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Ministry of Cannabis 

People involved in the project Ministry of Cannabis has a long relationship with cannabis. The company's founders each have over 10 years of experience in this field. Growers have cooperated or worked directly for the most prestigious seed of this industry. And produce their seeds are tested in three different countries. Ministry of Cannabis wants to offer the quality you deserve. Your project always follows two main lines. The first is to maintain continuous availability of traditional varieties of cannabis (eg White Widow variety) in the female line. The other is to offer new varieties that each grower has developed over the years. From this effort, are very proud to introduce to market new varieties such as Carnival and Zensation. Since 2008, we offered our line of seeds autoflowering, both regular and feminized. Since 2009 only sold feminized seeds. In addition to expanding its program of seeds, also offer the customer service, and laying down a lot in each, whether private or professional, big or small.