Agrolite, is one of the best brands of indoor lighting products. They manufacture ballasts, low consumption bulbs, sodium bulbs, MH and LEC.

Agrolite, is a great reference in the creation of LEC lighting systems, a technology that combines the best of LED and Sodium.

You can browse its more than elaborate catalog, where we recommend which type of bulb and power you should use depending on the time. But, even so, we are going to give you some recommendations:

For the period of growth of your plant, we offer you this brand, halogen bulbs made of metal, which will grow with strong ramifications that will be healthier and longer lasting in time. When the flowering period arrives, to get bigger flowers, beautiful and loaded with resin we recommend high pressure sodium bulbs.

It is very important that in each period you use the right bulb. For this reason we are going to recommend you which would be the ideal ones in each case.

When you are in the period of growth and use metal halide bulbs we recommend that you use a power between 250/600 W, these are the Agrolite 600W, 400w, 250w, 150w or Low Consumption Agrolite Bulbs. It is appropriate to place them horizontally and symmetrically.

In the flowering period, when using high pressure sodium bulbs, we recommend that the power of the bulbs you use is also between 250 and 600w.

If your growing space is reduced you can use a 250w agrolite bulb for growth and flowering and you will get good results using the best technology.

We would like to recommend some of the products of this brand such as:


Agrolite CFL 150w dual

This mixed bulb is of low consumption and will serve you for the stage of growth as for the flowering of your culture, in addition you will enjoy a very reduced consumption of light. We can recommend its use for a space of 4 plants in pots of 5.5l, approximately 60x60cm.


Agrolite bulb shp 600w

Agrolite SHP is a sodium bulb used for both growth and flowering. Its spectrum contains little blue and in turn contains large amounts of orange and yellow to provide a more intense brightness.


Adjustable 600w Agrolite electronic ballast

This ballast has a high light output and very constant which means a significant energy savings. With this ballast you can use 250w, 450w and 600w bulbs.


We remind you that all Agrolite bulbs and ballasts are low consumption, a great advantage for your economy and that translates into results that will leave you speechless.

Agrolite is your brand, now available at PevGrow.