Microscopes and magnifiers

Magnifiers and microscopes are very important when growing cannabis, since at first sight we cannot see the maturation of trichomes or some pests.

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Microscopes and magnifiers are essential to take good care of your plants and to monitor the best time to harvest. In addition to that, pest detection is much easier with these accessories, so we recommend our star products: to grow successfully!

Microscopes and magnifiers for cultivation

One of the fundamental things you need to know to understand the importance of these accessories is to know what trichomes are. This part of the marijuana plant is essential to understand what the effects of your crop will be, since it is the resin glands where THC and CBD are stored.

Thanks to the different magnifications of the microscopes you will be able to know what the characteristics of the trichomes are, since depending on whether they have a transparent, whitish or brownish coloration their effects will be different when smoked.

A marijuana magnifier has less magnification than a microscope, but is equally useful for controlling the growth of our plants. Due to its simplicity, it is also more practical to use than the microscope, making it the ideal tool to carry out daily checks and check that there are no changes that indicate pests or diseases in the plant.

Why is the microscope important in your marijuana crops?

Many of the diseases and pests that affect marijuana plants can be seen with the naked eye. The problem is that at this point you will have to throw away much of your crop and get rid of the plague can be a real hell.

The magnifying glasses, on the other hand, allow you to prevent and locate with total speed some problems that afflict our plants, such as fusarosis, red spider mite, whitefly, thrips, aphids or micro-mites. Any irregularity in the surface of the leaves and stems of our plant must be dealt with quickly to avoid major problems.

But, in addition to disease control, with the use of a microscope for marijuana it will not be very easy to check the flowering state of our plant. For this you have to know that there are different types of trichomes in marijuana plants and that those that are of interest to us are those that have a stalk shape.

The color of these trichomes is fundamental. When they are still transparent it is not appropriate to harvest the crop, as the properties of the plant will not be fully developed. When they acquire color you have to know that the amber tones produce body relaxation, while the appropriate trichomes for a more lively high are the whites.

In any case, if you want a mixture of both, you can choose to pick up when there is a mixture of both varieties.

Which microscopes can I use?

There are several types of microscopes for sale in our online shop.

Among our inexpensive microscopes you will find the Neptune Hydroponics mini model with LED light and 45x magnification. The Lumagny mini is a little more expensive, but has more zoom options. If price is not a problem for you, the standard version of Lumagny offers you many more options and excellent quality.

VDL also has a mini size microscope compatible with Iphone, the best choice for strict control.

As for the magnifiers, our recommendation is that you choose the Thread Counter Magnifier with eight magnifications, as it is very affordable because it does not include light.

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