We have grinders to chop cannabis in all types and materials, wood, metal, plastic, electric, with pollinator, card, etc.

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In this section of the head shop and smoker accessories category at PevGrow, we are proud to offer an excellent range of high-quality Weed grinders. Whether you prefer a metal grinder, electric, card, with pollinator, plastic, wooden or other types, we have what you need to grind your cannabis efficiently and effectively. Discover our selection and buy the perfect grinder for you today!

Sale of metal grinders, electric, card, with pollinator, plastic, wooden and others

At PevGrow, we offer a variety of grinders to meet all your cannabis grinding needs. Our metal grinders are durable and sturdy, ideal for those looking for a long-lasting option. The electric grinders offer fast and easy grinding with just the push of a button, while our card grinders are compact and perfect for carrying. If you are looking for a grinder with a pollinator, we have options that will allow you to collect the precious pollen from your cannabis. We also offer lightweight and economical plastic grinders, as well as wooden grinders for those who prefer a more natural approach.

Buying your grinder at PevGrow is easy and convenient. Browse our selection of high-quality grinders and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for a sturdy metal grinder, a high-tech electric grinder, a portable card grinder, a grinder with a pollinator to collect pollen, an economical plastic grinder or an eco-friendly wooden grinder, we have it all. Place your order today and enjoy efficient and effective cannabis grinding!

If there's a gadget that can't be missing in a good cannabis smoker's home, that's the grinder. But, what's a grinder? This is a small device that makes it easier for us to chop or crumble cannabis before using it. 

There are many types of grinder for weed on the market, but at Pevgrow we wanted to make a selection of the best, to help you in your choice when buying a grinder.

What is the price of a grinder?

That depends on the model you like, as there are cannabis choppers from just 4 €. The average price of a grinder is about 10 or 12 euros, but there are very professional models that can exceed 50 €.

Many users usually buy more than one grinder, at home they use a high quality personal grinder, and when they go out they take an economic grinder to avoid losing or damaging the good one.

What are the good weed grinders?

There is a great variety of quality cannabis grinding devices, some stand out for their simplicity and practicality, and others for the great quality of their materials, even there are some that combine versatility with good materials.

In general, marijuana users, who have been using cannabis for longer, usually choose a grinder with a pollinator, as they make better use of the total resin. But even within that category there are many different ones to choose from, so we thought it is best to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each grinder model.

What is a grinder with pollinator?

It is a shredder of cannabis buds that contains a chamber where the kief is stored that releases the weed while it is being ground. There are many different models, wood, aluminum and other materials, usually have a cylindrical shape, with a diameter usually ranging from 1,57 to 2,75 inches.

Its operation is very simple, the dry flower is introduced into the upper chamber, which contains cutting edges, it is closed with the lid that also contains spikes that when turning the grinder are intertwined, cutting the marijuana into small pieces.

During this process, the bud releases part of the resin, which falls from the upper chamber of the grinder to the lower chamber that collects the kief, passing through a small mesh with holes of approximately 150 microns.

The best thing about these grinder models is that they make better use of the resin of the crushed buds, as well as their durability if it is used properly. Perhaps a negative point is its price, which may be a little above average, but quality has a price, don't you think?

If you want to buy a grinder with pollinator and good value for money, I recommend the model Thorinder. This device is made of high quality materials, has a very attractive design, its handling is very simple and useful as it comes even with a spike to evacuate the kief, and its packaging is worthy of a jewel of the royal house.

 If the Thorinder seems too big there is a solution for you, the Thorinder mini offers the same features as its big brother but with a smaller size, 1,97 inch. diameter and 2,36 inch. height.

What does an electric grinder for weed look like?

This is the most comfortable grinder, special for the last joints of the day, those that are already hard to move your hands. This is a practical device, 6,7 inches long, which at one end contains a bowl 1,57 inches deep, where you introduce the weed we want to crush.

Inside of the bowl there are razors that turn when the button of the grinder is activated, cutting the marijuana in small pieces to make it easier to roll it up.

The advantage of the electric grinder is its comfort, since you don't have to make any more efforts than putting the bud in and pressing the button. Its biggest drawback may be its size, something big to take down the street, so it's more intended for use at home.

For those who want to buy a grinder of this type we recommend our electric aluminium grinder, as it is the lightest in its category, and has proven to be highly effective and durable, as well as offering unbeatable value for money. Where will you find an automatic grinder for less than 10 €?

Is there a quality plastic grinder?

Clearly, plastic is not as strong as metal or wood, but that doesn't mean there aren't good plastic grinders. During the last years we have seen how some models of rigid plastic came to the market, resistant and with good finishes, far from the first ones that came out, that seemed to use and to throw away.

