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Regular autoflowering seeds 

In this section we bring us regular marijuana seeds autoflowering of the best banks in the world as Sensi Seeds, Buddha Seeds, The Join Doctor, Seedsman, Tropical Seeds and Helvetic Seeds.

These auto marijuana plants can grow male or female, so we do not recommend to growers seeking to harvest their own marijuana to consume. With these Regular cannabis seeds autoflowering you can make your own crosses and obtain your own plants.

We must consider that the autoflowering plants can not be cloned, so if we keep it we will have to use the pollen from male plants to cross it with other feminized or autoflowering plants.

If I have to highlight some varieties, this exclusive selection of regular autoflowering marijuana , surely you would with Deimos and Magnum, vigorous growth, which give us lots of flowers in just 3 months. Do not think, if you're a grower curious and want to experiment and make your own seeds, now in Piensa en Verde we make it easy, you can grow quality marijuana plants in a few generations.