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Philosopher Seeds: Exclusive feminized varieties

PEV Grow welcomes you and introduces the Spanish marijuana seed bank Philosopher Seeds. This seeds bank comes from one of the most emblematic and traditional Grow Shops in the cannabis sphere, Alchimia, being one of the first web shops offering marijuana seeds online around the world.

With the creation of Philosopher Seeds in 2008, Alchimia culminates an exceptional work of private genetic reserve, a work that has been developing since the beginning of Alchimia in the 90s.

Philosopher Seeds stands out for its hard work in growing, selection and preservation of genetics with an exceptional bouquet, marijuana plants obtained from the most select European crosses, without leaving aside the innovation that the market demands, in terms of cannabinoid ratios, production, flowering times, flavor and aromas.

In short, all this is a task that has been been carried out for years by real professional breeders with the creation of their own strains, as well as large-scale production for other national and international seed banks.

Philosopher Seeds feminized varieties catalogue:

Philosopher Seeds has been relying on exceptional breeders and cannabis activists such as Jimi, from Reggae Seeds, one of the best  friends and colleagues of the company, who has done a great deal of research and breeding work in the development of its Golo Line seed range.

Philosopher Seeds has also had the exclusive collaboration of the OSG Collective team, contributing with their genetics and knowledge in the creation of this catalog. This outstanding breeders' team is completed with the collaboration of other geniuses in the sector, who have helped this great Spanish bank to one of the highest positions in cannabis seeds world market, with creations such as the Classic Line range, which has been made thanks to the work of these trustworthy breeders, helping to develop the bank's first strains.

Thus, cultivars such as Philosopher Seeds Tropimango, Philosopher Seeds Amnesika 2.0, Philosopher Seeds Black Bomb, Philosopher Seeds Early Maroc, correspond to feminized marijuana seed strains from the Classic Line range, others such as Philosopher Seeds Fruity Jack, Philosopher Seeds Sweet Love belong to the Golo Line range.

As in PEV Grow, Philosopher has a large team of highly experienced professionals covering the technical areas of growing, genetic development of cannabis strains, and quality control, areas in which all the necessary tests are carried out with different methodologies of technical crop, thus ensuring the stability and adaptability of each of its cultivars.

At PEV Grow, as always, we only offer you seed banks of proven quality. Are you ready to enjoy the Philosopher Seeds experience?

Philosopher Seeds, the result of hard private genetic reserve work


Welcome Cannalovers! we are proud to announce the addition of Philosopher Seeds creations to our online autoflowering seed catalogue.

Philosopher Seeds, stands out for his arduous craft work, cultivation, selection and preservation of genetics of exceptional bouquet, marijuana plants that derive from the genetic combination with the best specimens in the world, always attentive to all the innovations that a market like this bears daily, both in ratio of cannabinoides, production, flowering time, and organoleptic properties.

The breeders team of Philosopher Seeds, is formed by authentic experts in the field, such as Jimi from Reggae Seeds who has been very active in the development of the Golo Line range, as well as the collaboration of the OSG Collective team, contributing their genetics and knowledge in the creation of their catalogue.


The best autoflowering of the Catalogue


Within the Philosopher Seeds catalogue, you can find different collections, such as the Classic line, in which you can find the classic versions of Philosopher Seeds, and the Golo line range, all of them already available in your trusted online Growshop, at the best price in the market!


Cheesy Auto

This weed is the result of the genetic fusion between U.K Exodus Cheese x Lowryder, giving rise to a plant of a very simple crop, which adapts both to crops under the shelter of a good roof, or under warm sunlight. Its organoleptic properties are its main letter of presentation, characterized by an impressive aroma and flavor of cured cheese, with a final touch of spices and sweet notes reminiscent of red fruits.

The effect of Cheesy auto, combines an active brain state with a strong feeling of body relaxation, perfect for situations that require creativity and patience.


Sleepy Yoda Auto

Sleepy Yoda Auto, does not care about the environment where it develops, it does not care about interior or exterior, it only wants to produce a large amount of buds. In indoor crops, in just 60-65 days from germination, you can collect between 500-600 gr per m2, for this you can use hydroponics, coconut or organic, as it will develop a bestial productivity in any environment.

In outdoor crops, I recommend that you use a definitive pot of 18 liters, as its height is between 100 and 140 cm, so it will have enough space to develop a root base, which will result in a vegetative development at height, being able to collect between 125 and 150 gr per plant.


Fraggle Skunk Auto

It is the result of the genetic fusion between a Super Skunk selected in 1999 and a Ruderalis, thanks to which it achieves its autoflowering properties. Its organoleptic properties are worthy of the best of Michelin restaurants, marked by pleasant and fresh fruity notes. The effects produced by Fraggle Skunk Auto, are perfectly balanced, thanks to its balance between CBD: THC 1:1, which makes it a perfect choice for medicinal treatments.


Discover in PevGrow, Philosopher Seeds' catalogue of autoflowering varieties, a new world of sensations that you already have available just a click away. Buy now at PevGrow!

Philosopher Seeds, quality and experience taken to the next level


Welcome to PevGrow! I'm proud to present Philosopher Seeds' catalogue of seeds with high CBD content, obsessed with getting marijuana seeds around the globe.

The seeds with high CBD content of the Philosopher Seeds catalogue maintain the same rigorous quality standards that Philosopher Seeds establishes for each and every one of its collections, as well as a genetic selection that has been meticulously made by the breeders of the brand, using the most famous varieties of the planet and giving them their own personality touch.

Philosopher Seeds arises in 2008, and is the result of the work of years and years of effort and fortunately for all, decided to make public.


Catalogue with high CBD content of Philosopher Seeds


The catalogue of seeds with high content in CBD of Philosopher Seeds, waits for you with numerous surprises and creations that without a doubt the lovers of the medicinal marijuana should have in their dispensaries. The quality is the fundamental premise, and the experience of its professional breeders, who have been working more than 20 years in varieties with high content in Cannabidiol, a guarantee of magnificent result.


The best CBD seeds from the Philosopher Seeds catalogue


Lemon Auto CBD

This weed is characterized by its impressive ease of cultivation and its ability to produce a large number of buds. Its genetic origin is a real pass, descends from a cross between Amnesia Hollands Cut x Juanita la Lagrimosa and Lowrider, and behaves great both in outdoor crops or under the shelter of a good roof.

Indoors, using 7 litre pots, you can place up to 14 specimens per m2, with which you can collect up to 500 gr per m2, placing it under a 600W HPS lamp.

Outdoors, I recommend that you work a good substrate with coconut fiber, to give the roots extra space to develop widely, and thus, although it takes a little longer, you'll appreciate the extra supplement of buds that you'll be able to collect, reaching up to 150 grams per plant.


Cheesy Auto CBD

A classic in the world of cannabis, which triumphs in the United Kingdom where it is considered a real star. Its organoleptic properties are its main letter of presentation, and is that since you plug and give the first puff, you perceive a very intense aroma and flavor with earthy touches and notes of grape, which is accompanied by a very dense smoke, perfect to close the windows and mount your own submarine home. Its effects are quiet and relaxing, as it has a perfect balance between THC and CBD 1:1, so you can enjoy it throughout the day without any problem.


This is just an appetizer of what Philosopher Seeds CBD offers, visit our Growshop online and discover their extensive catalog, a gift for lovers of medical marijuana. Welcome!

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