax, as it usually has a dark amber colour.

To achieve a clear or as transparent as possible shatter it is necessary to work with fresh material, and as cold as possible during extraction process. Weed should be put in the freezer freshly cut and an extraction tube with chamber is used to introduce dry ice. This way cold does not allow the solvent to drag away waxes and Shatter concentrate becomes very clear.

With gases like Dimethyl ether it is very difficult, not to say impossible to get a shatter that is not dark. That is because this kind of gas contains components that dissolve and drag away even the chlorophyll, so it is not clear even with fresh weed.


👾 How to smoke BHO Shatter


The best way to consume this kind of BHO is Shatter Dabs. With a small amount you can reach a higher level of psychoactivity in a single puff. And the best thing is that by not mixing it with tobacco the effect is much cleaner and clearer. We recommend to dab Shatter at the minimum temperature to get a better taste of all the terpenes and not to hit our chests so hard, as its smoke can collapse you.

Vaporizing Shatter is also a good idea, with a temperature of 356º F. (180º C.) you’ll enjoy the best taste and get much more out of the extraction.


Image of a Shatter dab about to be consumed in a bong*
Image of a Shatter dab about to be consumed in a bong*


Cooking with BHO Shatter

A well-purged BHO can be the perfect ingredient to season or enrich your favorite recipes. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that it is a very pure cannabis extract, so you have to calculate well the dose so you don’t exceed it. 0.035 ounces (1 gram) of Shatter is equivalent to more than 0.35 ounces (10 grams) of cannabis buds, and when swallowed the effect is felt 100%, although it takes longer to be noticed.


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🎯 Conclusion


Shatter is the most widespread type of BHO due to the easiness of the process and its versatility. In other posts we will see how to make and enjoy other finishes of this cannabic concentrate. Do you know any other way to make or purge BHO to get Shatter texture? If so, tell us and please share this post on your social networks.

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