Autoflowering marijuana seeds



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What is an auto-flowering marijuana seed? What are the differences between feminised and regular marijuana seeds?

Putting you a little in background, the autoflowering seeds arose about two decades ago, and its genetic origin is the result of the fusion between Cannabis Sativa L and Cannabis Ruderalis, a subspecies that grows naturally in the Siberian steppe, and by itself does not offer any level of psychoactivity, a small size and a very low productivity, but which takes advantage of its impressive resistance to inclement weather, biological attacks and above all, its flowering period that does not follow regular cycles of light, since in its natural habitat has adapted to long periods of light or total darkness.

Many seed banks cross this variety of cannabis, known as weed, (because when they grow naturally in nature, they have a form of weed) with the feminized hybrid varieties, Sativas and Indicas, with high levels of CBD or high THC content, giving rise to a very wide variety of autoflowering seeds, from which you can choose the one you like.

In a beginning, the seeds of autoflowering marijuana, were accused of having low indexes of quality and productivity, as well as of psychoactivity, but with the course of the years and the evolutions inside the cannabic genetics, it has been obtained with the generation 4º and 5º, to increase the levels of productivity until practically to equal them with the versions of season of which they derive, keeping intact the organoleptic properties, as well as the THC levels, which has turned them into a mass phenomenon among current farmers, who increasingly decide for the autoflowering versions of their favorite genetics, since they can smoke it before and even make several annual harvests.

The differences between the autoflowering seeds, with respect to the regular and feminized seeds, are mainly in the period of flowering and the time of total culture, since the autoflowering seeds do not depend on the photoperiod to flower and in addition they have a cycle of culture of approximately 3 months and in some cases up to 2 months.


What are the fastest and most productive autoflowering seeds?

It is unfair to highlight 5 auto varieties from a catalogue of more than 1000. But according to the opinions of our customers and our own experience these are the most productive varieties on the market today.


- Moby Dick XXL by Dinafem

- Pev Seeds Northern Light Auto

- Power Plant XL Autoflowering of Zambeza Seeds

- Autoflowering Deimos of Buddha Seeds

- Auto Super Bud by Spanish Seeds


When I grow my autoflowering seeds, what is the difference between indoor and outdoor growing?

, you can grow them whenever you want, but you have to keep in mind that in summer when the temperature rises, there can be too much heat if you do not have a good extraction system and monitor the temperature of the crop, otherwise there will be no problem, just make sure you have all the necessary material, which of course you can find in PevGrow at the best price. Don't forget also that you can visit our blog where you can find many tips on how to take forward your cultivation of marijuana seeds autoflowering indoors.

Outdoors, the ideal thing is to cultivate the seeds of autoflowering marijuana, in increasing photoperiod, near the solstice of summer, more concretely, the ideal thing would be to begin to germinate at the beginning of May, so that at the end of July already they are ready to harvest. But the cold will not be an impediment so that you can cultivate them, since its genetics Ruderalis, confers him that resistance due to its natural origin, nothing more and nothing less than of the same Siberia. Its productive capacity will be reduced, but for example in a Mediterranean climate where winters are not too harsh, this reduction will not be too important.


Advantages of autoflowering seeds

The culture of autoflowering seeds, is one of the most used at present, and this is thanks to that among other things, the autoflowering seeds, begin their flowering period 3-4 weeks after germinating, without depending on the photoperiod.

Their cultivation is very simple, as they require very basic care, so it is very useful for beginners, and the best thing is that you can grow them at any time of year.

The only problem I can give to this type of seeds is that they are not useful to clone the plant or obtain cuttings, because being so fast, there is no time to develop a root system that allows it.

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