BHO extractions

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Image of various textures BHO
Image of various textures BHO
Fran Quesada Moya

28-02-2020 10:00:00 - Updated: 28 February, 2020


BHO is one of the most widespread cannabis extractions for different reasons. The performance and return that you get with this concentrate is higher than average, but it’s also very popular because of the amount of different finishes that you can give it. In this post we will see how different BHO finishes are.



⭐ BHO Types




First of all it must be clear that, in order to achieve certain textures during BHO purging, sometimes the extraction will have to be done with fresh material. Other times it doesn’t matter if weed is fresh or dry, and in some cases only the color and wax content of the extraction changes.

This is because when cannabis is dry the gas carries more components, thus achieving a higher return, but of lower purity, since the concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes drops due to the higher content of waxes and other compounds.

One way to remove waxes from concentrate is with cold, the more the weed is frozen the less the waxes will come off. Cold can also be applied during extraction, and even after.


⛳ BHO Shatter



It is the most common form of BHO finish. It is very striking, as it remains crystallized and translucent, golden in color and is formed when the thin layer of liquid extraction solidifies. It is called Shatter because it is rigid and not very thick, and it usually breaks when handled. It’s sticky but touchable, and if it’s properly purged it allows you to shape it without any problem.

Shatter texture is very easy to achieve, as it only needs heat and time, with no further need to do anything else.


Image of a well-purged Shatter sample*
Image of a well-purged Shatter sample*



✨ BHO Wax



It is a type of BHO that is named for the waxy texture it has. This kind of concentrate contains more lipids than Shatter, so they are opaque, as they do not let light through. It also tends to contain more terpenes, and although THC concentrations may be lower, the effect can be more powerful because of the entourage effect, as it is an extraction that drags in more components from the plant.

The term Wax may go alone and refer to one type of BHO finish, or go along with other terms to refer to variations such as Sugar Wax, Crumble Wax, Budder Wax, or even Jelly Wax as in the case of Plant Of Life’s CBD Wax.


Image of BHO Wax ready for consumption*
Image of BHO Wax ready for consumption*



👌 BHO Budder



The Budder was the most successful type of BHO a few years ago, right after the Shatter. It is still the preferred finish for many users nowadays. Its texture is solid, but spongy and easy to handle, caused by the oxygen molecules that are mixed with the extraction.

It is achieved by purging with slightly more temperature than other textures, and needs movement to emulsify BHO. It contains a lot of lipids that help retain terpenes, so it’s a pretty tasty concentrate, although less powerful than Shatter.


Photograph of BHO in Budder form*
Photograph of BHO in Budder form*



☕ BHO Live Resin



Live resin is the term used to refer to resin extracted fresh, with the vegetable matter not dried. It is undoubtedly the BHO form with the highest terpene content, although the return achieved is lower than when using dry plant material.

The texture is very sticky and shiny, so the best way to consume Live Resin is by dabbing small amounts. Moreover, it’s so tasty that a loaded dab can overwhelm you.


Image of Live Resin about to be consumed*
Image of Live Resin about to be consumed*



📖 BHO Crumble



Its texture is similar to Budder, that is, an alteration of the molecules that make up the concentrate caused by emulsion. In fact for some experts the only difference between the two is that Crumble is very easy to break when handled. This kind of BHO can be divided into 2 different types, the Wax Crumble and the Sugar Crumble.


Wax Crumble

As the name suggests, Wax Crumble contains more waxes than regular Crumble. This changes its texture, which although it can be easily broken, the pieces fall off but are not broken into a thousand pieces.


Sugar Crumble

Sugar Crumble contains less lipids, you could say it is a purer extract, but it also has a more crystallized texture. When you try to break a piece of Sugar Crumble you will see how it practically pulverizes, since its consistency is more solid.


Enlarged image of a piece of BHO Crumble, Wax Crumble, Sugar Crumble*.
Enlarged image of a piece of BHO Crumble, Wax Crumble, Sugar Crumble*.



📲 BHO Honey Comb



It is one of the most striking solvent extractions, as it is shaped like a honeycomb. It also contains a lot of lipids, which give it a solid, opaque and waxy appearance. The holes left on its surface are formed by the vacuum caused during pump purging. It holds terpenes better than other BHO variations, so it has become very popular over the last few years.


Photo of a large piece of BHO Honey Comb ready to eat*
Photo of a large piece of BHO Honey Comb ready to eat*



➕ BHO Amber Glass



It was very popular once, but as happened with Budder, it has been overtaken by other forms of BHO finishing, such as Live Resin or Wax. It is achieved by using a technique called winterization or hibernation.

This technique consists of separating the waxes from the BHO by applying cold after extraction but before purging. It is a kind of refining of the concentrate, which is less tasty but much purer. Visually very striking, similar to the precious amber that sperm whales create.


Photography of an Amber Glass display*
Photography of an Amber Glass display*



🚀 BHO Diamonds and Terpene Sauce


Nowadays it is the trendy cannabis extraction and, although it can be achieved without using solvents, most of them are made from the BHO. Before making the final purge, while the resin is still liquid, it is put in a bottle that can withstand a lot of pressure and is introduced into the freezer.

Due to the pressure, THCA crystals are released from the concentrate, leaving the diamonds on one side and the terpene sauce on the other, which is the resulting liquid. They are then purged separately and can be put together or consumed individually.


Image showing a pot with diamonds and terpene sauce*
Image showing a pot with diamonds and terpene sauce*






This is one of the purest ways of using cannabis for medicinal purposes. This is achieved by using varieties rich in CBD to extract BHO, and after the process a product of great therapeutic power is obtained, especially if it is accompanied by other cannabinoids and terpenes.

Purging BHO with high levels of CBD should be done properly, because if it is going to be used to treat patients it cannot contain gas traces. A healthier alternative to butane gas are solvent extractions with CO2, which leave even purer concentrates, as they can exceed up to 90% concentration of this cannabinoid. One example is CBD crystals, which can be consumed pure or mixed with food, drinks, lotions, massage oil, etc. Another alternative is CBD Crystal from Plant Of Life, which is up to 99% pure and is ideal for treating ailments and illnesses quickly.




🎯 Conclusion



BHO’s finish can result in different products, depending on the state of the plant material, the extraction process, hibernation and purging. Depending on your personal needs and interests, you may prefer one type of BHO or another. You’ve already seen that in some cases terpenes remain better, in others the texture is more manageable and others are more eye-catching.

Whichever way you choose to make BHO, always keep in mind the safety instructions when making extractions with solvents, it can be very dangerous.

In other posts we will see how to do each of the BHO types, if you liked this one consider sharing it with others 👉, we thank you in advance.😜

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