Pevgrow brings you the best products to care for your crops in the most appropriate way. Many times it is necessary to act against fungi to protect your plants and make them grow healthy and strong, so you need to know the most effective ways to combat these pests.

The importance of fungicides

With the humidity and temperature necessary for your marijuana crop to grow, other life forms may also appear on plants: fungi. To avoid marijuana fungus it is important to have good hygiene and take good care of the growing cabinet, as well as to monitor the plants. However, nothing can assure you that you won't have to deal with the fungus, so it's important to be prepared if this happens.

To combat the most common fungi it is essential to get professional products, whose effectiveness is assured. Sometimes, a homemade fungicide may not be enough, especially if you're not careful and don't make them well. On the other hand, with professional fungicides for fungi you can ensure the success of your crop.

The fungal pests in marijuana

Some of the common pests that appear in marijuana plants are botrytis, mildew, powdery mildew, fusarium or alternaria. Each has different symptoms and it is important to monitor your culture often to identify them quickly.

For example, mildew fungi give their first signs by coloring some pieces of leaves yellow or making them more transparent. Look at the back of the leaves: you will also see a small white layer, as if it were dust, covering it. To prevent it from spreading, you will need to prune the infected parts and separate the plants so that they do not spread to each other.

When does powdery mildew appear?

Oidium is one of the most common fungi in marijuana plants and tends to appear when there are significant variations in the humidity of the environment. This is why it is necessary to be careful with this issue in indoor cultivation and keep the environment as balanced as possible. Also, outdoors, be especially careful in the spring and fall.

Powdery mildew is recognizable because it covers plants with a white, dust-like layer. The way to avoid its appearance is with preventive methods, like the neem oil of AgroBeta. However, if the pest has already appeared on your plants, you have some that work as an antioid fungicide such as Canna Cure or Trabe's Biofungi and you can buy them online.

How to apply the fungicide in our plants

To care for and treat the pests of your plants with fungicides you must take into account that each case is different. Although it is important that you follow the instructions on the product you are using, keep in mind that it is normal to dilute the fungicide in water and apply it with a sprayer over the entire surface.

For effective pest control, you should focus on the areas most affected by the fungus, such as leaves and buds for powdery mildew fungicides. At Pevgrov we have everything you need.

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