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Super Strains: A true classic

Welcome to our trusted online Growshop! We are proud to announce that we have added the extensive catalogue of the Super Strains seed bank to our portfolio of feminized seeds. Its origin goes back several decades in Holland, as a subdivision of the great fertilizer manufacturer Hy-Pro, and it was later in 2000 when they began to be considered as a seed bank.


Discover the best varieties of Super Strains:

Amnesia Original

The beginnings are difficult for everyone, and yours began making versions of genetics created by other banks, but over the years their breeders were creating their own strains, with a very thorough research and selection process, and all this was reflected in its flagship Amnesia Original Super Strains. Its name is a faithful reflection of the devastating effects that you will suffer when smoking this weed, and is that its incredible psychoactive power accompanied by a sofa effect that will leave you absolutely ironed, is not suitable for any smoker, even the most expert could stagger! She is a true warrior of Spartan spirit, as she is unyielding to pests of all kinds, so I recommend that the money you would invest in pesticides or insecticides, you can take advantage of a good pack of fertilizers, such as the professional culture pack Top Crop, which you can find everything you need for each of the stages of growing your weed.


Next Of Kin

If you love feminized marijuana seeds, Super Strains has an authentic cult strain, Next Of Kin, a traditional Haze of a lifetime, with a slower flowering period than its counterparts and a crop that offers certain challenges, perfect for those who really love cannabis cultivation.


Enemy of The State

If you are looking for a strain with a high CBD content, your choice should be Enemy of The State, resulting from a traditional Afghani variety with such a personal taste that they have this type of varieties, strong and spicy with a very intense smoke, which is admired by lovers of the old school.  This strain has been designed to be grown outdoors in adverse weather conditions, imagine the climate of the mountains of Afghanistan.


This is just an aperitif, so that you can open your mouth and know what Super Strains is capable of doing, a seed bank that has been put in the pocket to the entire cannabis sector, for its humility and for its good work, and for giving each of its creations a handcrafted treatment that makes them very special. Discover in PevGrow, the feminized seeds catalogue of Super Strains, and let yourself be seduced!

The bank Super Strains arises in the year 2000 as the incursion in the world of the creation of varieties of cannabis by the king of the fertilizers Hy-Pro

During the last decade, varieties rich in CBD have gained quite notoriety, especially for the numerous scientific studies and even tests carried out in humans by medical institutions and that demonstrate the enormous medicinal properties of this cannabinoid. In this line, Super Strains could not be left behind, so it has created its line of marijuana CBD Rich, known as Super Strains CBD, brief but certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. 


Super Strains CBD Catalogue



This weed is one of my favorites, not only for its great medicinal properties, derived from a high content of CBD, specifically 20% and THC levels below 1%, ensuring an experience without psychoactivity or heaviness, which allows you to take your day without any inconvenience. 

Indoors, the best thing you can do is to put it in hydroponics, potentiates its organoleptic properties to the full and greatly improves production, being able to cut up to 600 grams per m2. If you want a traditional crop, put it in 11 litre pots, under an LEC spotlight with 315 w. 

Outdoors, put it in a large pot of 50 liters from the beginning, with a substrate already prepared as Complete Mix Top Crop, so guarantees that there will be no nutritional deficiencies of any kind. In flowering, add Brutal Buds and you'll see how the buds get fatter, increasing the weight of the crop. 

Its effect is highly valued for its analgesic properties, anti-inflammatory or even the treatment of depression. Its taste is really exotic, with a very spicy finish.



Another of the creations that make up the CBD Rich catalogue by Super Strains is the Agartha. In this little lady, the CBD is concentrated in levels of 15%, versus 5% THC, so if you're fed up with the typical variety of cannabis, which makes your head spin and you don't like that feeling of buoyancy, this is one of your best options. You can smoke it whenever you want and it is highly recommended as marijuana for the treatment of certain ailments such as the relief of anxiety disorders, its analgesic properties, as well as a powerful anti-stress. 

Indoors, with pots of 11 liters you will have enough space and you will fit about 9 plants, also controlling their growth, which as a good sativa, tends to stretch enough if it has space. You can also lower the intensity of the light ahead of time or apply progressive and controlled pruning to bring it to your terrain. The harvest is excellent, 450 grams per m2.

Outdoors, I advise you to give it freedom and grow it directly on the ground, with a substrate of coconut fiber and red worm humus, it will have all the space in the world to grow strong and in addition to the nutrients it needs. If you live in a sunny climate even better, although it resists well low temperatures and the attack of plagues. The production reaches 1000 grams per plant.

Its organoleptic properties are pure fantasy, a very Haze blend that combines sweet citrus touches with cedar wood and a musky finish.

Since I was a child I have been taught that quality is better than quantity, that's why the Super Strains CBD catalog is perfect, because despite being short, it has one of the highest qualities I've seen to date. Buy now at PevGrow!

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