Plant propagation station

To be able to propagate asexually your favorite plants you need to take cuttings from them, and for that you have here all kinds of jiffys, hormones, greenhouses, etc.

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At Pevgrow, we offer you everything you need for the Plant propagation station of cannabis. Whether you want to make cuttings or germinate marijuana seeds, we have the right products for you. Rooting hormones, plugs, greenhouses, etc. are essential for the propagation of marijuana plants, and they cannot be missing in any Grow kit. These products help plants develop strong and healthy roots, whether they are cuttings or seedlings, which is essential for their growth and flower production.

Greenhouses and propagators for cannabis

Greenhouses and propagators are essential tools for the propagation of cannabis. These devices create a controlled environment that favors the growth of plants, protecting them from adverse weather conditions and pests. They consist of a base and a lid, they can be heated or normal, but inside the humidity increases and the temperature is better maintained to provide the ideal conditions for the propagation of marijuana plants, whether during the germination of seeds or the rooting of clones.

Jiffys, rockwool plugs and germinators

The jiffys, rockwool plugs and germinators are other indispensable elements for the propagation of cannabis. These products provide the support and moisture necessary for the seeds to germinate properly. These products represent the best form of substrate or support for the perfect development of the plant's root system, maintaining a great balance between moisture and oxygenation, just what the roots need to grow quickly and strongly.

Heating blankets for cannabis

The heating blankets are an excellent tool for the propagation of cannabis. These blankets provide the necessary heat for the seeds to germinate optimally, especially in cold climates. As a general rule, heating blankets are introduced into greenhouses or propagators to increase the interior temperature, as this accelerates the appearance and growth of the plant's roots.

Coco or rockwool slabs and aeropropagators

The rockwool slabs or coco fiber and aeropropagators are other products that cannot be missing in your cannabis propagation kit. The slabs provide an ideal growing medium for plants, they are like a kind of giant coco or rockwool plugs, with an elongated shape to be able to place a strip of cuttings, while the aeropropagators facilitate the formation of roots in the cuttings in an aeroponic medium. Aeroponics has the advantage of facilitating the oxygenation of the roots, something that is very useful for obtaining a large number of rooted cuttings in the shortest possible time.

Carts for cannabis cuttings

The cloning tray are a very useful tool for the propagation of cannabis. These carts allow you to transport and organize the cuttings efficiently, facilitating their handling and care. If you have a small cabinet cultivation kit, you don't need this cart, this product is for consumer associations, cannabis clubs, CBD companies, or also for companies that have a license to legally grow cannabis, as it is a cart for rooting and transporting a large number of plants.

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At Pevgrow, we offer you everything you need for the propagation of cannabis at the best online price. It doesn't matter if you are a novice or experienced grower, we have the right products for you. Don't wait any longer and start growing your own cannabis with Pevgrow! Click here to buy everything you need for the propagation of cannabis at Pevgrow!

Frequently asked questions about cannabis propagation

What is cannabis propagation?

Cannabis propagation is the process of reproducing cannabis plants, either through seeds or cuttings.

How is cannabis propagation done?

Cannabis propagation can be done through seeds or cuttings. The seeds are germinated in a growing medium, while the cuttings are taken from a mother plant and rooted to form a new plant.

What is needed for cannabis propagation?

For cannabis propagation, a growing medium, seeds or cuttings, and the appropriate environmental conditions for plant growth are needed. Tools such as greenhouses, propagators, jiffys, rockwool plugs, germinators, heating blankets, coco or rockwool slabs, aeropropagators and carts for cuttings can also be used.

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