At PevGrow we already have the best products for you to work with the plants and carry out the propagation process.

For this reason, we have started a new catalogue of products for propagation that we offer you. This way you will be able to work correctly with a mother plant and its cuttings.

What is propagation?

Propagation is the process by which a cannabis or marijuana grower works with both the mother plant and the attached cuttings of the plant for reproduction. The purpose of this is to generate exact clones of the main plant.

Why spread your marijuana plants?

When you have a healthy mother plant and know that the resulting product is good, you want the rest of your plants from the same seed to be similar.

That is the reason for the propagation. So you don't risk growing from scratch other seeds that may come out worse or in whose care you may not have been able to spend enough time.

How to spread your marijuana plants?

To begin this period of plant evolution, the original plant must have at least 3 knots of leaves and 8 centimeters in length that can be cut with a specific scissors to begin the process.

With the bud obtained, once it is clean and the leaves have been removed (not all of them, as one of them must perform photosynthesis) the stem should be cut below the last nodule at a 45º angle.

The result obtained should be carefully rinsed, and then the propagation products, such as rooting hormones, should be used to allow it to grow rapidly once it is replanted in a different pot.

The small leaf that is left out of the soil should be pampered with a sprayer, so that it achieves the optimum moisture level for its growth.

When two or three days pass after this process, the greenhouse or interior where the cuttings are planted should be opened so that they can be completely aerated and begin to obtain nutrients, thus becoming an autonomous plant. A light period of between 18 and 24 hours is sufficient during this phase.

Like any other marijuana plant, the ideal temperature would be between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius, creating a climatic environment suitable for its functionalities.

As a result, you should clean up the results, until you get the optimal cuttings that are similar to the mother plant that you have adopted as a reference.

When to propagate your marijuana plants?

You must propagate your plants with suitable products and facilities for propagation. We recommend that you use elements that encourage rooting, as well as humidity conditions (which can be achieved with a sprayer) and an ideal temperature for healthy and effective growth.

Actually, when this process is finished, the care should be similar to that of a marijuana plant that comes from the root of a main seed.

Propagation facilities and products

Among the installations and products are some such as a moisture sprayer, a room where light can enter, a specific greenhouse that maintains moisture or a specific substrate.

There are many others, such as mini greenhouses with or without heating, rooting systems, pruning shears, jiffys or peat boxes.

We recommend you to have the best products, in order to obtain from your cuttings, the same result as with your mother plant.

That's why you can count on the new products that we have at PevGrow to propagate your different clones in a healthy and optimal way.