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Air Freshener for Scents 

  • 856 Gr Apple Crumble20,00 €
    856 Gr Freh Linen20,00 €
    856 Gr Polar Crystal20,00 €
    856 Gr Pro20,00 €
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  • Tropical12,00 €
    10,80 €
    Apple Crumble12,00 €
    10,80 €
    Fresh Linen12,00 €
    10,80 €
    Polar Crystal12,00 €
    10,80 €
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  • Air Flower 900 ml15,50 €
    Fresh Blue 900 ml15,50 €
    Radical Citric 900 ml15,50 €
  • Tropics9,00 €
    Apple Crumble9,00 €
    Fresh Linen9,00 €
    Pro9,00 €
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  • Apple crumble14,00 €
    Fresh Linen14,00 €
    Polar Crystal14,00 €
    Pro14,00 €
  • Pro 125mm68,00 €
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    Apple Crumble 125mm68,00 €
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    750 ml Citrus13,50 €
    750 ml Spring13,50 €
As we have said on other occasions, one of the main problems of self-cultivation of marijuana is the powerful smell that some varieties, and not by smell itself, the problem usually lies in the little permissive neighbors who reported to the police, of course the consequences are different depending on where you reside though it is certain something you'd rather avoid.
If you want to try the scent of grass that floods your home, now you have it easy, you only need to use air fresheners and odor neutralizers which of course are available at the best price in Piensa En Verde. These fresheners and gels absorb scented herb stay, but also the smell of snuff, mold or other undesirable odor.
They also leave a pleasant fragrance (we have different flavors) by wherever they go.
Only one but "it is not advisable to use them directly on the crop" Well if you have a small closet or a room dedicated exclusively to plant marijuana, open and close the safe door have that peculiar smell in the rest of the house. For this problem, it would be advisable to either use an air freshener spray as Nilco if you only smell at specific times or best option, use the Evap odor neutralizer gel, 3 or 4 weeks of effectiveness once opened and available in different flavors and sizes. Ona Gel works similarly, consists of small cubes of gel that eliminate any odor by natural evaporation leaving a very interesting olfactory environment for more than 1 month.
These fresheners should be placed outside the culture, I always recommend them in the most troubled places in the hall and near the windows you use the most. So you know, if your beloved plants give off excessive odor can always remove it for little money and with the best guarantees on your confidence Grow Shop.