Hesi Fertilizers

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I am proud to announce the addition to our catalogue of one of the most outstanding brands in the market of fertilizers for growing marijuana, Hesi.

Hesi has emerged in recent years as the leading brand in the sector of fertilizers for cultivation, and have specialized more specifically in the manufacture of mineral fertilizers, which are suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation.


How to use Hesi Fertilizers

Hesi divides its range of products by colours, so that it is very easy to distinguish them, representing yellow for growth fertilisers, green for specific fertilisers for flowering and blue for fattening or PK stimulators.

I will now classify the various products in the Hesi range on the basis of the growing medium for which they have been designed, and give you a number of tips on how to mix and use them properly.


Hesi Fertilisers for Soil Crops

Today, above-ground cultivation is still the most commonly used by most growers, and Hesi knows this and has developed its range of specific fertilizers to get the most out of your above-ground crop.

Hesi TNT, a growth fertilizer, considered one of the best-selling fertilizers worldwide, creates new cells in the plant and accelerates its metabolism, so the plant increases its chlorophyll production, improving photosynthesis and light absorption.

Hesi Floración Tierra, specific fertilizer for the flowering stage, which provides all the nutrients your weed needs to face this delicate stage with guarantees.

Hesi Phosphorus Plus, a potentiator for the final phase of flowering, rich in phosphorus and potassium, providing the extra amount of these nutrients to get an extra fattening of the buds.


Hesi for hydroponic crops

Hesi Growth Hydro, a specific fertilizer for the growth phase in hydroponic culture media, which contains a high percentage of nitrogen, which favors a vigorous and rapid development. In addition, it is composed of vitamins and nutrients essential for growth.

Hesi Bloom Hydro, fertilizer for the flowering phase, composed of 24% phosphorus and 29% potassium, which provides that final push to increase the fattening of buds.

Hesi PK 13/14, a flowering fertilizer, which can also be used on crops with coconut substrate.


Additives and enhancers for Hesi cultivation

Hesi Root complex, a root stimulator that favours optimum development, which translates into greater vegetative development and therefore higher production levels.

Power Zyme, a complex formulated based on enzymes, whose mission is to eliminate excess salts and dead roots from the substrate, converting it into nutrients so that they are absorbed by the plant again.

Super Vit, a complex of vitamins applicable in both growth and flowering phases, so that your weed never lacks anything.

Hesi Boost, accelerator of the maturation, reducing the time of harvest at the same time that increases the production.

Hesi PH Down, a pH reducer for irrigation water. This product is essential, as pH control is vital for the crop to be a success.


Discover in depth the characteristics of each of them and enjoy the incredible offers we have available for you!

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