Pro XL



Pro-XL Fertilizers is the star brand of the cannabis market, in the creation of the best fertilizers and fertilizers with 100% organic and mineral origins, suitable for each process of cultivation of your plant. It also has several high quality additives, which will give your plant the necessary fattening, so that you get the quality results you deserve.

Pro-XL Fertilizers, has a range of insecticides, which will make the defensive barrier of your plants, becomes an unbreakable wall for threats such as the red spider.

Pro-XL Fertilizers, deserves its great fame, thanks to the fact that it creates its products with a natural mixture in its 100%, so that it contains all the essential nutrients and of quality that deserves your culture, assuring you this way a complete effectiveness. A clear example is its top product within the range Pro-XL growth, Pro Start, with which you get crops rich in flavor and potency, with healthy portents and a unique attraction.

Pro-XL Fertilizers, has not become a real star in the market of cannabis cultivation for no reason. It has achieved, thanks to its wide range of products, which you can find in their catalog, but we will name some of the most purchased by our loyal consumers:


Pro XL Flora Exploder :

Pro-XL Flora Exploder, is the best stimulator for your crop, is designed especially and exclusively for the flowering process, so that you get as a result of your crops, portents with flowers resistant as a rock, and the most dense buds and fattening and color of the entire cannabis sector.


Pro XL Bloom:

Pro-XL Bloom, is a fertilizer for the flowering process of your plant, which has all the necessary nutrients to offer you a flowering stage like never seen before, promoting a huge development of healthy flowers, with a radiant color and organoleptic properties that are a spectacle.

Pro XL Organic:

Pro XL Organic is a line of organic fertilizers to enhance your marijuana without giving up the best flavor and aroma of it. Enjoy the best products loaded with the best organic matter.

Bloom A+B Pro XL:

Bloom A+B contains a mixture of micronutrients and macronutrients that will provide our plants with everything they need to improve as much as possible during the flowering stage.

Quick Boost:

This fertilizer can be used to stimulate your crop when it is in flowering phase to improve the yield of production.

If you are a true fan of cannabis cultivation, do not hesitate to use Pro-XL Fertilizers, it will become the best friend of your crop and of course, yours. Pro-XL Fertilizers, available now in your trusted Growshop.