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Grinders are one of the most practical accessories because they help you in shredding the marijuana buds, making it easier to place the herb in the bowl of a vaporizer or to mix it with tobacco more efficiently. In Piensa en Verde you have the most complete catalog of Crushers, a paradise for marijuana users.

We have given special importance to this section in our Grow Shop Online, so you can find and buy that you are interested in.

In our catalog you can find the following types:

Now I will tell you the differences of each one


Are very comfortable because the work of mashing the marijuana is done automatically... They need a battery to be able to work, in a few seconds after pressing the button you will have your herb chopped and ready to use. Some have a pollinator so you can enjoy the pollen anytime you want.

Manual Crusher

If you want to get a cheap grinder, the cheaper ones are manual crushers, with them you are the one who does the grinding action manually. The crushing result is also very good and you will have the control of the whole process.


Metal or aluminum grinders are undoubtedly the best value by its price, hygienic use, and the hability to be easy to clean, also they are very durable are their hallmarks are wondefrul.

The main protagonist of this section is the Thorinder Grinder, an innovative design and a built-in low microneed pollinator that filters the most refined grass of trichomes.

The shredder with mill is also a great choice, its soft crank provided a quick and effective crushed.

We can't forget the card-shaped grinder, the ideal candidate to accompany you to all the places in any pocket of your wallet

Finally the Quick Grinder, a very functional crusher because after crushing only we must press in the center, then the rest of flowers stuck to the tines.

Plastic Shredder

They are the most used, they have a reduced cost and offer us great durability, they have different diameters and models.

  • The two-part Crusher is the lifelong, you put a bud, give a few turns and crush the flowers, then you have to turn it to retrieve the flowers already crushed.
  • The 3-part is similar, but also has a compartment to store some grass.
  • The 4-part also has a pollinator that collects all the trichomes that come off when we grind.


The most organic of the family, made of wood, combine perfectly with marijuana flowers.

Noteworthy, the engraved crusher made of rosewood, a tree very coveted for the oils for perfumes extraction


They are objects that are increasingly cult in collectors. You can find a clock grinder so that in addition to knowing the time you can crush your flowers wherever you go and Bud Bug (a ladybug that looks like a toy, where you place your head and as you walk, you are leaving behind a trail of crushed marijuana ) It's incredible.

With pollinator

The crusher with pollinator is an interesting option if we want to rescue the pollen that are leaving flowers when we grind them. These have a mesh that separates the vegetable matter from the pollen that is left in a different compartment. You will get natural and homemade hash without too much effort.

Can be the perfect self gift we always need, that object is always delights brand new but also can become the perfect detail to give to this person so special. I invite you to visit this section and bland to see different models, surely you'll find some that suits your needs.

Finally, I want to remind you that when you buy any product on our website you can choose different gifts among which are the grinders, so you haven't excuse to try it. You are welcome!