Most plastic grinders on the market are cylindrical, 2 or 3 parts, although there are 4 or more. They usually have a diameter of 1,57 inch. or 1,97 inch. but there are also larger and smaller ones, of many colors, with stickers, relief, and the best are magnetic to help prevent the parts from separating during the crushing process.

The best thing about these weed grinders is the price, as you can get them for 5 € or less. One drawback is its hardness, which although it has improved over the years, does not have the strength of a metallic grinder.

If you need to buy a plastic grinder I recommend a couple of interesting models. The first one because it is of 4 parts and contains a camera to keep small or crushed buds. The other one because it is magnetic and even more economical, both of 2,16 inch. diameter.

What's so special about grinder cards?

The grinder card came on the market about a decade ago, and since then they have done nothing but spread. This type of grinder has the same functionality as a cheese grater. This is a metal object in the shape and size of a credit card, which contains holes with sharp edges that are used to cut weed when rubbing the bud on its surface.

It has several advantages over the other types of commercial grinder, first its price, below 5 € normally. Also its reduced dimensions, it occupies very little space, and being flat you can take it in the back pocket of the trousers or in any compartment of a purse.

A drawback may be that you need a support or collection surface for the pieces of cannabis that fall through the holes, so it is more difficult to roll a joint at a concert or on the street.

There are many different grinder card designs, from the marijuana leaf, to a dragon, through a rasta lion, a skull or the Ying-Yang symbol. If you are going to buy a model of grinder card, I advise you to take a look at these designs and choose the one you like best.

What do grinders with mill look like?

They are very practical, because they contain a crank to turn the inner edges that crush the buds of cannabis. Sometimes, when we have sweaty hands we have a hard time turning the grinder to chop the weed, especially in metallic models. With this grinder you don't have that problem, with one hand holding the bottom, and with the other turn the crank clockwise, it's that easy.

This grinder format was released years ago, but over time has been improving their strength and usability. The great advantage is its use, which as we saw before is very practical in some situations. The disadvantage is that it takes up a little more space than other models, and also that the crank can only be turned to one side, because if you turn it in the opposite direction it unscrew.

If you want a good model of grinder with mill here you will find the best in the market, strong aluminum, with pollinator to collect your kief, and a spectacular design ... And for less than 20 bucks.

Are there other interesting types of grinder?

Of course there are, one of the first grinder for cannabis that was marketed was the wooden one. This model has proven to be reliable, as after many years we have seen some working as the first day. 

Within this category there have been many different designs, some with finishes so beautiful that they look like authentic works of art. We can offer you a grinder made of rosewood, which in addition to be beautiful and resistant is very functional, and it has a very attractive carving of a cannabis leaf.

If you want to see a good article that talks about the best grinders of I recommend you to stop by our blog as soon as possible.

Cheap weed grinder

At Pevgrow we want everyone to have their own grinder, no matter what budget you have. For this reason in this category you will find several different types of grinder for less than 10 €. Like the electric grinder, the most competitive in the market in terms of quality/price, you won't find a cheaper electric grinder with those features. You can also buy the grinder card for only 4 euros, not to mention the plastic grinder, which the one magnetic with 2 parts is only 5 €, and the 4 parts one is 7 €, a real bargain.

Where to buy a weed grinder at the best price?

As you may have noticed, in our online grow shop you have the best assortment of grinders at the lowest price on the market. In addition, in our blog you can read several articles that talk about the operation and maintenance of the different types of grinder on the market, if you have doubts I invite you to visit them. Come on, choose your grinder, and take it with you at the best price of the whole Net.

Choose here the Weed grinder you were looking for

If you are looking for the perfect Mary's grinder, you are in the right place. At PevGrow, we understand that every cannabis consumer has their own preferences and needs when it comes to grinding their herb. That's why we offer a wide range of grinders so you can find the one that best suits you. Whether you prefer a metal grinder, electric, card, with pollinator, plastic, wooden or other type, we have the perfect option for you.

A good grinder is essential for any cannabis consumer. It allows you to grind your herb efficiently and effectively, which can enhance the quality of your smoking experience. At PevGrow, we offer a wide range of high-quality Weed grinders to help you get the most out of your cannabis. Whether you're looking for a sturdy metal grinder, a high-tech electric grinder, a portable card grinder, a grinder with a pollinator to collect pollen, an economical plastic grinder or an eco-friendly wooden grinder, we have the perfect option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a grinder used for?

A grinder is used to grind cannabis into small pieces to facilitate its consumption. It also allows you to collect the pollen that is released during grinding.

Is it illegal to carry a grinder?

The legality of carrying a grinder varies depending on local and national laws. In some places, it is completely legal, while in others it may be illegal if traces of cannabis are found in it.

How is the grinder used?

To use a grinder, simply place your cannabis inside on the cutting teeth, close the grinder and rotate the two parts until the herb is completely ground. If your grinder has a pollinator, the pollen will be collected in the lower chamber for later use.

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