Shishas and Hookahs




The Shishas and Hookahs that you can find in this section of our online store, are pioneers in the world of the cannabis market, because thanks to their composition and more than 500 years of experience, you will be able to vapear all kinds of herbs without rest, leaving you speechless when you discover their magnificent quality.

The Shishas and Hookahs have a mode of use that will be remarkably practical, as it contains a filter that when you pour the water refreshes and filters the smoke through bubbles, producing an explosion of flavors with only a puff.

As you can see, at PevGrow we offer you products that we know firsthand, have 100% effectiveness and quality, thanks to the fact that they have passed a selection process directed by our experts in the world of cannabis vaping.

We would like to recommend some of our star products, which will make the perception you had until now of traditional vapeo, give a 360 degrees turn:


Shisha TG Mini:

Shisha TG Mini is the pioneer in the world of shishas, as it is known for giving a championship quality and a super practical use thanks to its dimensions, which will make vapees like never before.


Shisha Sahlam:

With Shisha Sahlam, you will be assured real laughter and moments of vaping without interruption with your friends.


Give yourself the whim you deserve and buy the best Shishas and Hookahs in the market, now available in your trusted Growshop.