Feminized marijuana seeds



One of the consequences of the prohibition of cannabis and its declaration as an illegal drug, was the rise of feminized marijuana seeds, since time could not be wasted or in sex differentiation, and it was necessary to avoid pollination and loss of space, so that the result would not be a male plant that did not satisfy or those seeking recreational marijuana, or a medicinal effect.

In order to obtain feminized marijuana seeds, breeders use silver thiosulphate to reverse the female plants and turn them into males and thus obtain the pollen from them. Then the feminized plants are pollinated guaranteeing that the seeds that these harvests have a level of feminization of 99 %.


Can feminized marijuana seeds be grown indoors and outdoors?


Yes in most cases, although there are some plants more suitable for planting in one space or another. Naturally, marijuana grows in nature, so in outdoor crops, feels like fish in the water, as it receives a good dose of sun exposure, and the only thing you should take into account, is to provide a good dose of fertilizer and protection against biological attacks, so the investment is much lower.

If on the other hand, you do not have the option of growing an outdoor crop, as more and more people live in cities, you can grow your feminized marijuana seeds indoors, for which you will need a multitude of instruments to control the climate and which you can find in our Growshop online. To begin with, you must have a good growing wardrobe, a lighting system that is suitable for the type of feminized marijuana seed you have chosen, a good extraction system, and a good odor filter so as not to alert your neighbors. The initial investment is usually important, although at PevGrow you can find the best tools for indoor growing at an incredible price and make your feminized cannabis seeds feel at home.


What are the most productive feminized cannabis seeds?


You can always use our advanced search engine to find your seeds preferred, however by my experience and that of other growers these are possibly the most productive feminized marijuana seeds:


1- John Herer of Pev Seeds, with a fast flowering and an impressive aroma of lemon.


2- Big Bud by Sensi Seeds, one of the most famous of all the varieties. times.


3- Jack Plant of Advanced Seeds, if you cultivate on solid ground becomes the real monster of cannabis.


4- The Ultimate by Dutch Passion, Resistant to all types of pests, grows monstrous and gives you an impressive amount of buds.


5- Moby Dick of Dinafem, is a producer of first line, counting with a THC level of 20%. A brown beast!


6- Positronics Jack Diesel, with an unforgettable genetics, of course. You will collect a good handful of buds of an unprecedented level of quality.


7- Monster of Eva Seeds, His name says it all, and is that Eva Seeds is a authentic expert in feminized marijuana seeds.


8- Amnesia Gold by Pyramid Seeds, a real madness, and that drags thousands of marijuana seeds followers all over the globe.


9- Blue Dream of Humboldt Seeds Organization, its pleasant taste and fruity aroma, citrus, with woody and sweet touches.


10- Big Foot of Sweet Seeds, is the queen of relaxation, do you dare to grow it?


In the PevGrow catalogue, can I buy cheap feminized marijuana seeds?


Of course! you know we have a Special Offers area and a special section of bulk marijuana seeds? There you will find a wide selection of cheap feminized seeds, where quality is not renounced, like all the feminized marijuana seeds we sell at PevGrow. Within our section of marijuana seeds feminized in bulk, I strongly recommend that you try the varieties we create under our own seal Pev Bank Seeds, where our breeders give it all, I guarantee that their quality-price ratio is incomparable, why not try and leave your experience in the comments section? You will have a safe gift!

In our Growshop online, located in Valencia (Spain) you will be able to buy cheap feminized marijuana seeds for outdoor and indoor at the best price, choosing from more than 3000 varieties of the best feminized seed banks in the world, what are you waiting for? You are just a click away from enjoying them! And the best thing is that of course, you can buy your feminized marijuana seeds on delivery. No maximum amount, we trust you.