GK-Organics Seaweed Powder

GK-Organics Seaweed Powder

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Seaweeds from Guanokalong is a 100% vegan powder fertilizer created from the brown seaweed known as Ascophyllum Nodosum. This solid fertilizer is very rich in minerals, amino acids, microelements, trace elements, and vitamins, and is a natural source of gibberellins and cytokines, 2 very important hormones for the growth of marijuana plants.

How is Seaweeds GK-Organics Seaweed Powder used in farming?

You can use mixed in the substrate or sprinkled on the surface as a mulch, even combining both ways. The proportion of Seaweeds is a 3.4 tablespoons for 1.8 US gal (50 ml cup. for each 7-liter) pot, or 2 cups of  3.4 tablespoons for  4 US gal (50 ml. for every 15 liters) of substrate.

If you plant directly in the ground, the dose is 1 liter of Seaweeds for every 5-10 square meters of land, and in this case it is recommended to add a layer on the surface some time after sowing, and then rake the area well.

When is Guanokalong GK-Organics Seaweed Powder used?

The ideal is to mix this product in the substrate that you are going to use from the first moment, because among other things it helps to form a strong and healthy root system, and that guarantees optimal plant development. Whenever we are going to do a new transplant it is good to add Seaweeds to the soil, in this way the roots colonize the new substrate very quickly.

The manufacturer advises to reapply this product in the form of mulch in the definitive pot, after some time has passed since the last transplant, so that it continues to act with 100% effectiveness. After adding the layer of Seaweeds on the surface of the substrate, it is important to water well so that it carries the water to the root zone.

When transplanted directly into the soil outdoors, is good to redose with layers on the surface of the soil every 30 or 45 days, and rake well as I said before. In the open air it is important to observe the plants, because they can demand more or less food depending on a lot of factors. In an area where it rains heavily, more nutrients may be lost due to leaching.

What are the benefits of Seaweeds kelp powder on plants?

  • Optimal development thanks to hormones, amino acids, trace elements, and natural vitamins
  • Fast, strong, and healthy root growth
  • Strengthens plants against stress, pathogens, and various diseases
  • 100% vegan to get the best aroma and flavor in your buds

Buy Guanokalong Seaweeds seaweed powder at the best price

This natural fertilizer is for those growers who put quality above all else, but without sacrificing quantity. You have already seen everything that Seaweeds can give you, and the best thing is that if you ask us we will bring it to you with the best quality / price ratio on the internet.

Water with solution of 1 cup (50 ml) to 5 liters of water.
Mix 2 cup with 15 liters of soil (1 plant) in 2nd week or use as layer of compost.

Data sheet and characteristics

Cultivation phase Cultivation phase
  • Growth
Properties Properties
  • Regulators pH
Type of crop Type of crop
  • Soil
Composition Composition
  • Mineral
Brands Brands
  • Guanokalong

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