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Autoflowering marijuana seeds 

Buy autoflowering seeds for indoor and outdoor crops. Get the fastest and most productives XXL autoflowering genetics!

In other sections we have talked about feminised and regular marijuana seeds, their differences, the most productive and medicinal genetics, and their cultivation methods. Now it is the turn for automatic varieties, they take two decades with us and as surely you already know these plants do not depend on the photoperiod to bloom, and thus, have a cycle of cultivation about 3 months since their germination.

But the doubt that cultivator’s mind has is…

Is possible to grow autoflowering plants with either maximum yield and top THC level?
Until relatively recent time the answer would have been no, since the potency and quantity of resin was not comparable to its older sister, but at present time with the fourth and fifth generation of autoflowering genetics the response has changed, and the varieties have a medicinal effect and quality level similar to feminised strains. Therefore, we reply YES.

Did you know that Spain is already the main cannabis seeds producer in Europe?

As the United Nations publishes in their 2014 report on Drugs and Crime, cannabis has a consumption rate in population between 125 and 227 million people, with a production of more than 47,000 tonnes per year.

Cannabis is a type of crop that is associated with the development and growth of mankind from the ancient world, being one of the first species t introduced at the beginning of agriculture, and therefore adapted genetically to conditions and new latitudes since remote times.

One of the best adaptations designed for indoor crops with the purpose of preserving clandestinity farming has been the creation of the autoflowering genetics.

The autoflowering marijuana seeds correspond to hybrids of Cannabis Sativa L. ssp Rudelaris, a subspecie that grows in southern Russian steppes, with low psychoactivity, small size and production, but characterized by their flowering does not follow the regular cycles of light, thus, adapting their reproduction to long periods of light or total darkness.

That doesn’t mean that modern autoflowering do not be potents!

Modern autoflowering hybrids have been increasing exponentially in psychoactivity and production in the last 20 years.

What are the fastes and productives autoflowering strains?

Examples of the most productive autoflowering varieties in our catalog are Piensa en Ak 47 Auto, Magnum, as well as autoflowering kush or skunk strains or even Cheese genetics. You will be more than satisfied with the quantity of buds that you will harvest.

Researches focused on development of new autoflowering varieties and subsequent commercial production have been largely banned for most of the 20th century.

Many researches that would have provided us of the necessary knowledge for a modern and more exhaustive genetic development, are not available, or have been left in poor scientific reviews, because of a lack of rigorous data or simple disconnection among the results of such publications.

In Piensa en Verde we got more than 20 years of experience in cannabis sector, regardless of that, we have not stopped innovating!

We don’t stop making efforts to adapt and create new autoflowering varieties and thus, obtaining new phenotypic traits through classic crossing and selection of mother plants, although at the moment, our breeders have been focused on the obtention of the most interesting "chemotypes".

The “chemotype” is the psychoactive profile of the plant, and gives us the relationship between THC and CBD, in addition, gives us the profile referred to other minoritary cannabinoids and terpenes, especially for those with medicinal effects.

The market, at present time, offers autoflowering genetics with very high production and level of cannabinoids, something unlikely a few years ago, at the beginning of their development.

In our online seeds shop, you are able to find autoflowering varieties XXL with high yield and quality, or “fast version” genetics, which are hybrids with a sativa touch given by their ancestors, and a strong Rudelaris trait , which will give you harvests about 40 days before than a normal course sativa.

What are the best autoflowering strains to crop in winter?

The best genetic to crop in winter does not depend so much on the variety but on where you grow it. Although we recommend that the plants have a vegetative cycle as short as possible being strains with high resistance to humidity and cold wheather. Strains like White Widow Auto, OG Kush Auto or Haze XXL Auto will delight the most demanding cannasseurs.

In general, autoflowering varieties are better adapted to indoor in winter crops at our latitudes (Southern Europe), characterized by mild winters and hot summers, where we can make an indoor crop with the security of not generating any water stress to the plants due to an excess of temperature, and afterwards, make an outdoor crop in order to get a summer harvest.

If you like sativa hybrids you can opt for fast sativas or fast version, although they are not pure sativas, they retain most of their Sativa personality.

When do we grow them? What are the differences among autoflowering strains for indoor and outdoor crops?

In an Indoor crop you can grow them at any time, although in summer, at our latitudes, you can have troubles due to an excess of heat if your crop does not have a proper extraction or ventilation, causing stress to your plants, this can lead to not get the results you expect.

In an outdoor crop, you must germinate the seeds under increasing photoperiod, very close to the summer solstice.

The ideal is to germinate at the beginning of may, so that the plant seizes the maximum growth rate and we can enjoy an optimum harvest in middle summer. In spite of cannabis has been illegal for five decades (and to a large degree still it is ), the market has not been undersupplied of stable and potent varieties.

However, doubts arise about the genetic offspring of all these varieties, either for those of high THC or marijuana and CBD or hemp.

Normally, the more stable autoflowering genetics with higher THC values have been kept under secret preserving their specimens of origin, their selection model, and their ways of seeds production.

The secrecy necessary to maintain such a clandestine environment has created great confusion among breeders and the scientific community, this fact has delayed the potential possibilities of developing new varieties, both with high THC and CBD.

In Piensa en Verde we know that there has never been a plant as rich as cannabis, so despite the political efforts to discredit and stigmatize its use, professional growers have never stopped innovating in cannabis genetics.

But we must celebrate it, because such deep secrecy has allowed breeders to develop of all these wonders of automatic flowering, so appreciated in our days.

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