Neptune Hydroponics



Neptune Hydroponics is a brand that manufactures accessories for the cultivation of cannabis.  

Its main asset is the quality with which it manufactures its products, as well as its diversity, both for plants and for cuttings.

The Neptune Hydroponic DWC Pot 25 L, is its star hydroponic system, consisting of a single pot where we grow a plant individually, so if we make a mistake, it will only affect that unit. It is composed of an air pump that bubbles and splashes your roots, giving it unparalleled root growth.

Also noteworthy is the DWC Cutter, composed of an air pump that will make the water maintain good levels of oxygen, splashing the roots and causing that in a matter of days the first roots begin to emerge. It is as easy as cutting the cuttings and inserting them into the cutter.

The Neptune Hydroponics Humidifier Mist Maker, is an ultrasonic humidifier of several membranes, with ceramic discs that oscillate among themselves breaking the drops of water in millions of micro drops, forming a cloud of cold steam, to get that microclimate in your indoor culture.

In PevGrow we have the best products of Neptune Hydroponics, among them we highlight the following:

Neptune Hydroponics submersible pump

Neptune Hydroponics submersible pumps are well known among expert growers. You can use these pumps for your hydroponic system without any problem. It contains a thermostat that shuts off the engines if they reach a temperature that causes overheating, so they will not suffer.

Neptune Hydroponics Air Pump

This high quality air pump will produce the necessary oxygen in our nutrient reservoir, managing a flow rate of up to 3500L/h. This pump can be used perfectly in tanks from 200 to 500 liters.

Neptune Hydroponics Irrigation Lance

Thanks to this watering lance you can water faster. Forget about backaches every time you have to water your plants.

PH Kit Test Neptune Hydroponics

This kit contains a tube to test the state of the water, a table of values and the liquid reagent to check the state of water in your culture with just a few drops of it.

Neptune Hydroponics Cutting Heat Blanket

With this blanket you can perfectly maintain the temperature of your cuttings greenhouse. It has two powers, 17 and 30w. Our professional growers also use it to germinate seeds.

Heat cable Neptune Hydroponics

Place this cable under your greenhouse or between the seeds you are germinating to generate heat in the root system and stimulate the roots, causing accelerated growth.

Neptune Hydroponics CO2 Controller with Probe

With this controller you can know how much CO2 your crop contains at any given time. It has a sensor that, based on the PPMs you set, will open or close the valve of the bottle.

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