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The Guanokalong products are Fertilizers and additives 100% natural, since its origin is organic and is originally from Thailand and the jungle, these products come in several forms according to your needs and substrate you can buy all liquid, powder, granular or ashes .

Guanokalong is made, based on bat droppings and seabirds, as these living beings feed on the environment of insects and fruit, which makes its dung, a source of nutrient-rich substances to soil, as they are potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, which provide quality to your substrate, nutrients and adequate stimulation, so your crop develops in a healthy and safe way.

The product of this house, will accompany your plant in each vegetative phase, prior to transplantation, through its rooting phase to reach its bloom where you get a successful crop with large buds, density, aroma and flavor 100% natural.

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