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If you are looking for a quality lighting system for your crop and that productivity is as high as possible, Adjust a Wings is your best alternative. Within the market, there are many types of reflectors of different shapes and functions, the most effective would be one that would serve you for the entire field without having many units, which would also mean a significant energy savings.


Characteristics and functions of the Adjust a Wings reflectors:

Adjust A Wings manufactures the best reflectors tested by our professionals. Adjust a Wings manufactures all its products with totally flexible aluminium, and a design that allows only one unit to cover the entire crop field in a heterogeneous way.

As if that were not enough, these reflectors have a spreader made of aluminum, which makes it possible to adjust the focus, to achieve a greater impact on the plants of your crop, and thus be able to increase your production by up to 33%. Thanks to the materials with which it has been manufactured, it allows the heat to dissipate and all the flowers to grow homogeneously, with strong and healthy ramifications.

Another of the functionalities of the reflectors created by Adjust A Wings, such as the Adjust a wings XL reflector, is that they are very light and you can use them in closed places without any problem of damaging the structure of the wardrobe due to heat. You can also hang and adjust them thanks to the use of easy rollers, unlike other reflectors with a heavier weight that require the use of chains.


Types of reflectors Adjust a Wings:

These reflectors use ceramic caps that are very resistant to temperatures generated by heat and can be coupled in various types of bulbs both low consumption, Mh or Sodium. This cap is fixed with a wire to the reflector that does not damage it.

There is also another version of the reflectors of Adjust a Wings, equipped with a larger size that will allow you to put more than one bulb in the same reflector, which can encourage the growth of buds and coated leafy resin, but be careful, this can cause a problem if you apply to your crop an excessive level of heat. Therefore we recommend not to exceed 800 w.

One of the star reflectors of Adjust a Wings is the Hellion, manufactured with the new double ended technology, which offers a wider luminosity, lacks an internal bridge to avoid shade and also avoids the inevitable flexion of screw lamps, which is produced by heat and finally also end up deforming the reflectors.

The Adjust a Wings Avenger (Professional) has all the properties that characterize the Adjust a Wings reflectors, which always have a larger area of reflection than its competitors, but in addition, the Adjust a Wings Avenger (Professional) is bathed with a layer of diamond, which makes 97% of the light irradiated by the bulb is reflected in the crop, therefore higher lumens, higher levels of production.

Another of the star reflectors of Adjust a Wings is the Cool Tube reflector. Its best virtue is that as well as covering a wide area, it receives all the air from your growing area, and cools the bulb inside, so you can bring your varieties as close as possible, as it reduces the heat of a traditional reflective system by up to 4 degrees.


All the spare parts for your Adjust a Wings reflectors are here:

You can also find spare parts for your reflectors in our online shop, such as the Adjust a Wings reflector cap, which you can use as a spare if the original has been broken, or you can add it in a complementary way to be able to use two bulbs in the case of the large Adjust a Wings.

Adjust a Wings was not going to be less and has joined the fashion of recent LEC technologies, and therefore has created the Kit Hellion LEC 630W, with which you get a better Gr/W, optimizing the maximum costs of your crop.

If you are looking for a lighting kit, the 600W Enforcer Kit from Adjust a Wings is undoubtedly your best choice. A very economical lighting equipment with a tremendous effectiveness.


We would like to warn you that in the market there are many imitations of this brand, may be better in price but not in quality, since Adjust A Wings there is only one. Reject cheap imitations and remember that in at PevGrow you can find all the products of Adjust A Wings, with the guarantee of buying at your trusted Growshop.

Don't forget, cheap is not always the best option, in the end it is expensive.

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