Whitefly pest in the cultivation of marijuana: better safe than sorry

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Appear especially when the environment is warmer and are just as likely to appear in cultures of interior and exterior, albeit that the former can be every month if we are not careful and outdoor about four times a year . Monitor the underside of leaves of our plant, as well as temperature, are basic to try not to hurt our culture.


Small, but really damn. Here are whiteflies, sure, more than a marijuana grower knows because he has had to face it. And the plague of whiteflies on marijuana cultivation is one of the most common, whether we are talking about outdoor culture and indoor, but especially the latter, which is the most frequently occurring among the “home” producers of cannabis.

Here we will explain how you can detect this bug, how to prevent its occurrence or plague, and the best way to solve the problem, when we face a plague. If it happened to you, do not worry, because you’re not the first nor the last because, as we say well, unfortunately it is one of the most common pests and can occur at any time of year.

How to recognize the whitefly

Needless to say, when we have a culture whatsoever, but in this case of marijuana, be careful and watch our plants every day and, if possible, several times a day: They are like little children who need constant care to be adults and bear fruit.

But in terms of who is to be watched, we are not referring only to the fact of controlling light, temperature and other parameters to be observed for optimal growth, but to also be careful that it has no pests of any kind.

Recognize whitefly is simple. Despite its tiny size, being white, as the name suggests, you’ll quickly realize that they have come to your plant. At first glance, the color of it will be less intense green.

It is important to look carefully at the underside of leaves, where are usually placed. If, when moving, you see small white particles flitting, you’re at the damned whiteflies. There are a variety of whiteflies, but the most common is the Trialeurodes vaporiorum. On the outside culture can reproduce to four times a year and in the indoor, where everything seems to be controlled more, up to 12 times a year, once a month, because usually appear in rather warm environments, between 13 and 20 degrees, usually at the temperature normally ranges in such crops.

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One of the major drawbacks of whiteflies is that they reproduce quickly and put a high number of eggs, so it is easy, without realizing it, have a large infestation in your plant. Therefore caution is advised.

How to prevent whitefly infestation

If you’re still on time and you have been fortunate not to suffer this invasion, some remedies to prevent this pest are:

Spray with organic insecticides such as neem oil containing three of the most potent agents for pest and they are: azadirachtin, simbina and nimbin. Moreover, it is nontoxic to people or animals and, of course, used properly, not damage your plant will only protect against invasions.

Put fabric filters at the air inlet; so that the bugs can not get into, or at least its input as far as possible be prevented. Usually one of the places where this type of flies enters.

Yellow strips to trap flies: the garish color usually attract them, rather than going to your plant, will go to the film and stay stuck there, unable to return to the plant, much less to reproduce.

How to fight the plague of whitefly

If you could not avoid it and you find yourself in this situation, you can perform the following solutions:

Neem oil: not only to prevent but also to combat these pests. Can be mixed with insecticides routinely.


Biological control: ie introduce other bugs to finish, naturally and without the use of biological products, with the plague. You can check products at this link.

By Noelia Jiménez, Team Piensa En Verde

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